From Scratch to Best Tool: Everything About Developing Chatbots for Your Business


developing chatbots for business

In the technical timeline, the year 2016 can be marked as “Chatbot Year.” The simple software program that is used to stimulate smart conversations with your customers using artificial intelligence has been evolved the domain to new dimensions in a span of less than half a decade. The tool has turned out to be the trendiest obsession of the organizations these days.

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Pondering what has fuelled this obsession? How have chatbots replaced the humans who replied to the queries customers had?

Well, let’s read further to answer each of these question7s one at a time.

Also, check out these 10 best AI chatbot apps to better understand the conversational capabilities of modern-day chatterbots built on top of machine learning and artificial intelligence concepts. .

What has fuelled the chatbot obsession?

With the growth of dynamic intelligence, chatbots now converse in a way that is impressive and real. It is no more the “Hello, May I Help You?” responses, but a real conversation. Users now interact with the business with the help of chatbots through written or verbal means. The way the responses have been transformed gives users what they are looking for, contextual answers.

With technology turning machines to humans, the chatbot has firmly held the hands of the businesses.

How have chatbots replaced the humans who interacted with customers?

Easy, with the contextual responses entering the scene, humans can be replaced. How many times do you write an email to some service provider when you have a complaint? Rarely. Nowadays, one can share their concern with the organization by merely interacting with the chatbot on the website. Your concerns are heard and dissolved faster than via email or even calls sometimes.

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How to build a chatbot for your organization from scratch?

As discussed, these interactive and always on the go software can talk about simple things like the day’s events around the globe to complicated stuff like troubleshooting problems. The chatbot service providers must consider the cause of developing the chatbot and then proceed.

The basic steps involved in building a chatbot for your organization are:

chatbot for your business

  • Know the Opportunities to Be Explored
  • Understand the Objective of Building the Chatbot
  • Be Prepared with the Basic Conversations
  • Use Not So Technical Platforms
  • Use Language They Converse In


Now, let’s understand each of these four steps in a little detail.

1. Know the opportunities

Before you start working on the development process, explore the opportunities for AI-based Chatbots. There are a lot of technologies available in the market that can be used to develop a chatbot. It is crucial to explore the type of work that you want to do and the technology used for that purpose.

Two things to consider when thinking about the Artificial Intelligence solution are:

  • Data Complexity
  • Work Complexity

Once you have considered these aspects, next, you need to ensure that the Chatbot you are developing stands firm to the following parameters.

  • Efficiency
  • Expertise
  • Effectiveness
  • Innovation

With these points in mind, the Chatbot development team would surely bring you a new employee to take care of your customers.

2. Understand the objective of building the chatbot

Understand why you need a chatbot and what do you want your customers to do with it. A quick response to this question would make it easier for you to come up with an interactive and effective solution. Once the developer understands the purpose of developing the chatbot, they can better set up the conversions and the responses.

3. Be prepared with the basic conversations

A chatbot conversation may or may not be structured. It would take a little effort from your end to understand the basic questionnaires and their responses. Some of the essential things to be taken into account are:

  • Stimulating Conversations for Inspiration
  • Responding to the Queries Made
  • A Gentle Reminder

4. Use not so technical platforms

If you do not have a team of developers in your organization, don’t worry. You can reach to the technology partners that outsource chatbot developing services to other organizations. This would make your work quite easy and help you get a full-fledged chatbot software that would help you stay in touch with your customers regularly.

5. Know the language they converse in

The chatbot app your developer has worked must have a conversational language that the target audience speaks in. This is important that your audience not for once feels like talking to the machine. If they think they are connected to a real person, they will find it more comfortable to share their problems. Ah! Logic!!!

Well, this works, and you can ask any of the specialists about this.

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Some of the most popular chatbot platforms you need to know.

This is a simple list curated by the chatbot experts to let you know what specific details of each of the platforms are and what can work for you.

1. Chatfuel — It gives highlights like including content cards and sharing updates to your adherents naturally, gathering data inside Messenger talks with structures, and letting clients demand information and collaborate with your bot using catches.

2. Botsify — Botsify utilizes a simplified format to make bots. Highlights like simple incorporations modules, Smart AI, AI, and examination coordination are likewise accessible.

3. Stream XO — This is the main chatbot stage to give more than 100 reconciliations. It flaunts a simple to-utilize visual editorial manager. It likewise gives numerous pre-fabricated formats to a brisk beginning.

4. Blare Boop — gives a start to finish designer experience that permits clients to concentrate on building extraordinary bots. Blare Boop is progressively outfitted towards providing the best and least demanding method of making slack bots.

5. Bottr — gives you an alternative to implant your bot on your site. You can likewise include information from a Medium, WordPress, or Wikipedia site for better information inclusion.

6. Movement AI — to outwardly manufacture, train, and convey chatbots on FB Messenger, Slack, Smooch, or your site. It lets you chart your discussion stream like a flowchart to get a visual diagram of the results of a bot inquiry.

7. Chattypeople — has predefined chatbots prepared to begin. The site has layouts for a web-based business, client care, and food business. On the off chance that you select on web-based business talk bot, you just need to include Products, Q&A, and some broad settings.

8. QnA Maker — Microsoft has made QnA bot in which you need to share the URL of your FAQ page, and the bot will be made in almost no time utilizing the data on the FAQ page and organized information.

9. Recast.AI | Collaborative Bot Platform — empowers you to prepare, fabricate, and run your bot. Making and dealing with your discussion rationale with Bot Builder and visual stream interface encourages you to set up reactions rapidly.

10. Botkit — incorporates an assortment of valuable devices, as Botkit Studio, standard application starter units, a central library, and modules to expand your bot abilities.

11. ChatterOn — The stage encourages you to assemble the bot stream and arrange the AI by entering a couple of instances of the rational discussion between the client and bot.

12. — They have pre-assembled highlights to make it simple for you to include content, messages, conversations, rounding out structures, displaying product, and more to your bot.

13. — It is incorporated into Multiple Platforms, includes total User, Request, and Conversation Tracking, and has its own NLP parsing motor.

14. Gupshup — Unlike plain-instant messages, GupShup’s imaginative brilliant messages contain classified information and knowledge along these lines empowering propelled informing work processes and computerization.

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Is Investment Worth?

Well, the next question is, Is It Worth the Investment? To be honest, it is. You can’t stay away from what’s in trend and earn millions of dollars. You must realize it would be a great move to do what your competitors do. But make sure your chatbot needs to be better than theirs. A few points that you can work on are discussed above. If you aren’t sure how this would work, reach a developer now. Chatbots are the future of the B-world, and they play a significant role in taking any business to the zenith and earning a loyal clientele.

Chatbots are revolutionizing the way customers interact with the business. They now share their customization requests along with their problems, or at times extend their gratitude through chatbots itself.

Thus, a well-developed chatbot is vital to make an identity among the target audience.

Wrapping It All!

Now that you have understood the importance of chatbot and how to get a good chatbot, all you need to do is reach your developers or technology partners and ask for some extended support. Also, let your sales team study the queries of the past few months and figure out if there is any trend in the requests your customer care team is dealing with. Come up with the most frequent questions and get ready with some interesting conversations to impress your customers today.