Driver Booster 9 Review: Update PC Drivers Effortlessly

Have you had many device problems, frozen displays, or system crashes? Anytime a PC device might malfunction due to outdated, damaged, or missing drivers. With the help of Driver Booster 9, you can easily verify, download, and install device drivers for yourself.

The rapid cure provided by Driver Booster will restore seamless operation to your PC system and external devices. Even without an internet connection. Driver Booster will install any missing drivers for you offline, including graphic card drivers, display adapters, and others.

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Update Drivers Immediately after Scanning

Do you frequently have device problems, frozen displays, or system crashes? Due to obsolete, damaged, or missing drivers, PC devices may cease functioning anytime. You may swiftly examine, download, and install device drivers for you in the most practical manner using Driver Booster 9.

Your PC system and external devices will resume operating normally after the short patch provided by Driver Booster. Notwithstanding the absence of the internet. With the help of Driver Booster, you may offline install any missing drivers, including graphic card drivers and display adapters.

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Over 6 million drivers are certified

With its rapid detection of corrupt and out-of-date drivers, the Driver Booster locates the precise latest match for the system and devices. The driver database supports more than 6 million devices and drivers from 1200+ significant manufacturers.

Additionally, all driver sources have passed the Microsoft WHQL and IObit tests and come directly from the original hardware producers. All in all, Driver Booster 9 is a good driver updater with a ton of features.

A PC optimization program called IObit Driver Booster is produced by the American software company IObit. In addition to Driver Booster, IObit produces a software uninstaller, a VPN, a screen recorder, an antivirus, and other products.

Long ago, IObit launched the initial edition of Driver Booster. Since then, several upgraded versions have been produced. This review is for the 2021 release of IObit Driver Booster 9 (opens in a new tab). We’ll evaluate it according to standards, such as features, cost, compatibility, usability, etc.

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Fix hardware, network, and all the sound problems

Driver problems will cause you severe inconveniences. You name it: no sound, a frozen keyboard, jerky mouse motions, or frequent network dropouts.

Driver Booster provides built-in solutions to resolve these typical Windows problems. For instance, the built-in tools for “Fix No Sound,” “Fix Bad Resolution,” and “Fix Network Failure” will assist in identifying and resolving relevant Windows device driver problems.

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Display Driver Uninstaller That Is Completely Safe

To thoroughly uninstall AMD/NVIDIA/INTEL graphics card drivers and remove any remaining display driver remnants, use the secure and reliable display driver uninstaller offered by Driver Booster.

This driver removal tool is essential if you wish to install completely new drivers, remove problematic drivers, or switch from AMD to Nvidia for your GPU.

The performance of your PC may be improved in numerous ways by keeping the drivers updated, such as:

Faster loading, Lower Crashes, Lower HPS, and Maintenance of External Devices.

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Why is Driver Booster required to upgrade drivers?

Get rid of the problematic display driver. Completely cleanly remove and install the program. And if you wish to install brand-new drivers or replace your current GPU, perform a CLEAN install of your graphics card drivers.

1. Fewer device problems

Any gear attached to your computer—such as a printer, scanner, speaker, or other—is not functioning correctly. You might need to run a Driver Booster scan on your computer to see if the present drivers are corrupt, mismatched, or out-of-date.

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2. Optimizer and Booster for Free PC Games

A sneaky tool in games might be the Game Ready Driver. The most popular drivers for PC gamers are AMD Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition or NVIDIA GeForce Game Ready drivers WHQL.

A game-ready driver may be found and updated in real-time using Driver Booster. Additionally, the built-in Game Boost will optimize your PC for more excellent gaming performance.

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3. Increasing the system performance

If frequent system hanging or abrupt slowness happens, your computer may have hidden malfunctioning drivers. Driver Booster’s free system scan and fresh update might quickly discover and fix problems than manual troubleshooting.

4. Automatic System Restore Point Creation

Before making any changes, creating a restore point might provide you peace of mind in case you need to go back in time and restore your system data and settings (the previous three versions are supported). Before a crucial update occurs, Driver Booster can help you make a system restore point.

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