Cupscale: AI Image Upscaler Software for Windows


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While working with images, it is essential to have clear and sharp images, especially if you want them in a big size. However, having a small or low-quality picture can result in a grainy print which does not serve the purpose.

If you are struggling with grainy images that are low in quality, image upscaler software can come to your rescue. An image upscaler is software that can improve the quality of the image to provide you with sharp images that are perfect in size.

Apart from aiding photographers, the software has emerged as one of the best tools for digitally restoring historical photographs. If you have any minor or dated photographs that you wish to digitally enhance, using one of the multiple-image upscaling tools such as Cupscale is recommended.

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How does an image upscale software work?


The word upscale means to increase the value of any existing product. In this case, the image upscaler, a software tool, increases the number of pixels in the photograph without altering other features.

In simpler words, an image upscaler is a photo enhancing tool that resizes the digital photograph proportionately. As a result, you get a high-resolution photograph to replace an old and low-resolution one.

Traditionally, when the size of a low-resolution photograph was increased, filters were used to fill the space with pixels. However, the AI image upscaler uses trained neural networks to predict how the image would look in high resolution and produce the resulting sharp image without any blurs.

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Why should you opt for Cupscale AI image upscaler?

Using photo-enhancing software becomes essential if you are a graphic designer who has to enhance photographs regularly to obtain high-resolution images. One of the most popular AI Image Upscaler software for Windows is Cupscale.

This free, open-source software uses ESRGAN to upscale images. For example, you can increase an image to four times its size without compromising its integrity. The best part is that the software supports video enhancement as well.

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If you wish to enhance photos, you can import them as JPG or PNG files and export them in similar or different formats. While it uses a dedicated GPU for upscaling, you also have the option of using a CPU. Since the software comes with a few models already in use, you can easily choose one that suits your needs.

The best part is that the software generates a preview of the imported image to allow comparison with the upscaled one.

Additional features of Cupscale:

  • You can use the software on your desktop Windows operating system.
  • There are no restrictions on the number of times you can use it to enhance the photographs.
  • The software supports batch processing, thereby allowing enhancing multiple images simultaneously.
  • There are multiple AI models available in the software. You can either use them together or interject between the changing models.
  • Compatible with JPEG, PNG, WEBP, DDS, and PNG images
  • Create various types of comparisons (Side-By-Side, 50/50, and before/after animations as GIF or MP4)

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How does Cupscale AI image upscaler work?

The Cupscale software uses a few downloadable GPU configurations to help this graphic user interface enhance your photographs’ quality. Therefore, before using Cupscale, you should install Python 3, PyTorch, and CV2.

Once these dependencies are available on your desktop with Windows operating system, you can download the Cupscale software, install, and run it.

When you right-click on the image area, you can import any low-resolution image and upscale it. The left sidebar allows you to select the output parameters and configure the ESRGAN processing options.

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When you click on the “Refresh Preview” option, you can start the process of enhancing the image. Once the software has finished its job, the upscaled image is loaded for you to see. You can easily preview the upscaled image before saving it.

While previewing the upscaled image, you can easily zoom in to check different areas for any discrepancy or blurriness. To save the image on your desktop, you can use the Save option present on the right sidebar.

It also allows you to choose the format of the upscaled image. The software also allows you to change the software settings from GPU to CPU if the former is not installed on the device. However, it would be best if you remembered that CPU processing for upscaling the image takes more time than GPU.

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Suppose you are looking for a powerful image upscaling tool. In that case, Cupscale is one of the best free image and video upscaling software. The output it gives is outstanding. Although the software works using GPU, the CPU results are also great.

Get Cupscale.