5 Best Wordle Solver Online Tools [Websites]

Here we have compiled a list of the 5 best Wordle solver online tools. Wordle is a Colourful Word game developed by a software engineer, Josh Wardle. It had taken the world wide web by storm, especially during the Covid pandemic, perhaps to eliminate the boredom due to the frequent lockdowns.

In early 2022, Wordle was purchased by The New York Times, and everyone looks to be playing it even now and proudly shares their results on many social media platforms.

The game’s goal is to guess the correct 5-letter word in a maximum of 6 tries. After each attempt, the colored tiles displayed on the screen provide you a hint to eventually solve the game and, at the same time, help you in the subsequent tries.

A Green colored tile signifies a correct letter in the correct place. A Yellow tile indicates a correct letter in the wrong position, while a Grey tile indicates that the letter doesn’t occur in the word. So, once all 5 letters turn Green, you have the word, and the game ends.

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5 Best Wordle Solver Online Tools [Websites]

There are numerous free websites on the world wide web that help you to solve a Wordle. This article will explore 5 Wordle Solvers that may help you crack the game and surpass your opponents.

1. Wordfinder X

wordfinderx - wordle solver online tools

This is a tool to solve jumbles automatically, and you can use it in Scrabble, Word Cookies, and Wordle. It can prove to be very useful in improving your command over language and developing skills that are important in many board games.

The process is quite simple. Attempt at least 1 – 2 tries in Wordle so that you are ready with colored hints (tiles). Carefully evaluate the results and populate the required information in Wordfinder X. Type a maximum of 15 probable letters in the textbox ‘Your Letters’ and choose to use wildcards like ‘space’ and ‘?’.

As per your evaluation and understanding from the colored tiles, fill in the ‘starting letter, ‘ending letter,’’‘ excluded letters,’ and the length of the word (5 letters) in the corresponding text boxes.

Next, fill in the letters that you think occur in the word in any position in the ‘include’ textbox and the letters that you feel may be present in known positions in the textbox titled ‘Contains.’’ From the dictionaries, scroll down, choose ‘All dictionaries,’ and finally click on ‘Search.

Wordfinder X will list all words based on your provided information. Choose any word after careful evaluation and attempt the next try in Wordle.

If your guess seems to be incorrect, you can offer some additional information to Wordfinder X based on the colored clues that you keep getting from Wordle after every attempt. This cycle will continue and help you win the game before your number of attempts dries up.

You can click here to visit Wordfinder X.

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2. The Word Finder

the word finder - solve wordle puzzles online

This Wordle Solver portal uses an approach and color-coding mechanism identical to Wordle. So, if you are used to Wordle, this solver will be pretty straightforward.

Commence the Wordle game, make 1 – 2 worthy guesses and observe the colored tiles.

Now, go to The Word Finder, select the size as ‘5 letter word’ and place the Green tiled letters that you see in Wordle in the ‘Placed Letters’ textbox with the same sequence and arrangement.

Similarly, put the Yellow tiled letters in the ‘Valid Letters’ textbox while the Grey tiled letters in Wordle must be populated in the ‘Bad Letters’ textbox.

Now, click on ‘Update’ to get an exhaustive list of probable words to solve the game depending on the information you provided above. Select one of the words in the list and make the next Wordle attempt.

Subsequently, go to The Word Finder and provide additional information you may have obtained after the previous attempt. As you continue playing, the list of suggestions gets narrow and more precise while you move toward the ultimate solution.

To navigate to ‘The Word Finder, click here.

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3. Hanging Hyena

hanging hyena - solve wordle puzzle online

Here comes a Wordle Solver that works at zapping speed and works much the same way. It creates a list of words that offer ideas to solve Worde based on the colored hints you keep getting from Wordle.

Like the previous solvers, carefully attempt 1-2 tries in Wordle and go through the colored hints. Type the letters in the corresponding text boxes in Hanging Hyena. This is relatively easy as the boxes are named after the colored tiles in Wordle, such as Green and Yellow.

Click on ‘Get Words,’’ and a short dictionary will display the probable list of words based on your supplied information. Choose a word from this list and make the next attempt in Wordle.

Now update the information in Hanging Hyena using the latest colored hints to narrow down the results and reach the mystery word.

Click here to visit Hanging Hyena.

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4. WordTips

wordtips - wordle puzzle solver

Let’s move on to the next Wordle solver named WordTips. This tool works pretty fast and more or less uses the same flow as we have seen earlier.

Try 1 – 2 attempts at Wordle and observe the colored tiles. Type the letters in the Wordle Yellow and Grey tiles in the ‘Good’ and ‘Bad’ tiles, respectively, in Word Tips. Next, put the Green tiled letters you see in Wordle in ‘Placed Letters’ in the same spot and sequence.

Now click on ‘Search’ and once you get probable clues from WordTips, choose a word and make the subsequent Wordle attempt to get the next set of clues. Move ahead to narrow the results list in WordTips and arrive at the correct solution.

To head towards WordTips, you can click on this link.

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5. WordMaker


In the visual sense, WordMaker is one of the best Wordle Solvers. This is because it uses identical colored tiles, as we see in Wordle, making it very easy to use the solver tool.
Make 1 – 2 attempts in Wordle and carefully observe the colored tiles.

Now, type the letters you see in the Wordle Green tiles, in the Green boxes of Wordmaker, and so on, and click on ‘Find Words.’’This will display a list of possible words you can use to solve Wordle. Repeat the same process after every attempt to narrow the list of words using the clues till you get the correct answer.

To visit WordMaker, click here.

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As you can see above, several goods and free online Wordle solvers can help you crack the game and win. You can spend time with each solver and decide the best one based on aspects such as Response Speed, UI / UX, and more.

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