Powerful Media Player for Mac: Elmedia Player Review

One of the easy-to-use media managers available in the market is “Elmedia Player.” People who are bored by using other media players. They are now looking for a powerful, easy application to download and install on Mac. Thus, users choose the trusted media player for Mac Elmedia Player.

elmedia player for mac

Elmedia player – Beautifully designed for Mac operating system

  • The software application is developed using different programming languages like C and C++.
  • The program is compatible with various file formats like FLV, DAT, MKV, MP3, FLAC, M4V, MP4, AVI, MOV, and Blu-ray.
  • The users can enjoy the advanced playback feature available in this application. Some other features included in the Elmedia player are streaming options.
  • The process is simple: easily stream your local files on other devices like Chromecast, Airplay, DLNA, and much more.
  • The media player is utterly workable with M1-powered Macs as well.
  • The users will enjoy a better viewing experience with the Elmedia player.

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How does Elmedia player help users to create playlists?

intuitive playback controls of elmedia media player

One of the significant advantages reviewed by many users about this media player for Mac is that they get an option to create playlists. Also, they can control the playback of selected videos. The playback options provided in this media player are frame-by-frame shuttling, timeline previews, and bookmarks.

Another benefit that users will gain is to control the graphics or view while playing the track.
It consists of two options to load the playback option. One is done manually, and the other is automatic. This application consists of an extensive subtitle database. Thus, it is a choice of the user how they wish to load the playback list.

This media player is worth downloading for users who are fond of enjoying customized, exquisite media because it consists of fine-tuning features that can help you fulfill the requirement.

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Features of Elmedia Media Player for Mac

1. Multi-monitor setup

The users can choose the respective monitor to play their video. The player works on full screen and is compatible with native macOS Fullscreen mode.

2. Easy to adjust brightness

Yes, users can adjust brightness, saturation, hue, gamma, noise reduction, and much more on any video.

3. Easy-to-loop playlist

You are allowed to mark the video fragments and loop them infinitely. Hence, it is suitable for single-file music albums.

4. Feasible to take screenshots

Another advantage users enjoy with this media player is taking the proper frame screenshots.

5. Are you facing problems with stripe defects on old videos?

In old videos, users face stripe defects because of its low-quality content. This media player helps to deinterlace the video, which will help eliminate such defects.

6. No interference observed with other applications

Another benefit of working with this application is that it will not intervene in other programs. Thus, it is safe to work with this app as it keeps playing in the background. Thus, you can edit your clips or even enjoy playing games.

7. Watch videos in any language

If you have a movie clip and need to add a different audio track, it can be added to the top of your movie clip. It will help you to watch a similar video in any language.

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Different Versions of Elmedia Player

Users can download the application from its website, the Mac App Store, and Setapp. The application is available in two versions:

  • Free software
  • Paid version (Pro)

It is advisable to download free software and use it. If you are comfortable using the free version, go with the Pro features, which are usable after paying $19.9.

What do users say about this media player, and how is their experience?

The installation process is super easy for both versions. Process setup is easy and not difficult for both versions, free and pro. They found some differences in the settings option for the mentioned versions.

  • No option is given on the website version of the app to designate the root folder. At the same time, it was there in the app store versions.
  • The website version provides a feature to control with Apple Remote.
  • The users got two optional settings in the website version available under the General tab.
    • Send anonymous usage statistics to Electronic Team, Inc.
    • Automatically check for updates.

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Users downloading the software from the website get the free option, and paid features are locked out. They need to enter the License key to upgrade the application. Once the license key is recognized successfully, the pro features will get unlocked, and you can use the provided benefits.

Elmedia player is one of the most powerful applications available over the internet. Users will get lots of customizable options which are built into the software. People find it easy to use and appropriate to play their tracks without facing any trouble.

The application is user-friendly and can be used by any user. The main motive of this application is to play different types of video files without any problems. Thus, if you have the exact requirement, then choose Elmedia player, which is known as a versatile application.

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