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5 Best Websites to Learn JavaScript Programming Online

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When it comes to job seeking as a web developer, you can get employed if you know Python or JavaScript. Yes, many new programming languages are emerging in popularity, but those that have been around for almost three decades are still in demand. JavaScript was presented more than a quarter of a century ago; nowadays, around 98% of websites use this language.

And JavaScript is not limited to building websites. There are thousands of mobile applications that utilize the language. JavaScript is frequently used for creating video games. JavaScript is everywhere when it comes to digital solutions. What makes the language popular? Here are the main benefits of using JavaScript:

  • Apps and websites built with JavaScript are more dynamic
  • JavaScript allows the creation of sites and apps with responsive design
  • JavaScript is highly effective when it comes to backend

You can write a dissertation on the benefits of JavaScript. But if you are new to the language, you can order your paper from one of the dissertation writing services by EssayPro, while studying JavaScript. But how to start learning JavaScript? If you google it, you will find various types of advice.

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5 Best Websites to Learn JavaScript Programming

websites to learn javascript online

There are a lot of books on JavaScript, and they can be helpful if you want to understand the theoretical part. The best type of education is when you can implement your knowledge. Practice it. There’s a piece of advice on that too. Register at GitHub, and share your code, so more experienced users help you perfect it. And while this type of learning works for some, you might feel something is missing.

Aren’t there any colleges or courses you can attend to learn this programming language? Luckily, there are a lot of platforms that offer JavaScript lessons. They are perfect for both self-education and group study. So, let’s check them out without any further ado.

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1. Udemy

Udemy was launched more than a decade ago, and at the time of writing, the company has more than 200,000 courses available in more than 70 languages. The platform has over 70,000 instructors and over 50 million students. The platform offers to learn various subjects, and JavaScript is one of them.

The courses are updated regularly, and you can get a lot of helpful tutorials. Some courses are free, while others are paid. You can get a tutorial on JavaScript essentials, which is free. Regarding paid courses, Udemy offers the complete JavaScript course, where you can try your hand at building projects using the language.

The paid courses shouldn’t scare you, as Udemy often offers flash sales. During the flash sale, the prices go down to less than $10. Aside from valuable resources, you can learn from actual JavaScript developers. With the help of Udemy, you can learn the basics of JavaScript and become an actual developer. The best thing is that it’s not only theory but also practice.

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2. freeCodeCamp

freeCodeCamp is a non-profit organization founded by web developer Quincy Larson. Larson thought that the way that colleges teach coding is insufficient and ineffective. The idea behind creating Free Code Camp was to make learning to code effective and available for everyone. Free Code Camp operates worldwide and has more than 4,000 volunteers.

If you join the Free Code Camp, you will start by learning theoretical materials. Upon finishing them, you will be assigned to build something with JavaScript. The practical part of the courses allows building projects on your own and in pairs. It’s the most crucial part of the study, as you can solidify your knowledge by practicing it immediately.

The best thing about Free Code Camp is that you will not be left to your devices if you don’t want to. The community at the non-profit organization is amicable. You can always expect support from the volunteers and fellow campers. You can start by getting acquainted with the Free Code Camp’s YouTube channel.

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3. Codementor

Codementor was founded in Taiwan in 2013. It’s an online e-learning and outsourcing platform that allows linking prospective coders with mentors. It also allows experienced coders to get hired—Codementor partners with various startups and other online learning platforms, like Udemy.

You can learn the JavaScript fundamentals by checking out the 21-episode video course called “Development for Absolute Beginners .”The course starts from the basics and ends with the in-depth aspects of building websites and apps with JavaScript. But Codementor is not limited to self-education via video tutorials.

You can join online group courses to learn and practice with other prospective coders. It’s a month-long course that allows you to learn and practice the core aspects of the programming language. Aside from the language per se, you will learn the libraries and related concepts like JQuery and Ajax. And you can book one-on-one classes with a mentor for $15 per hour.

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4. Codecademy

Codeacademy was founded in 2011. The company has over 100 employees and operates worldwide. Codecademy offers free courses in twelve different programming languages. A lot of developers learned programming languages thanks to the platform. At the time of writing, Codecademy has over 50 million users worldwide.

Codeacademy is frequently listed as one of the best platforms for learning JavaScript. The company offers free interactive courses. Here you can learn everything from the basics to integrate your knowledge into prospective projects. After learning the theoretical part, students at Codecademy practice building games and interactive websites with JavaScript.

The course itself takes just twenty hours. And upon finishing it, you will get a certificate. The popularity of Codecademy JavaScript is proven by the number of students enrolled each year. Between three and five million people take the course annually. And the best thing about the Codecademy course is that it’s free.

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5. JavaScript30

If you want to learn JavaScript, a Canadian full-stack developer, Wes Bos, can help you with his JavaScript30 challenge. The challenge allows you to learn JavaScript, as the name implies, in just thirty days. During the thirty lessons and tutorials, you will learn the basics and how to implement your knowledge with real projects.

The challenge is designed for beginners and intermediate developers who want to get comfortable with the fundamentals of the programming language. Mind that you’re going to learn and implement vanilla JavaScript. In other words, a plain programming language without libraries and frameworks. But you can get acquainted with those things later. All in all, over 500,000 people participate in the challenge annually.

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Final Thoughts

So, here you have five platforms where you can learn JavaScript. Of course, this list is incomplete, as there are hundreds more platforms where you can learn JS and other programming languages. But those five are pretty enough for beginners. You can study on your own with the video tutorials. You can study in a group or one-on-one with a mentor. So, pick and choose based on what works better for you.

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