Main Differences Between Web Design, UX Design and Product Design

Whether it’s a web design, UX, or product design, all three are responsible for the design. This is an influential area of any product development key to getting it right. If it’s not executed correctly, it could impact the product’s launch success.

So what are the main differences between these three design roles? It’s essential to understand what each one does and how they then differ from one another.

web design

What is web design?

Website design is a process that involves a lot of planning and the creation of content. The designers will ensure that the content and information provided are aesthetically pleasing to communicate efficiently.

Various tasks come with web design, from page layouts to content and graphic design. The visual parts of the website include components like images and video content, fonts, the correct color palette, etc. All of this is to help complement the company’s brand so that the user knows exactly what the site is and who it belongs to.

As well as the essential elements of branding and web design, it’s also about making it user-friendly, which is why these designers work hand-in-hand with UX designers.

You should hire UX designers to ensure your website looks professional and is easy for end users.

Website design can also have an impact on search engine performance. Depending on what content is placed, the quality of the visuals and keywords used for users to find the site.

website html code

The technical side of web design will also occasionally involve HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Web designers are typically seen to do the front end of the site’s development, while web developers do the back end. However, they may do a little bit of back-end work.

How does web design differ from UX and product design?

With UX and product design, they work together. The same goes for web design and user experience. You may have web designers who focus more on aesthetics and features, while the UX designer concentrates on what the user will enjoy and won’t enjoy.

Product designers need to ensure the product’s different parts interact together correctly. A phone needs to ensure OS matches up well with touch and motion controls on the screen. For a laptop or desktop, it’s the hardware design that has to be correct.

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What is UX design?

UX designers are responsible for users’ ease regarding the product. They ensure everything is straightforward to use, and users know what they’re getting without confusion.

These design types will explore user research methods like usability testing, interviews, and field experiments to find what’s suitable and works best for the user. They’ll understand human-computer interaction principles to ensure the design doesn’t overwhelm users.

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How does UX design differ from web and product design?

UX design is broader in what it encompasses, whereas web design is specifically for creating websites online. UX design is all about providing meaningful and relevant user experiences through the products produced.

While UX design focuses on the user’s app or website experience, product design deals with the physical aspects and how it works. UX design is different as it looks at the product’s appearance.

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What is product design?

A product designer’s job is to look after the feel and appearance of the product from every angle. They’re looking at everything from the initial sketching to wireframing to transform ideas into actual products.

Product designers are often knowledgeable in color theory and graphic design. They’ll also need to measure KPIs and ensure the product’s completion is desired.

product design

As designers, product design is about setting goals and fine-tuning the product’s progress. They create product roadmaps and ultimately help the brand release successful products by carefully monitoring its position on the market.

In product development, minimizing risk is essential, so product designers can help implement the designs that maximize the product’s potential but minimize the risks.

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How does product design differ from UX and web design?

Product design goes hand in hand with UX design but instead has the bigger picture in mind. Product design can mean any product, whether physical, an app, or a website. For web designers, it’s very much specific to websites and nothing else.

Product designers and UX designers will end up using different tools too. For product design, it’s typical for the work to be done in a CAD program, while UX designers might use something like Adobe Xd.

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Practical tools to use for web design, UX design, and product design

Plenty of tools and software exist for the above design opportunities. With that said, here are a few to get you started.

Tools for web design

For web design, WordPress is one of the most recognized when it comes to content creation and developing a website from scratch. You can integrate an extensive catalog of plug-ins and software with the platform.

If you’re looking for something that can assist you with web design as a freelancer, then this web design contract sample from Bonsai is functional. Bonsai creates pre-made contracts that you must tweak and adapt to your requirements.

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Tools for UX Design

Sketch allows UX designers to make universal changes from a library of symbols, text styles, and resizing or alignment features. It helps you create and deliver consistent prototypes every time.

sketch - ux design tool

Applause is an excellent platform for usability testing. It helps assemble the individuals you need to get accurate feedback for user experience.

Tools for product design

Figma is a preferred choice for many product designers because it focuses on the interface primarily. It’s easy enough to pre-set device sizes while adjusting the style for your product’s design.

Finally, another great one for product designers is the Noun Project. It makes it easy to access icons in all shapes and sizes so that it can cater to what style and proportion you’re after.

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Designers are an essential part of product development

Despite whatever category you fit into as a designer, they’re all crucial parts of the product development process. Without these roles, products would fail to provide users with the best product experience.

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