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Create Funny Celebrity Face Swap Videos And Memes

Use this free Android and iOS app to create funny celebrity face swap videos and memes. Use your face to swap with famous celebs.

Have you ever fantasized about swinging Moljnr like Thor? Dance like Jennifer Lopez or rap at the speed of Eminem? If yes, then by using REFACE, all your fantasies about your favorite celebs can come true!

How? Simply by using the REFACE mobile app. You can create hilarious, ridiculous, and bizarre celebrity face-swap videos and memes with REFACE. The app uses deep fake technology. Thus, the face swap videos look as realistic as possible.

As a huge Eminem fan, I used REFACE to create a funny GIF, as shown below. As you can see, the created GIF looks genuine, and the app perfectly mimics the facial expressions.

reface eminem gif

In this blog, we will fully explore REFACE and how you can use it to create funny celebrity videos and GIFs by swapping your faces.

Do note that the above GIF was edited and optimized before uploading. The original GIF generated by the app is of much better quality.

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Let’s get started.

How to Create Celebrities’ Face Swap Videos

REFACE is available for both Android and iOS users. The best part of using REFACE is that you don’t have to do any image edits to create face swap videos of famous personalities.

The app automatically does all the heavy lifting, and you must choose a video or GIF from its interface.

Follow these 3 simple steps to create deep fake celebrity videos to have fun with your friends and colleagues.

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Steps to create hilarious face swap videos with celebrities

Step 1: Download the app for Android or iOS using the links at the end of this article. Opening REFACE for the first time will ask you to take a portrait selfie or choose a photo from your gallery.

reface upload your pic

Whatever option you choose, please note that REFACE will automatically detect the face in the image and use it to create celebrity face swap videos.

Step 2: After selecting the photo, you will see the app’s main interface, as shown in the screenshot below.

reface app

Choose a famous clip from the main interface to create a face-swap celebrity video or search for your favorite celebrity.

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As I wanted to create a face swap video with Eminem, I searched for it. Interestingly, I found many popular clips and GIFs of the Rap God and chose a hilarious scene to create a GIF.

search celebrities in reface app

Step 3: After selecting a celebrity video or GIF, the REFACE app will prompt you to continue.

Tap the Reface button, and the app will do all the magic behind the scenes. In 10-15 seconds, you will see a real celebrity face swap video.

creating celebrities face swap videos

Step 4: All you have to do is save the face swap video on your phone. You can also directly post it to your social media profiles.

celebrity face swap video created

Tap the Save button to save the celebrity face swap video as a video or GIF file on your device.

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As I created a GIF, I shared it with my friends and had fun by sharing a good laugh.

Limitations of the free version

  • Watermarks on the GIFs and videos
  • Annoying ads
  • Upload your photos, videos, or GIFs for creating face-swap videos

Final Words

REFACE makes creating funny celebrity face swap videos a pretty easy task. If you want to see yourself doing crazy stuff, then REFACE is a must-app. Please let me know your experience with the app in the comments section below.

Get REFACE for Android from the Google Play Store.

Get REFACE for iOS from the App Store.

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