5 Best VPN Apps for Developers

best vpn for developers

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VPNs avoid data leaks and maintain online privacy, which is crucial for any developer. In addition, a good VPN will guard against all online breaches. So, keep reading to learn about the best VPNs for developers.

There is a lot of responsibility on developers to protect client data and keep their activity safe. But unfortunately, many hackers manage to hack the location and transfer data with technological advancement.

And a developer needs to check competitors’ status while masking their location. All these can be done with powerful and best VPNs.

So, save time and opt for the best VPNs of 2021 here https://www.vpnpro.net/. It has all the best secure VPNs ranked according to features like speed, locations, and malware blocking. So, check each thoroughly according to the compatibility of your device and choose the one which serves you best.

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So, now let’s check out some best VPNs for developers

1. SurfShark

One of the epitomes in the world of VPNs, it is one of the best choices for developers. It masks your identity at all costs, as it is compelling. With 500+ servers, it covers 50+ countries. You can connect multiple devices with one account.

The speed of all the devices will be the same, and it’s excellent for the developers for multi-tasking. It’s a very affordable and reliable option for developers.

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2. NordVPN

NordVPN is one of the most secure VPN services. It keeps you anonymous, so nobody can see what websites you’re visiting. But it also keeps the websites’ owners from tracking you with cookies and other things that would aid them in getting ads for products directly to your screen.

Nowadays, it is prevalent that people use their computers for more than just entertainment. Many use laptops for their businesses, so NordVPN is a significant investment. If you have confidential files on your computer or use a laptop for your job and access company emails or databases from unsecured networks, you need to use a VPN such as NordVPN.

The NordVPN is extensive, with 5000+ servers in 62 countries. The downloading, streaming, uploading, and browsing speed is pretty great. It’s very user-friendly with all-time customer support.

The developer must ensure and explore network security protections and the right VPN. So, the security of NordVPN is unmatchable. NordVPN uses the best protocols in the industry: IKEv2/IPSec and OpenVPN.

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3. Express VPN

It’s a great name in the world of VPNs and is suitable for developers. The British Virgin Islands is the best place to have a VPN. The coverage is 2000+ servers in 94 countries. Express VPN is an excellent VPN for the price.

It’s a swift and stable app, which you’ll find out quickly as you go through the app. It comes with a kill switch, which means the app will automatically reconnect if your device loses connection with the VPN.

It has an extensive server network spread worldwide, allowing you to bypass censorship in many countries. It also has apps for both iOS and Android. Moreover, it is also available for other operating systems like Linux, Mac, and Windows and has excellent customer support.

The only downside of getting this VPN is its cost. Compared to NORD and SurfShark, Express VPN is too costly. But the price will not be a big issue if you love its interface and features.

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4. Hotspot Shield VPN

Hotspot Shield VPN is a free Mac, Windows, and Android app. You can also use it on iOS devices if they have been jailbroken, and it is available as a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox users.

Its main aim is to offer security and freedom to internet surfing and browsing. The application secures and encrypts online data by creating an encrypted tunnel between the Hotspot Shield servers and users’ devices.

Users can enjoy unrestricted access to content from any location while keeping their IP address, identity, and location private when surfing the internet. Hotspot Shield VPN is free for money but paid plans for premium features.

It has both free and paid subscriptions. The paid one, of course, has the best features. However, you get limited bandwidth, ads, and connection to a single device while using the free one.

On the other hand, the premium one is an absolute delight with all the features. It covers 25000+ servers in 25 countries.

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5. Private VPN

It offers servers in 63 countries and a fantastic 30-day trial period. There are no user logs or data leaks. It’s one of the safest and most trusted VPN services. A customer-friendly high-speed VPN with a simple user face can be best for budding developers.

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Let’s Wrap it

The demand for developers is flourishing, and such a talented task requires security. Moreover, many budding developers are taking e-courses for programming to sharpen their skillset. So, opt for the best VPN service according to your needs and protect yourself at all costs.

The right VPN will protect your data from hackers, let you hide your identity for operations, and ensure hassle-free development. So, it’s a must-have option for developers from a privacy and security point of view.