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10 Best Word Processing Software For Windows [2023]

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In this article, we have compiled a list of the 10 best word processing software for Windows. All of us have been through days when we had to bury ourselves in the screens of our computers to write boring essays while ensuring we don’t end up copying all of them.

Writing essays and prose when asked to isn’t fun. However, it’s not bad when we enjoy the process. Writing long articles and essays can also be enjoyable using the right resources.

Yes, that’s right. Using a word processing software you’ve mastered entirely in the back of your head makes writing those articles and essays easier and much more fun. We’re not going to tell you how to gain expertise in word-processing software, but we can share some of the best software, making the task a tad easier for you.

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What Makes a Word-processing Software Great?

This is usually subjective, but the answers become apparent when you take a broad approach. Any word processing software that is greatly optimized, lightweight, has a tonne of customization features for all kinds of text, has a professional toolset, and comes with a user-friendly interface can be called an ideal word processing software.

There are many word processing software out there across the internet for all platforms, and finding the right one for yourself can be difficult. That is precisely why we’ll narrow down some of the best word-processing software in this article to save you the trouble of doing so yourself. So without any further delay, let’s begin. 

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10 Best Free Word Processing Software

We’ve based these selections on their ease of use, toolset, customizations, and overall functionality. Let’s not waste more time and learn about some of the best word-processing software. 

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1. Microsoft Word

ms word - best word processing software

Of course, Microsoft Word was going to make this list. It is the most popular word-processing application out there, after all. From the age of Windows XP to Windows 11, all Windows users are aware of Microsoft Word.

It is highly reliable and easily one of the best word-processing software. From providing templates for resumes and forms to being at your disposal for document accessibility needs, Microsoft Word provides massive functionality and has earned its name as one of the best word software of all time.

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2. Google Doc

google docs - word processing software

If anything comes close to Microsoft Word regarding features and reliability, it’s Google Docs. A simple user interface, handy features, ease of use, close to no learning curve, and many other things make Google Docs a brilliant choice if you’re looking for word-processing software.

On top of that, it is free to use and takes up minimal space. You can add it as a chrome extension, and just like that, it’ll be at your service whenever you need it. 

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3. LibreOffice

libreoffice writer - word processing software

LibreOffice should be one of your choices if you’re looking for a software package on par with MS Office. It brings numerous great features and word-processing software to the table.

With a user interface similar to Microsoft Word, you’ll have no trouble using LibreOffice as your primary choice if you’re looking for an alternative to Microsoft Word. LibreOffice provides a complete and brilliant set of software, among which the word processing software takes the most credit.

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4. WPS Office

wps office writer - free word processing software

WPS Office is another word processing software you can depend on to provide a great writing experience. With Android and IOS compatibility, features for editing, converting, and printing PDF files, cloud storage, etc.

WPS Office makes a name for itself as one of the most feature-packed word processing software available on the internet, and you should not miss out on it.

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5. Dropbox Paper

dropbox paper - online word processing

Dropbox Paper should be on the list of software you’re willing to check out if you’re looking for free-to-use word-processing software that’ll cover most of your needs. It is entirely free and boasts a simple, user-friendly interface. It is an excellent tool for those looking for software to write, edit and share word documents quickly.

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6. FocusWriter


FocusWriter is a brilliant choice if you’re searching for software that presents an easy-to-work user interface with a complete toolset and less distracting elements.

The nature of this software makes it ideal for composing texts, and it is entirely free to use. A simple interface makes this tool exceedingly viable and provides a fast yet lovely writing experience.

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7. Apache OpenOffice 

apache openoffice review

You don’t need to look any further if you seek a word processing software with an impressive functionality-friendly user interface, trusted by countless users across the globe, and provides premium features for free.

Apache OpenOffice is an excellent choice if you want a capable word-processing software with all essential features. Moreover, you can also create spreadsheets, databases, graphics, and presentations using this software.

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8. Polaris Office

polaris office - word processing software review

Polaris Office is another widely popular software package that provides excellent value for money. The best part about Polaris Office is that its free version has sufficient functionality to cover the documentation needs of any individual.

The experience of working with Polaris Office is quite good. You can opt for its enterprise plan to increase the functionality even further. 

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9. FreeOffice TextMaker

freeoffice textmaker

As the name may have already suggested, you can give FreeOffice TextMaker a try if you’re trying to stumble across a free-to-use word-processing software that you can rely on for your needs.

FreeOffice TextMaker brings several perks to the table, and the best of them include being lightweight and incredibly functional at the same time.

With support for all MS Office file formats and better compatibility, FreeOffice TextMaker is on the best free-to-use word processing software list.

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10. Zoho Writer

zoho writer - word processing software

Zoho Writer is guaranteed to impress you with its neat and clean workspace that incorporates every essential feature a word processing software needs despite being free. You can create word documents and collaborate on them using this brilliant application.

Free writing assistant for grammar and readability suggestions, feedback review, WordPress, and CRM integration are some features Zoho Writer brings to make working with it a satisfactory experience.

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Creating word documents is a fundamental task. Despite numerous word processing software, only a handful take their purpose seriously and provide fully functional software to complete the job efficiently.

To help you find the right one for yourself easily, we shortlisted the best of the best word-processing software out there based on their features, compatibility, user-friendliness, and overall functionality. If you find yourself in a dilemma, you can check out the software mentioned in this article, and you’ll undoubtedly find the correct application that will bring out the best of you.

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