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Fake Google Search Suggestion Generator: Foogle

Use this free tool to generate fake Google search suggestions. Create funny and hilarious memes. Explore Foogle here to create fake Google searches.

Are you looking for a way to create fake Google search suggestions? If yes, then you have landed on the right page. In this tutorial, I will share a straightforward method by which you can create fake Google search suggestions for memes or other purposes.

You might already have seen some hilarious memes related to Google search. There is usually a stupid question in these funny memes, and then some funny options are shown as Google autosuggestions.

Usually, these memes are generated by third-party tools or image editing, as Google always serves only relevant autosuggestions.

We will use an online tool named Foogle to generate fake Google search suggestions. Have fun creating hilarious memes and sharing them with your friends to laugh together.

How to create fake Google search suggestions using Foogle

To generate fake Google search suggestions, you can use a free website named Foogle. This online tool makes creating Google memes a pretty easy task.

If you have suitable photo editing skills, you can use any image editor tool to create fake Google search suggestion memes.

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Here’s a screenshot of Foogle in action.


Getting started with this fake Google search generator is as simple as ABC. Visit this online tool and enter the search query and suggestions to create a meme.

There are seven suggestions that you can edit. Clicking on the Remove button does nothing.

The only limitation of Foogle is that it doesn’t allow you to save the edited Google search meme as an image. Therefore, you must take a screenshot to save the generated fake Google search.

Specify the search query in the textbox and edit the suggestions. Once you have edited all the fields, you can take a screenshot to save your meme.

A “Remove button” is available alongside suggestions, but this button makes the meme look more realistic and does nothing when you click on it.

The image you will have will be no less than a genuine Google search query, but if you want the same as the original, you have to use some editing tools to edit it more deeply to give it a realistic look.

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Here, we shared an excellent fake Google search generator tool that you can use to create hilarious memes to entertain your friends. Even if you are a brand, you can use this tool to make amusing jokes related to Google searches.

Let us know what memes you will create using this fantastic online tool. If you know of any other similar website, share it in the comments section to include in this post.

It would have been great if Foogle allowed us to generate fake Google searches as an image or even generate fake SERPs.

Visit Foogle.

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