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Cool Web Design Elements Your Website Should Have

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New trends and practices in web design emerge frequently, and it’s challenging for companies to update their pages to match the latest industry requirements.

The primary purpose of a website is to keep the leads on the website as much as possible and to impact their perception of the organization positively. Developing and maintaining a website focused on the brand, visually engaging, and accessible is vital.

Your website design should be high-end and modern, with innovative elements, to meet your public’s requirements. Using essential web-design elements enables you to provide visitors with a seamless website experience.

Excellent Web Design Elements Your Website Should Have

web design elements

And since having a website is vital for any business, creating a web page and writing some content won’t be enough. Your website should be an excellent source of information that encourages visitors to spend more time browsing.

This article discusses the most excellent web design elements any website should include.

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Social media integration

Websites have featured social media buttons for over a decade, as they’re pretty old elements in web design. However, they’re still one of the essential elements to include in web design because they allow visitors to visit the related social media pages with just a click.

How you integrate these elements into your website depends on your goals. Suppose you created a web page focused on content; social media sharing buttons are cool features because they allow the readers to share the information with their social media friends.

On the other hand, if you want to use your website to build a community, you could create a comment box where your visitors can engage with each other. If your main objective is to sell products or services, integrate social media comments or reviews to allow loyal customers to share their opinions about your brand and convince prospects that your services are reliable.

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Chatbots and AI

Chatbots are still evolving, but AI technology is widespread in the web design industry. Chatbots are the most popular technologies for businesses looking to establish an online presence because they provide several advantages on web-based and mobile interfaces.

The ability to communicate with your website visitors is invaluable because it can enable you to convert prospects into loyal clients and boost retention. However, having an actual individual available 24/7 to communicate with your website visitors is challenging, so adding a chatbot is an effective solution.

Chatbots can carry out a 2-way conversation with your clients and direct the users to an operator or streamline communication with your team.

Before creating a chatbot for your website, decide how you want to use it and ensure the communication with your public feels authentic. With the innovation AI and technology offer, chatbots are highly efficient in providing solutions catered to your public’s needs.

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Background videos

Your website is much more than a black/white background and content. Adding videos, photos, and animations helps the visitors feel more connected to your brand and encourage them to establish a connection with your company.

You can add a background video to your homepage to start when someone lands on your website to introduce them to the brand and company culture and share the latest updates about the business with them.

Sharing information builds customer trust and encourages them to buy from you. Video is the most popular form of content. Even if people aren’t consuming only video, they still share it at a higher rate, so using it on your website increases your chances of being more visible among your audience.

And where do you count that automatic background videos add more appeal to your website? If you have trouble creating video content, hire a web agency in San Francisco based, to help you develop videos that share your brand’s story and help you connect with your prospects.

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Don’t confuse modernism with minimalism; they’re not alike but influence each other. Minimalism promotes the idea that less is more, and modernism brings forward airy web designs that feature clean lines and streamlined content.

Suppose you want to create a modern website because it aligns with your brand’s values; makes sure you follow minimalist principles. When you rely on the minimalist principle to create a website, you allow the visitors to collect the information you provide in a user-friendly way.

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One-of-a-kind typography

Typography is a complex subject you could read about for days; suppose you’re passionate about it. However, if you want to learn more about it to ensure you pick the best font for your website, limit your research to web design resources. You can discuss with your website designer to help pick a font that reflects your brand’s unique personality.

Choose the typography that aligns with your brand’s image to help your public recognize your company among your competitors. Typography is a web design element that makes it easier for companies to express their brands because it provides a steady look over several pages. Use it to tell your clients if you run a functional, informative, or fun company.

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User-triggered animations

We mentioned earlier that you should use diversified content to make your website more appealing to your visitors. Animations shouldn’t be overlooked because they’re not a time-wasting element.

Research shows that when picked right, they can engage visitors and even retain them for more extended periods on your website. Animations can increase the attention span and trigger conversions, so you should include them in your website design. User-triggered animations are even more impactful because they engage and entertain users.

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Mobile friendly layout

Mobile-friendly layouts are crucial nowadays when people use their mobile devices to browse the internet. Integrate a mobile-friendly format to rescale website elements according to your visitors’ devices.


Research shows that 59% of web traffic comes from mobile devices, so you should prioritize making your website mobile-friendly to reach more prospects. If your website elements don’t resize to match the device screen, your clients will exit your website and visit your competitor.

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