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14 Best Webp to GIF Converter Online Tools and Software

Here we have compiled a list of 14 best WebP to GIF converter online tools and software. Use them to batch convert WebP files to GIFs quickly.

Are you seeking free software or online tools to convert WebP to GIF? If yes, then you have landed on the right page. We have compiled the 14 best WebP to GIF converter online tools and software.

Using these online tools or software, you can quickly convert all your WebP files to GIFs. The best part is that some WebP to GIF converters offer full-fledged image editing functionality.

Thus, apart from converting files, you can perform most image editing options, such as resizing, cropping, rotating, and overlaying any shape.

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15 Best Webp to GIF Converter Online Tools and Software

WebP is an image format developed and released by Google in 2010. Despite some differences, the image format can render the same quality as JPEG and PNG formats.

In WebP format, you will find the use of lossless compression. In other words, it ensures no data loss during the compression process. Thus, picture quality becomes sharp and eye-catching.

Instead of JPEG, many people prefer using the WebP image format. You can also create animated WebP slides and convert them into GIF formats. For WebP to GIF conversion, you can use a tool. Many such tools offer easy conversion from WebP to GIF format.

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1. Picomos

picomos - best webp to jpg converter

Picomos is a free image processing tool that you can use for your Windows computer. The software dashboard includes many tools and features for image editing and processing.

Apart from editing images and creating animations, you can use the software to convert WebP to GIF. In the following section, you can find how to convert WebP into GIF using this tool.

  • You can use the Editor tool of the software to open a WebP image. You can make changes to the image if you want. After making the changes, users can save the file in GIF format.
  • Users can use the Combine tool to combine multiple WebP files and convert them into GIF format.
  • The third method of using this tool for converting WebP into GIF is the Batch module. You can add WebP images in a queue and convert them into an animated GIF.

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2. XnCovert

xnconvert - webp to jpg converter software

XnConvert is another of the best WebP to JPG converters for Windows. The best part is that it is also available for Mac and Linux.

One of the major highlights of the tool is that you can convert a complete folder of WebP images into a single animated GIF image.

Users can use the tool to convert image files with various file extension formats. Above all, it supports other file formats such as JPEG, TIFF, PDF, PNG, and ICO for conversions.

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3. Paint.Net

paint net - convert webp to jpg

Paint.Net is one of the best image editing tools from any operating system. The software needs to be accessed through a web browser. Thus, it does not involve operating system compatibility. You can use the tool for editing your photos and saving them in different formats.

If you have a WebP image, you can upload the image to the dashboard of the tool. Make necessary changes to the software, if needed. When everything is done, you can save the file in GIF format. So, this is how you can convert WebP into GIF format.

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4. FlexClip

flexclip - webp to jpg

You can use FlexClip to edit and convert images from one format to another and create videos. You only need a stable internet connection as it is an online tool.

Visit Flexclip using the link above and select the WebP files you want to convert. After that, you can convert those files to GIF format and download them to your system.

The best part is that it lets you upload multiple WebP images and save them into one compressed GIF animated image.

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5. Online Converter

online converter - webp to jpeg

Online Converter is a web-based application for converting GIFs from other image formats. So, if you have WebP files, you can convert them into GIF files in a few seconds. You can use multiple files to convert the various images into animated GIFs.

The web application is free for everyone, with no premium features. You can use any standard browser to access the tool from your computer.

This online WebP to GIF converter works fast; it takes only a few seconds to convert WebP into GIF files. However, choosing multiple WebP files compressed into one GIF format may be slow.

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6. Convertio

convertio - webp to jpeg online converter

If you seek a reliable and efficient tool to convert WebP images into GIF format, Convertio is the right option.

This software can convert WebP images into animated GIF files in seconds. There are many good things about the software; one of the major highlights is that it comes for free.

As the name suggests, you can use this browser-based tool to convert one file into different formats. Not only Web Pot GIF, but you can also use this tool to convert your JPEG files into other formats.

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7. Zamzar

zamzar - webp to gif online converter

Zamzar is another best free online tool to convert WebP to GIF. Unlike similar image converters on this list, it doesn’t offer editing functions.

However, if you want to convert multiple WebP files to GIFs quickly, it will serve the purpose exceptionally well.

Just visit the website using the link above and upload WebP files. After that, select GIF as format and click the Convert Now button. Zamzar will then process the files and make them available for download after a few seconds.

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8. reaConverter

reaconverter - webp to gif converter for windows

As the name suggests, reaConverter is a tool for converting files from one format to another.

You can find multiple file conversion options using this tool. Among those options, users can find WebP to GIF conversion. Before converting the WebP file, you can edit the image with this tool.

There are many tools to edit the images. This WebP to GIF converter is not entirely free, as the free version comes with the watermark of the software. If you want to remove the watermark, you should opt for the premium version of the tool.

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9. EZGif

ezgif - convert webp to gif online

EZGif is another free website that you can use to convert WebP to GIF files. You can also use its full-fledged GIF editor to do many other tasks.

From resizing GIFs to overlay text, you can perform most editing options after converting your WebP file to GIF format.

The best part is that you can convert WebP files to any other image format, such as PNG, MP4, etc.

10. IrfanView

irfanview - batch webp to gif converter

IrfanView is an image conversion tool for Windows operating system users. The software is not compatible with other operating systems. You can use the tool for converting WebP into a GIF animated image.

However, there is a drawback. The software does not support native WebP files. For compatibility with WebP, this software needs an additional plug-in.

After downloading and installing the plug-in, you can use the software to edit the WebP images and convert them into GIF files.

11. GIMP

gimp - convert webp to gif

GIMP is a popular image editing software and a desktop application for Windows users. The software has default compatibility with JPEG files, though not compatible with the native WebP.

So, it would be best to have an additional plug-in to make the software compatible with the native WebP files.

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12. Chasys Draw IES

chasys-draw-ies - webp to gif

Chasys Draw IES is another leading tool for converting image files into animated GIF files. This WebP to JPG converter software comes with a simple and user-friendly interface.

Before converting WebP into GIF, you can use the tool to edit the image. From brightness and contrast adjustments to resizing, it gives many options to the users.

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13. Pixillion Image Converter

pixillion image converter software

The Pixillion Image Converter is an ideal tool for WebP to GIF conversion. After uploading the WebP image on the dashboard, you can edit the image using various options available with the software.

Though the software is free, the license states that users should not use the tool for commercial purposes.

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14. WebPConv

webpconv - webp to gif converter

As the name implies, WebPConv is a reliable WebP to GIF conversion tool. You can use GIF files and the tool to convert WebP images into other formats such as TIFF, PNG, webP, JPEG, and many more.

For multiple WebP into GIF conversion, you can use the Decode tab of the tool and start uploading multiple WebP files. After the upload, you can convert those files into a compressed animated GIF file.

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We summarize our list of the 14 best WebP to GIF converter tools. You can quickly convert WebP files to GIFs with these websites and software applications. The best part is that most of them support batch processing and are available for other platforms, too.

My favorite tools are EZGif, Paint.net, XnConvert, and Convertio, as they offer a modern user experience and are pretty straightforward to use.

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