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6 Best Websites To Download Copyright Free GIFs

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Using GIFs is an excellent way to add a touch of fun and humor to any conversation. It also helps capture the nuances that words sometimes fail to do, making conversations much more enjoyable!

This article collects 6 websites from where readers can download copyright-free gif images for various purposes – personal as well as educational or commercial uses; with no watermarks imprinted on them by default.

All these websites come free of cost, so you don’t need to worry about paying up money or giving attribution post use either.

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6 Best Websites To Download Copyright-Free GIFs

GIFs add a layer of expression to everything online; you may want to use a GIF for commercial purposes but are skeptical about paying for it.

In this section, we have curated the 6 best websites that allow you to download royalty-free GIFs that can be used for commercial purposes without needing accreditation.

1. Motion Elements

motion elements - copyright free gifs

Motion Elements is one of the top websites for downloading royalty-free GIFs. It boasts an extensive library with thousands of modern and eye-catching animations, some even free to download after a quick sign-up process.


  • A vast selection of high-quality gifs
  • Ability to share gifs easily through social media accounts or to hyperlink them on other platforms
  • Royalty-Free usage that allows commercial use – however, there are restrictions on using it as part of logo/trademark, etc.


  • Easy access – you only need to create your account and start searching!
  • Fast loading speeds due to optimized server setup
  • An extensive database full of modern, attractive animated images


  • It can be challenging to find precisely what you’re looking for
  • Limited resolution options are available

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gifgifs - download copyright free gifs

GIFGlFs is one of the best websites to download copyright-free GIFs. It offers hundreds of royalty-free GIFs in various categories, including Animals, Anime, Clothing, Food, Holidays, and more.

The website doesn’t require any credit or money to download these gifs, so users can easily use them on their projects without paying anything extra.

You’ll find various animated images here, like creatures from nature, science-related ones, and even sports-themed Gif files.


  • Hundreds Of Free Royalty-Free GIF Options To Choose From
  • Various Categories For Easy Browsing (Animals/Anime etc.)
  • Direct Link Access, As Well As HTML Code & BBcode, Provided After the Download


  • Absolutely Cost Free – No Credit Or Money Needed
  • Variety Of Different Animations Across Multiple Categories
  • Direct Links are Offered Along With Sharing Codes For Usage Purposes On Other Platforms


  • Quality Is Low And Old Fashioned Compared To Alternatives

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3. BestAnimations

bestanimations - download gifs copyright

BestAnimations is an online resource filled with royalty-free GIFs from over 20 categories. You can find high-quality and low-quality, older to newer GI Fs in various sizes across various topics such as Games, Food, flags, Sci-Fi People, Earth Music Cartoons, etc. – all free!

It’s easy enough to locate the GIF you’re looking for by browsing through the website or clicking on one of its many category options available. Once found, it’ll be just seconds before that small piece of digital artistry arrives at your fingertips.


  • Over 20 different categories (Games, Food Flags Sci Fi people, earth music cartoons)
  • Variety Of Gif Sizes From Low Quality To High Qualities Older To Newer Gifs Available
  • Direct Access Into Social Networks Or Saving On Your Computer


  • Easily Searchable Database Based Royalty Free


  • Usage Is Strictly Non-Commercial, So Not Ideal For Business Ventures

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4. Giphy

giphy - free copyright gifs download

GIPHY is one of the most popular websites for finding and downloading copyright-free GIFs. Founded in 2013 by Alex Chung and Jace Cooke, it has become an essential part of any creative’s toolkit.

With its mission statement “Google for GIFs”, GIPHY hosts over 1 billion views daily to hundreds of millions of users worldwide – making it the perfect place to find your next favorite animated image!

The platform contains powerful search capabilities, so you can quickly locate what you are looking for. It also integrates with all major messaging apps, such as Slack, WhatsApp, or Twitter, allowing people to share their creations instantly.


  • Easy Search Capabilities & Advanced Filtering Options
  • Millions Of Content Available To Choose From
  • Integrate Seamlessly Into Messaging Apps
  • Has An API For Tech Nerds
  • High-Quality Royalty Free Images


  • Simple interface design makes navigation seamless
  • All gifs come royalty-free
  • Integrates into majority messengers


  • No way to download videos
  • Buggy functionality occasionally

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5. GFYCat

gfycat website download

GFYcat is a website to download royalty-free GIFs that stands out from other websites as it bridges the gap between GIF and HTML5 video by providing both, allowing users faster delivery and more playback options.

It has an easy search function with plenty of categories available for quick use. GFYcat also prides itself on high-quality gifs, making it one of the most popular hosting sites around thus far. Here are some essential features:


  • A searchable database full of various categories
  • Allows user access to different types of gif formats such as HTML 5 & GifV
  • High-Quality Royalty Free imagery
  • Set your privacy settings


  • Easy navigation through multiple sections in their library
  • Does not rely solely on tags or general keywords when searching
  • Ability to set personal viewing settings so only you can access certain content


  • No integration with popular social media apps

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6. ReactionGIFS


ReactionGIFs is an excellent website for downloading royalty-free GIFs. It makes it easy for users to find the perfect reaction as they have several different ways of uncovering an appropriate one, depending on what you are looking for.

The ABOUT option allows surfacing GIFS that match specific feelings. At the same time, the GALLERIES part includes various categories such as OMG, DANCE PARTY, or LOVE, and finally TAGS dropdown menu covers a more expansive list of themes.


  • Quick access to millions of high-quality gif files with no need sign up process required
  • Easy way to make collections & organize your favorite content into folders
  • Different search options like tag suggestions, galleries, and about
  • A broad selection based on emotion/mood tags specifically designed around reactions


  • Easily accessible without creating an account
  • Categorized by emotions/mood, which helps the user quickly identify relevant material
  • Free from copyright issues
  • User-friendly Interface


  • Limited amount of free images
  • Not updated regularly

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In this article, we reviewed 6 top websites allowing you to download royalty-free GIFS. GIFs can upskill your communication skills and get you or your brand recognition. We hope you found this article valid; please ensure you share it with everyone.

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