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5 Useful Websites To Embed Instagram Feed On Website

Here we will see 5 amazing tools to embed Instagram feed on your website. Engage with users and increase your social media authority and influence.

Embedding social media content on your website can reduce the bounce rate and increase users’ dwell time. You can also showcase product reviews or other social proof to build brand authority.

Instagram is home to 1 billion active users who post high-quality images and videos on the platform.

If you are looking for a method to embed your Instagram feed on your website, you have come to the right place. Here, we have compiled a list of 5 free websites that you can use to embed Instagram posts and videos on your blogs and website pages.

Embedding your Instagram feed on your website is the key. It will make your website more engaging and pretty for your visitors. You can create the feed for a particular account, hashtag, or even a place of your choice. 

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Here’s how the embedded Instagram post will appear on your website.


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5 Free Websites To Embed Instagram Feeds on Website

1. Taggbox- A Social Media Aggregator Tool

Taggbox is a dynamic social media aggregator tool that allows you to create beautiful Instagram feeds for your website. It collects content from different social media platforms at one single location. You can use that content to build a wall for your website. It gives you incredible features like:

  • Personalize Panel: You can customize your wall with theme style, font style, size, color, banner option, and custom CSS for better presentation.
  • Moderation Panel: This feature authorizes you to filter the content you want to show on your feed.
  • Analytics: It generates reports for your wall’s performance to analyze the scope of the wall and how you can improve it.
  • TaggShop: TaggShop is a visual commerce platform that lets you generate shoppable posts through Instagram. You can use UGC for your posts, as well. You can tag your products in the pictures. When somebody clicks on those tags, they will be redirected to your website’s checkout page. This makes the shopping experience easier and faster for the customers.

Once you set up your wall, you must generate and paste the embed code into your website. You’re then good to go.

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2. Instagram Official Embedding

Instagram also allows you to embed your posts on your website. It is considered to be the simplest way to do so. Generating an embed code is just one click away with this tool. 

However, it lets you embed only one post at a time. It gets very time-consuming to embed an entire feed or multiple pictures, whereas social media aggregator tools allow you to embed the whole feed in one go. 

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3. Embed Social

Embed Social is a user-friendly and straightforward tool to embed your Instagram feed on the website. You can choose between embedding your Instagram feed and your notifications.

This tool also lets you place Instagram buttons like ‘Follow’ and ‘Like’ directly on your website, making it more interactive. Your website visitors can directly interact with your Instagram handle through those buttons.

It can also make some necessary edits in the layout with its’ free version,’ but you would require its Embed Album paid version to get some professional customizations.

4. SnapWidget

SnapWidget helps you with embedding your Instagram feed on a website. It operates in real-time, automatically uploading the latest content on your wall. You can also schedule your updates if you don’t want them to be updated instantly. 

It also has unusual and dynamic features like an Instagram popup, Instagram board, Grid, and Scroll. These help your brand to engage with its audience in a secure manner. 

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5. Photoslurp

Photoslurp is a visual commerce platform. You can create a shoppable feed with this tool. It also allows you to curate your feed with its customizable feed feature. It also helps you create social proof for your products and brand. With Photoslurp, you can create shoppable videos, as well.

You can opt for intelligent behavioral options like advanced filtering to update out-of-stock products, manage multi-currency/country configurations, and more.


Embedding Instagram to your website is an effortless and highly profitable way to market your products. It helps you with many aspects of your business, like sales, user engagement, brand trust, and brand value. You can also manage your social interaction with just one simple Instagram embed.

However, you would still have to create a good feed to attract your customers and decide to engage with it. So wait no more and start working towards creating an attractive Instagram feed for your website.

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