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5 Best XML Viewer Software for Windows

Here, we have compiled a list of 5 best free XML viewer software for Windows. Do check out these free tools to play with your XML files.

Here, we have compiled a list of the 5 best XML viewer software for Windows. These XML viewers will help you explore an XML file’s content in source mode and tree view.

Although XML is a format for describing, storing, and transporting data online, it requires an XML viewer to view it.

Furthermore, the tool allows you to alter XML by deleting and inserting nodes and deleting and adding attributes to existing components.

You can see XML file content in either Tree or Code Format with these XML viewers. Some viewers, however, allow users to see XML content in both forms. You can use various viewers to alter the content of XML files and read it.

5 Best Free XML Viewer Software for Windows

These viewers include various options for editing content, including adding elements, adding nodes, deleting nodes, modifying values, and more.

After editing, save the original XML file with all your changes. Here is a list of some free XML Viewer software for Windows.

Without further ado, let’s explore these best XML viewers and editors.

1. QXmlEdit

qxmledit - best xml viewer software for windows

QXmlEdit is a straightforward XML editor built on the Qt framework. Its key features include novel data visualization techniques, pleasant XML processing and display, and multiplatform compatibility.

It can split and compare XML and XSD files and split and compare huge XML files into fragments. It began as a Google code project.

Additional features of QXmlEdit

  • Viewing Tools: You can use viewing tools to show or conceal leaf children, show or hide the child index, hide siblings, and view the relationship between characteristics as graphs.
  • Color coding: This software uses different colors to highlight other elements of XML code, such as blue for tags, black for introductory text, red for values, and so on.
  • Editing Tools: You can alter the primary code, attributes, tags, and other aspects of an XML code with this software’s editing tools.
  • XML Tools: It has several essential tools, including the ability to add a child element, add comments as elements, put an element into an XML schema, and insert snippets.
  • Keyboard Shortcut List: This software has a keyboard shortcut list on the main index that allows you to conduct everyday editing operations like delete, append quickly, close items and children, inner XML, insert, and more.

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2. XML Tree Editor

xml tree editor - best xml viewer

XML Tree Editor shows XML files as tree views and lets you do simple operations, including editing, adding, and deleting text nodes and associated attributes.

The primary purpose is to provide a simple tool for people unfamiliar with XML to generate and update XML configuration files. Free Pascal Lazarus is included, allowing for easy compilation for various target platforms.

Additional features of XML Tree Editor

  • There is no XML text displayed. All modification is done in the tree view. The program logic maintains the integrity of the XML file.
  • Add, Edit, Delete, Rename, and Replace are the commands available for XML tags.
  • Supported capabilities include a multi-line editor, reading file names from file dialogues, loading text or binary file content, and reading RGB color values from color dialogues.
    Search capabilities, including text value searches.
  • Copy Name, Copy Text, and Copy the node with all its children and attributes are supported in the second window, which has its own “reference” XML file.
  • The application features two XML configuration files, making it highly customizable.
  • Supports language translation.

3. Xerlin

xerlin - open source xml viewer

Xerlin is another one of the best XML viewer software for Windows on our list. The tree structure view in this software allows you to view XML files.

It also allows you to edit the attributes and elements of XML files. This software includes all of the primary XML viewing and editing functions.

Additional features of Xerlin

  • Extensible plugin architecture allows you to create your editing environments quickly.
  • The XML Library feature allows you to share content between documents.
    Support for Mac OSX
  • XML Tree View: It displays all of the elements of an XML file in a tree structure, allowing users to see essential elements without viewing the entire source code.
  • Editing: You may easily update the values of elements, add new elements, add unique characteristics, and more with this software.

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4. XML Explorer

xml explorer

XML Explorer is an XML viewer and a data analyzer for XML files. It’s straightforward, with the ability to display various views. You can change and validate any XML source using a tree, list, table, text view, and popup edit.

The best part is that you can copy any source of XML text to the system clipboard and paste it into any XML Explorer view bi-directionally. You can acquire a standard XPath by clicking any XML node or attribute with XPath support.

It is possible to compare and change two columns of text. It has comprehensive schema support, including a tree, a list, an innovative compact view, and a text view.

You can convert data from Microsoft Excel, Access, and any ODBC database to XML format. The table view has robust XML data chart analysis and computation capabilities.

Additional features of XML Explorer

  • Format: It features two formatting tools to view the XML file reading experience, namely Font (to manually alter the text color, text style, text size, etc.) and Highlighting (to manually adjust the text color, text style, text size, etc.
  • Tree Inspect: The tree view lets you quickly view and explore the critical XML nodes, elements, and values. It also allows you to copy prepared XML data and evaluate XPath expressions.
  • Errors: This part performs automatic XML schema validation on input XML files to check whether the XML file structure conforms to the XML schema. If any irregularities are discovered, they are highlighted as mistakes.
  • Save: After examining an XML file, you can use Save tools to save it with or without formatting.

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5. XML Notepad

xml notepad - best xml viewer

Next on our list of best XML viewer software is XML Notepad. The first version of XML Notepad, written in C++ by Murray Low, was released in 1998.

So there you have it: a handy tool for quickly inspecting and editing XML documents. Since then, it has received over 3 million downloads.

Additional features of XML Notepad

  • The ability to load and convert.csv and.htm files to XML.
  • You can use incremental search (Ctrl+I) to go to matched nodes as you type in tree and text views.
  • With complete namespace support, you can cut/copy/paste.
  • Drag-and-drop functionality for quick tree modification.
  • All edit procedures have an infinite undo/redo feature.
  • Popup multi-line editing of large text node values.
  • The settings dialogue allows you to change the fonts and colors.
  • Full find/replace dialogue with regex and XPath support.
  • While editing XML schema validation in real-time, with faults and warnings displayed in the task list window.
  • Intellisense is based on enumerated simple type values and expected elements and attributes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is the best way to view XML files?

For optimal XML file viewing, use a text editor with syntax highlighting, like Visual Studio Code or Notepad++. They provide a clear structure and make navigation easy.

Q2. Is there a free tool to view XML files?

Yes, a free tool to view XML files is a web browser. Open the XML file in any web browser to view its content.

Q3. How do I convert an XML file to a readable file?

You convert an XML file to a readable format using a parser or software. Choose an appropriate tool, like a text editor or specialized software, then open and view the file.

Q4. What program opens large XML files?

A text editor like Notepad++ or specialized XML editors such as XMLSpy or Oxygen XML Editor efficiently opens large XML files.

Q5. How do I view XML in Chrome?

To view XML in Chrome, open the XML file using the browser. Right-click, select “Open with,” then choose Chrome. The XML will be displayed in a structured format.


With this, we summarize our list of the 5 best XML viewer software for Windows. You may use any software to play with your XML files and view them in different modes.

Let us know which is your favorite by writing to us at [email protected]. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to get similar posts straight to your inbox.

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