5 Best VR Headsets for Movies and Games [2023]

VR is finally accessible enough for people to bring the technology into their homes. There’s a long-standing belief that VR tech is too expensive for curious shoppers, but that’s no longer the case. Plus, many great options now let anyone use technology for their interests and hobbies.

VR isn’t the expensive hobby it used to be. While high-end options are still available on the market, there are many great entry points for curious minds on a budget. You’re in the right place if you’re wondering where to start regarding pricing, peripherals, and features.

Whether you love art and gaming or want a fun way to watch your favorite shows and chat virtually with friends, VR headsets are plentiful nowadays. We have a list of five of the best options on the market to make your decision easier.

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5 Best VR Headsets for 2023 to Buy

Here are five of our favorite headsets to purchase if you want to get started with your virtual-reality adventures. There is indeed a virtual reality app for everyone to explore, and now is a great time to jump into the technology!

1. Oculus Quest 2

The Oculus Quest 2 is likely one of the names you know in the VR market. The headset has long been a popular option for newcomers to the tech and vastly improved for anyone interested in the medium.

This headset is powerful with a new Qualcomm chip and brings users a resolution up to 1832 x 1920. A unified panel can also be split into each eye for an optimum viewing experience. There are more powerful headsets on the market, but this is the most fantastic option for anyone looking to dive into VR with a good start that doesn’t require a PC.

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2. Valve Index

Unlike Quest 2, the Valve Index does require a PC. Connecting to a PC gives you more computing power for advanced VR experiences. While it might be essential to start using the technology, VR headsets offer an optimum experience.

Gaming is a massive part of the Index’s appeal, allowing up to 144 Hz of crisp visuals. Keep in mind that you will be stuck under 90 Hz without a powerful graphics card, so this option is best for those with a gaming PC who want to utilize VR for the best gaming around.

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3. Pimax Vision 8K X

At just under USD 1,500, the Pimax Vision 8K X is a splurge item that might not apply to everyone’s needs or budget. Is this the best headset for a newcomer with little knowledge of VR? That said, if you’re ready to dole out some big bucks on your VR headset, this is the best option. With the features included in the Pimax vision 8K X, you get an incredible interface that will rival just about any other VR experience.

Resolution up to 3840 x 2160 hit each eye individually for a clear-as-day visual experience. It would be best if you pair this headset with the latest processing power, which in 2021 would be the RTX 3000-series GPU. Those are tough to find, but VR doesn’t look any better than on a Pimax Vision if you have one handy.

4. HP Reverb G2

If the last price tag scared you, this one would be much easier to swallow for VR fans on a budget. For around USD 500, the HP Reverb G2 offers the best image clarity of any headset under $1K.

The HP name is synonymous with incredible tech and boosts audio quality thanks to internal aspects in the Reverb G2, which gives you a remarkable experience all-around with this headset. Not to mention, it weighs barely over 1lb, making it comfy as can be.

5. HTC Vive Focus 3

Another name longtime VR fans might know, the HTC Vive Focus 3, is the latest HTC headset to take full advantage of the company’s experience and expertise in VR.

You don’t need a connection to a PC like the Quest, but this is considered a more advanced system. You’ll obtain better visuals and immersion with the Vive Focus 3 thanks to its Snapdragon XR2 and 8GB of RAM.

There’s even a MicroSD slot that helps you expand your storage for all the VR fun you can handle.


Picking the right VR headset might seem tricky, but it comes down to this: what do you want to do with VR technology? Hopefully, this and your budget make navigating this list of the best VR headsets a breeze.

Whatever your interest in tech may be, the VR world is constantly expanding. It’s a great point in the technology’s history to get on board with the VR revolution. All it takes is finding the right headset. Hopefully, we’ve made your task easier with this handy list!

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