Creating a Talent Pipeline to Fuel Your Tech Business

Holding a position of responsibility at a growing tech company can be exciting and fulfilling. Though this is often the case, it can also be a position filled with stress and anxiety. A way to lessen these adverse effects — and help your business grow sustainably — is by hiring and promoting the right individuals.

When the right people are hired for various positions, higher-ups in a tech company can rest assured that their employees are helping to make their company a success.

Though many know hiring and promoting the right people is extremely important, it can often be easier said than done.

This being the case, creating a talent pipeline to fuel your tech business can substantially impact your business. Understanding how to create a compelling and sustainable talent pipeline can be an enormous turning point in any tech business’s life.

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Ways to Create a Talent Pipeline

creating a talent pipeline to fuel your tech business

Though you may know the types of candidates to hire and promote, implementing a pipeline can be tricky if you don’t know where to start. Many are left wondering how to choose the best talent development strategies. Being aware of some critical steps for creating a talent pipeline can help make it easier for your growing tech business to do.

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Understand Your Company’s Goals

Before creating a talent pipeline strategy, you must understand your company’s goals and what it seeks to gain. For example, suppose your company wants to foster a culture in which advanced positions are filled with employees who are promoted from within.

In that case, it’s essential to understand what qualities you look for in leaders in your company. This way, you can look for candidates who possess qualities that could one day translate into them being good and effective leaders in your tech company.

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While company goals may seem simple, when you dig a little beneath the surface, you may find that different individuals have different versions of where they want your tech company to go. When creating a talent pipeline, one must be on the same page as others in the company.

If people want different things, a talent pipeline will likely become ineffective, as different types of qualities are being looked for in candidates by different higher-ups.

Take Advantage of MBA Programs

MBA programs are ripe with impressive candidates to help any tech business thrive and succeed. This is mainly because many of the individuals in these programs are looking for MBA career paths in which they can grow.

In addition, MBA programs instill people with a wide breadth and range of skills and specialized knowledge, meaning they could be effective candidates for several roles.

Looking to MBA programs can help your company lock down top-notch talent without much of the stress and time-consuming processes that are a staple of the traditional hiring process.

This is because individuals enrolled in MBA programs are typically looking to utilize their advanced degrees and start working in a professional position as soon as they graduate. This being the case, tapping on soon-to-graduate MBAs can make recruiting new talent more effortless and effective.

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Craft the Best Training Programs

While choosing and hiring suitable candidates is incredibly important, so is having a top-notch training program. Individuals to thrive at your tech company will need to be adequately trained.

There are many ways to train employees; finding the best system for your company could take time. It’s ok to try different approaches and stop using the ones that aren’t producing the best results.

One example of an effective training system that some companies utilize is the buddy system. This happens when new employees are assigned to an employee who has been at the company for some time.

The new employee is made to feel comfortable asking questions and looking for guidance from their employee buddy. This could help recruits acclimate to your tech company quicker and feel more comfortable participating in a greater capacity than usual.

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Have Milestones That You Look for in Current Employees

While a critical aspect of a talent pipeline is recruiting new hires, fostering the talent within your company is another crucial aspect. There are times when some of the best employees are overlooked for promotions because they may not be as vocal as other team members.

To not let this happen at your company, it can be essential to have specific milestones, traits, qualities, or actions that you look out for in current employees. By keeping track of these, you and your team can quickly identify the top contenders for promotions and effectively foster talent within your company.

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In addition to making it easier to keep track of employee progress, having milestones that result in career advancements and promotions can foster a culture within your company that motivates others to act similarly.

For example, if one employee is great at collaborating and encouraging peers and gets promoted, others will attempt to develop the same qualities to get a promotion. This means that the qualities that are most important to you and your company will naturally become a part of the ethos of your company’s culture.

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When in Doubt, Look to Referrals

Referrals are a great way to find talent that fits your company’s culture. This is because those doing the referring are aware of your company’s culture and can also tell if the person they are referring to is a good fit.

In addition, referrals make recruiting talent far easier than traditional hiring. This is because referrals offer a quicker turnaround time and less need for vetting.

When creating an effective talent pipeline, making referrals familiar to your tech company can help you reach your goal.

This can be done by simply encouraging employees to refer people who would be an excellent fit for the company or even by offering incentives for employees to hire candidates who remain at your company.

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Reward Talent

Creating and fostering talent are usually the parts of creating a talent pipeline that is the most obvious to people. However, in addition to these, you and your company must retain the talent you recruit to maintain an effective talent pipeline.

A way to do this effectively is by rewarding talented employees and showing them their efforts are appreciated. When talented employees feel their contributions are noticed, they’re more likely to stay at a company.

Though rewarding talent in this way is a great way to retain outstanding employees, there are other ways to increase employee retention.

Different companies can use different techniques and strategies that are unique to them and their company’s mission and values.

As such, trying new ways of retaining employees and keeping your most considerable talents content, happy, and committed to being a part of your team is essential.

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Hire a Talent Professional

While many companies may feel like they don’t need to enlist the help of an outsider to create a talent pipeline, it can be a huge help. Professionals who work in recruiting and creating talent pipelines are experts who can help make the process easier and less uncertain.

Suppose your company is genuinely invested in creating and maintaining a talent pipeline. In that case, your company may want to hire a talent partner full-time whose role is to ensure that talent is being recruited and developed smoothly.

Talent partners can take a lot of the guesswork out of creating a talent pipeline as they will be able to dedicate a lot of time and effort to see that all the many details of the process are attended to.

They can help in various ways, from finding the right places to recruit talent to develop effective training processes. So if your tech company is committed to creating a worthwhile talent pipeline, hiring a talent partner may be an intelligent course of action.

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Focus on Diversity

Diversity can make an enormously positive impact on your talent pipeline efforts. This is because various skills and experiences can help create a more well-rounded team that can thrive in various situations. As such, you and your company need to make diversity a priority when crafting a talent pipeline.

When a talent pipeline only goes after one type of individual, it can cause your company to develop a team in which everyone thinks and acts the same way.

Diversity is a potent way to combat this potential issue and can help strengthen your company. For this reason, starting from the ground up is essential, and looking for various candidates during the recruitment and scouting process.

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Utilize the Talent Pipeline to Address Your Weak Spots

No matter how great your tech company is, it likely still has some weak spots that can be improved. This being the case, it’s always a perfect opportunity to take advantage of your talent pipeline to address these weaknesses.

By trying to fill in your company’s gaps with strong candidates in the areas your company lacks, you can use the pipeline to make your company more robust and resilient.

This strengthening of your company’s sore spots can take many different shapes. It can involve more in-depth training in an area that your company is lacking, or it can foster a habit of obtaining more recruits with an educational background that your company is lacking.

By utilizing your talent pipeline to address weaknesses, the possibilities of how you can improve and transform your tech company are endless.

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Find Talent in Interesting Places

While places such as colleges with MBA programs and other tech companies could be a great place to start, looking for talent in exciting places can be helpful when creating a talent pipeline.

This could mean searching for individuals with different backgrounds, such as those working in design studios, or finding employees from different industries, such as those working in finance. Looking to various exciting places can give you a range of recruits that add vibrance to your team.

Going off the beaten path in recruitment means that you may find new recruitment practices that give you above-average results. This could mean getting a leg up on competing companies who don’t invest effort in searching for new places to recruit from.

As such, searching for new places, industries, or fields to recruit from could be fruitful for your company.

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Make Your Company Attractive to Candidates

Sometimes overlooked by those attempting to craft effective talent pipelines for their company is that it’s essential to make your company attractive to candidates.

Suppose your company seems like it wouldn’t be an excellent company to work for from the outside. In that case, it’ll not be easy to implement your talent pipeline tangibly.

As such, making an effort to make your company a better place to work can significantly increase the chances of your talent pipeline efforts succeeding.

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A great way to share your company’s attractiveness is by using social media platforms. By accurately portraying your company, candidates can get an idea of how great it would be to work at your company.

This means you’ll better attract the highest quality talent to help your tech company grow and thrive.

Monitor and Iterate Pipeline Processes

One of the essential parts of creating a successful talent pipeline is keeping track of progress and changing things as needed. This means it’s not a good idea to come up with an idea and stick to it no matter what.

If the pipeline you initially set out to create isn’t producing the results that you want to see, it’s ok to make changes and implement new iterations of your talent pipeline.

While some may be less inclined to change their talent pipeline strategy because it would seem like admitting defeat, it’s important to remember that talent pipelines are fluid structures.

While you need to have guiding principles and ideas, a talent pipeline is meant to evolve and improve your company over time.

As such, it’s also natural for your talent pipeline processes to change, and encouraging change when needed can significantly impact your talent pipeline efforts.

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Make Your Talent Pipeline Count

Crafting an effective talent pipeline has the power to transform the way that your company does business entirely. Your tech company will be better positioned to grow into an industry behemoth by consistently recruiting and nurturing high-quality talent.

This being the case, it’s time you get your team together and start strategizing a plan for a talent pipeline today so your company can experience a more prosperous tomorrow.

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