Effective Web Design Fundamentals For A Good Website


Mastery of fundamentals is preparation for mastery of complexity. When it comes to the backbone of the internet, the most visited websites belong to web designers who live by and have mastered their web design fundamentals.

There is a significant difference between a website simply existing online and a website thriving online. Systematic web designing of your website is crucial to make your online presence matter.

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Practical Web Design Fundamentals For A Good Website

The overall design of your website also impacts your credibility and conversion. It puts your site under a “make or break” test. Apart from maintaining its aesthetic appeal, a well-designed website also helps you direct other campaigns for your business, such as SEO, PPC, Adwords, and many others.

However, no website is indeed perfect. Incrementing the strong foundation of a website with regular optimization will most certainly top the charts of search engines for a long time.

To rank on search engines and keeping fundamentals as the focus, here are some foundational points that even the most experienced website designer use as an approach:

1. Defining the purpose of your site

Before building or optimizing an existing website, it is essential to be aware of its purpose. What is the purpose of designing the website for your business? What are your visitors looking for on your website? How will your website cater to your business needs?

You need to know the answers to all the above-listed questions. Once you have defined building or optimizing the site, the web designer will help it meet the end-user’s needs.

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2. Establishing clear communication

How do you convey the purpose of your business to your end-users? Through proper communication.

The information or content present on your website should be communicative and easy to understand. The easier the content, the better it is for your users as well as your site. Apart from being easy and understandable, ensure that the content on the site is clear, straightforward, and legible.

3. Readability, visibility, and simplicity

Website design or website optimization also includes all the practices to enhance the visual appeal. When you convey the information through your site, ensure that it is readable. You can use a good-looking font for your content to tick this consideration off your box.

However, only a stylish font is not enough. The information you display must be readable as well. Pay attention to the font size and use something straightforward to view.

Some of the most sought-after fonts you can use to optimize or develop the content on your site include Arial, Verdana, Calibri, Times New Roman, etc. Set the size up to 16px.

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4. Intuitive and friendly navigation

Smooth navigation forms the essential element of website optimization. Your website should allow all the users to move quickly around your pages. A web designer can help you with all the nuances and technicalities involving the navigation of your site.

Some standard features to inculcate for navigation are logical page hierarchy, clickable buttons, quick load time, etc. Apart from focusing on navigation, you must also ensure that the site does not take a lot of time to load.

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5. Balancing brand colors

Colors also constitute an integral aspect of web design, and it is imperative to consider this feature. A combination of contemporary colors on your website extends balance and peace to all the readers.

You can also be a little playful and use some contrasting colors for the background and text. It will make the entire arrangement look like a visual treat. Do not forget to add some relevant images as well to add the appeal.


Apart from all the above-listed guidelines, we suggest you divert all your users’ attention towards your Unique Selling Proposition (USP). Have a word with your website designer. Discuss all the know-how, and get ready to present your best-looking website to the world.