11 Best Websites To Draw UML Class Diagram Online [Free]

Here, we compiled a list of the 11 best websites to draw UML class diagrams online. UML stands for Unified Modelling Language and uses software engineers to conceptualize and design object-oriented software architecture.

A class diagram is a structural UML diagram showcases a software system’s various classes, attributes, methods, and relationships among its objects.

Class diagrams in UML are widely popular as it provides a high level of abstraction view of the software system. It can become an effective communication tool for developers to convey their ideas to every stakeholder without digging deep into the source code.

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11 Best Websites To Draw UML Class Diagrams Online

This article will explore the five best websites you can use to draw UML class diagrams online. These online diagramming tools will make your job easier as they consist of pretty templates you can edit to draw a class diagram with minimum effort.

Most offer intuitive and modern drag-and-drop functionalities, making your life easier if you want to draw a class diagram from scratch.

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Let’s now see these online class diagram tools:

1. Creately

creately - draw class diagram online

Creately is one of the best online diagramming and collaboration tools for drawing UML class diagrams online. The best part is that it offers multiple frameworks that make it easier for you to display the structure of a system. It offers a modern interface that lets you drag and drop various elements to design a class diagram.

Creately Features:

  • Drag and drop interface
  • It supports most shapes and elements to draw class diagrams
  • Real-time collaboration via video conferencing
  • Pre-defined templates to design class and other UML diagrams
  • Panel to take quick notes
  • Supports keyboard shortcuts
  • Share your class diagrams with your teammates or other stakeholders
  • Add comments
  • Supports integration with third-party cloud apps such as Google, Microsoft, Salesforce, Slack, and many other productivity tools
  • Export the class diagram in JPG, PNG, SVG, or PDF format

Pricing: Free plan with 3 canvases (60 items max) and limited storage.

Try this tool to draw class diagrams online here.

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2. Mockplus RP

mockplus rp - draw class diagrams online

Mockplus RP is an online flow diagramming and wireframing tool that allows designers to quickly present the design process and identify the process or the workflow you and your team want to document or visualize.

Mockplus Features:

  1. UI flow diagramming is as easy as drag-and-drop
  2. It supports most shapes to draw class diagrams
  3. Real-time collaboration with teams
  4. Collect contextual feedback
  5. Keep everyone up-to-date
  6. Share and test early on

Pricing: Free plan available with an individual.

Try Mockplus RP to draw wireframing online here.

3. Diagrams.net

draw - uml class diagram tool

Diagrams.net or Draw.io is a free online tool to draw various engineering and business diagrams, including UML diagrams such as class, activity, etc. Visit the link provided below and create a new diagram. After that, you can select a class diagram from the options dialog box to access its diagramming editor, as shown in the screenshot above.

On the left-hand side is a toolbar where you can find all the basic shapes to draw a class diagram. Drag and drop different shapes from this toolbar to the main editing interface.

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Once done, you can choose to increase or decrease the shape’s size and connect them. You can also insert text and customize appearance options by making the font bold, changing color, etc.

After designing your class diagram, you can export it in multiple file formats such as JPG, PNG, SVG, PDF, HTML, XML, etc. The best part is that you can export class diagrams with a transparent background.

Diagrams.net Features:

  • Works with Google Drive and Google Workspace
  • Supports integration with OneDrive and Sharepoint
  • Offline support with a desktop app and VS Code plugin
  • Embed and edit diagrams directly with the draw.io for the Notion Chrome extension

Try this tool to draw class diagrams online here.

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4. Lucidchart

lucidchart - class diagram online

Lucidchart Features:

  • Quickly style shapes of your class diagram
  • Supports keyboard shortcuts to work faster
  • Expand your diagram canvas
  • Organize class diagrams with containers
  • Multiple layers support lets you add all the little details in your class diagram.
  • Collaborate with your team members
  • Presentation mode
  • Make your diagram publically available via URLs

Pricing: Free plan available with 3 editable documents and 100 professional templates

Try this tool to draw class diagrams online here.

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5. yUML

yuml - online tool to draw class diagram

yUML is another best free online tool to draw class diagrams. Apart from class diagrams, you can also use yUML to draw use cases and activity diagrams. The best part is that you don’t need to create an account to draw diagrams.

Visit the link provided below and click on the Draw UML Diagram button. This will take you to its diagramming interface, where you can write the yUML code to create class diagrams. Once done, you can export it as a PNG, JPG, SVG, and PDF file.

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yUML Features:

  • VS Code extension that lets you draw class diagrams and other UML diagrams based on the yUML syntax
  • Create diagrams simply by typing plain text
  •  Use CI Scripts to draw UML diagrams
  • Easily share class diagrams with others and embed them in Slack, Wiki, and blogs

Pricing: Free plan available with 5 saved diagrams

Try this tool to draw class diagrams online here.

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6. Visual Paradigm Online

visual paradigm online - student enrollment class diagram
Student Enrollment Class Diagram Example

Visual Paradigm Online Features:

  • Real-time collaboration
  • More than 2000 templates
  • 200+ diagram types
  • Drag and drop interface to draw class diagrams
  • Precise shape positioning with alignment guide
  • Free for educational use
  • Embed diagrams in MS documents and presentations
  • Download class diagrams as JPG, PNG, or PDF files

Some of the pre-defined templates for class diagrams:

  • Student’s enrollment class diagram
  • ATM system class diagram
  • Class Diagram Example: A Star-Based LAN
  • Article Manager Class Diagram
  • Order and Payment Class Diagram

Pricing: Free plan with basic templates, diagram symbols, charts, and stock photos.

Try this tool to draw class diagrams online here.

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7. Gleek

gleek - draw class uml diagram

Gleek Features:

  • Create class diagrams and other UML diagrams without using your mouse
  • Supports rapid diagramming via keyboard
  • Live collaboration and version control
  • Export class diagrams
  • Pre-designed class diagram templates for common scenarios
  • Customize the appearance of your diagram

Templates for class diagrams that you can use:

  • Order processing system
  • Animal inheritance system
  • Movie enumeration example
  • Library management system
  • Restaurant management system
  • Online shopping management system

Pricing: Free with 5 diagrams, 40 diagram objects, and export as PNG file only.

Try this tool to draw class diagrams online here.

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8. Moqups

moqups - draw class diagram online

Moqups Features:

  • Drag and drop interface to draw UML diagrams such as class, object, component, etc.
  • Built-in library with thousands of popular icon sets.
  • Upload your images to use from your computer or cloud storage services.
  • Prototype interactions and flow diagram.
  • Real-time collaboration and comments.
  • Easy link sharing and export to Google Drive or Dropbox.
  • Export class diagrams as PDF and PNG files.

Pricing: Free plan available with 2 projects and 400 objects.

Try this tool to draw class diagrams online here.

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9. Cacoo

cacoo - class diagram tool

Cacoo Features:

  • Top-notch real-time collaboration with track changes features and brainstorming ideas with comments, video chat, and screen sharing.
  • A diverse library of templates and shapes
  • Import your images to refine your class diagrams
  • Presentation mode to coherently share your ideas
  • Share class diagrams with a link
  • Export class diagrams as JPG, PDF, and other file formats
  • Option to embed diagrams on websites
  • In-app video and chat
  • Supports dynamic charts and commenting
  • Integration with Google Drive, Adobe Creative Cloud, and Confluence

Pricing: Free plan available

Try this tool to draw class diagrams online here.

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10. Sketchboard

sketchboard - class diagram online tool

Sketchboard Features:

  • Simplifying team presentations and meetings
  • Board password sharing
  • Supports comments and integration with Slack
  • Add shapes and images
  • Modifying text with markdown text formatting
  • Keyboard shortcuts support efficient diagramming

Note: In its free plan, a watermark is added to the exported class diagrams

Pricing: Free plan available with 5 users and 3 boards

Try this tool to draw class diagrams online here.

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11. Miro

miro - paid tool for class uml diagram

Miro Features:

  • Design class diagrams with a modern editing interface to explain complex processes
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Infinite canvas
  • Supports integration with JIRA, Slack, Google Suite, and many other SaaS-based productivity tools.
  • Enterprise-grade security
  • Easy and fast diagram creation

Pricing: Free plan available with 3 editable boards and core integrations

Try this tool to draw class diagrams online here.

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Wrapping Up

This blog explored the 10 best free online tools to draw class UML diagrams online. Using these free diagramming tools, you can quickly design visually appealing class diagrams and export them as JPG, PDF, or any other file format to share with other stakeholders.

The best part is that most of these online diagramming tools offer real-time collaboration features with in-app video conferencing, screen sharing, and chat. Thus, allowing you to streamline work with remote teams and enhance their brainstorming processes to design class diagrams effectively.

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