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9 Courses to Take if You Want to Get Into Coding

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If you want to become a programmer, there are plenty of information sources online. Whether you are enrolled in college or not, it is possible to master coding independently with the help of relevant courses.

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And if you are serious about getting into coding, this guide will help you find a starting point.

Choosing the Courses

  • First, it is essential to understand what you want to learn and where you should start. There are four significant branches of programming competency one should master, namely:
  • General understanding of how computers work. This includes processors, GPUs, RAM, operating systems, and computational complexity;
  • Knowledge of scripting languages. This means an overall understanding of the logic and syntax and learning one or several scripting languages like JavaScript, Python, C++, or C#.
    Data structures, algorithms, and storage;
  • Software engineering principles and fundamentals.

If you are entirely new to this field, you can start in the same order – from a general understanding of the field to software engineering. Thus, the courses you take will differ at each step.

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The Best Courses to Learn Coding

course to take for learning coding

1. Programming for Everybody by University of Michigan, Coursera

This is a perfect option for complete beginners. And it is also free and already used by 2.5 million people. It focuses on Python, but it is also good to build general background knowledge. Python is an elegant and relatively easy-to-learn language, so it can be a good choice for a beginner.

The practical course gives valuable insight into the foundations of coding you’ll need for any language. All you need to know before the start is arithmetic. The longevity is 28 hours.

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2. Code Yourself! An Introduction to Programming by the University of Edinburgh, Coursera

It is another good course for beginners. It takes about 10-12 hours to finish and teaches one about coding basics, computing concepts, principles of computer engineering, and algorithms. It doesn’t focus on one language precisely and gives more general knowledge, which is an excellent place to start. This one is available for free as well.

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3. Computer Science 101 by Stanford, EdX

This course is comprehensive and practical. It takes about six weeks to finish if you devote 4-6 hours per week. It is self-paced, which is very convenient. It is free, but if you need a certificate of completion, you’ll need to pay for it.

It is designed for people with zero knowledge of programming and teachers all the fundamentals of Computer Science. You’ll learn about computers and how they work and practice some coding skills. Also, the course teaches about principles of software work, computer coding data structures, digital media, security, and the internet.

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4. Computing in Python I: Fundamentals and Procedural Programming by Georgia Institute of Technology, EdX

This free course is great for learning basics and getting into Python language essentials. After completion, you’ll know how to write programs for complex mathematical operations. The course starts with computing as a whole and goes over fundamental concepts.

You’ll also learn how to set your coding environment and compile, execute, and debug code. Procedural programming ensures an understanding of how the software works and the basics of architecture. The course teaches about variables, their creation, and types of data. It lasts for 50 hours.

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5. Learn JavaScript, CodeAcademy

JavaScript is used for website development and added interactivity. So if you are interested in becoming a web developer, this could be a good option.

This is a comprehensive course designed for beginners. It has 12 lessons that start from understanding JavaScript, data types, variables, and built-in methods. Also, you will learn about conditionals, functions, arrays, loops, iterators, and objects.

Those are core concepts for understanding and using JavaScript. It is excellent for understanding object-oriented coding as a whole.

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6. Programming Languages, Part A by University of Washington, Coursera

This program might be a lifesaver if you are unsure yet what language to focus on. It teaches the ultimate concepts of scripting languages and functional programming. You will not learn a specific language but understand what each of them is about and what the difference is.

The program teaches principles that apply to almost any of them. This is essential to have a deeper understanding of how software engineering works besides syntax. It can sometimes be challenging because it is at an intermediate level, but the result is worth it.

The curriculum includes data types, first-class functions, closures, recursion, pattern-matching, modules, etc. The longevity is about 30-40 hours in total.

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7. Beginner PHP and MySQL Tutorial, Udemy

This is a well-designed and free course for those interested in website development. It takes about 10 hours to complete and covers PHP and MySQL fundamentals and principles.

You’ll learn how to set the environment, use it, and work between the front-end and back-end of a website. The course uses a lot of practical examples and teaches how to apply knowledge to your projects.

It is better to start with it after you learn the basics of HTML and CSS.

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8. Programming Fundamentals by Duke University, Coursera

It is an excellent course on programming, algorithms, and C. It focuses on the problem-solving aspect of coding with seven steps. This method allows solving any coding task or issues one might face.

Learners will learn how to create algorithms, read and understand code, and comprehend how computing concepts correspond with those algorithms. It is designed for 4 weeks and has 18 hours of material. This one is perfect for those who intend to learn C deeper after.

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9. C# Programming for Unity Game Development Specialization by University of Colorado, Coursera

This program is more specialized, yet it is designed for beginners. If you are passionate about game development, this is an excellent opportunity. The curriculum focuses on C# and Unity, a great combination.

You will learn about C# Unity scripts, console applications, data types, variables, and constants. Also, the course teaches about 2D basics, classes, and objects. It goes deeper into spawning objects, loops, iterations, and arrays. Overall, knowing more about object-oriented programming for Unity Games is excellent.

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In Summary

With a vast range of programs online, it is easy to learn to code anytime. If you are new to the field, check out these programs to get into it.

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