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Best Virtual SIM Card Plans for USA

Discover the top virtual SIM card plans for the USA, offering convenience and flexibility for your communication needs. Stay connected hassle-free!

New technologies allow us to develop different areas of our daily lives, so in travel, changes can make life easier for even the most biased and demanding tourist.

One such technology is a virtual SIM card, which allows everyone to connect a virtual number in almost any country.

And suppose you are planning a trip to the United States of America. In that case, this article will help you understand what a virtual SIM card is, its advantages and disadvantages, and which tariffs to choose for traveling to the United States of America.

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What is a virtual SIM card?

Let’s start by understanding what a virtual SIM card is, how it works, and how it fundamentally differs from a physical SIM card. eSIM or virtual SIM card is a chip soldered directly into the device’s motherboard.

best virtual sim card plans for usa

It can be found in the phone and other gadgets, such as tablets or smartwatches. This chip is analogous to the usual SIM cards but is not taken out of the device, unlike the usual SIM card.

With eSIM, you can use all services of mobile operators without restrictions and connect phone numbers of different countries. For example, you do not need a plastic carrier for a USA phone number.

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How does a virtual SIM card work?

eSIM works on the principle of a storage device: it stores data about phone numbers, operators, and tariffs. Up to five SIM cards can be stored at the same time.

The convenience is that you can quickly use the desired number, switching from one number to another. There is no additional charge if you have already issued a virtual SIM card.

In turn, a physical SIM card is a carrier of only one number, and to connect a new number, you need to take out the current SIM card and insert a new card.

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What are the advantages of virtual SIM cards?

1. Convenient obtaining and canceling the use of SIM cards. With a physical SIM card, you would have to go to the office of the mobile operator, sign a contract, and choose a tariff there.

This takes valuable time, and with a virtual card, you can pick, purchase, and connect the SIM card you need in any country without leaving home. Also, you do not need to connect anything additional.

2. You can purchase several numbers at the same time. In the case of a physical sim card, you can buy only one sim card with one number; to change the number, you need to buy and change the sim card on your device.

You can buy up to five virtual numbers with a virtual SIM card. Your numbers remain in the system and can be activated by you at any convenient moment.

3. Phone numbers of different countries. For travelers, a virtual SIM card is a real boon because it allows you to save money on roaming time to search and buy a local SIM card when you arrive in a new country.

With a virtual SIM card, you can connect to several other countries in a few seconds and control all your expenses, tariffs, and enabled features in the application.

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4. Virtual card security. You probably haven’t reset the PIN on a physical SIM card. This means that scammers with your SIM card can access any accounts tied to that number.

In the case of eSIM, everything is more straightforward: it is embedded in the smartphone, so it is protected by a system password, which the user sets.

In addition, such a SIM card will not be lost, forgotten, broken, or taken out of the device.

Such an exciting and multifunctional technology as a virtual SIM card, of course, has its disadvantages. Here they are:

  • Virtual SIM technology is not widespread, so not all smartphones have this feature. Check in advance if your phone has a chip.
  • If your phone breaks or you lose it, the data from the eSIM will also be lost.
  • The contract for virtual number connection services is executed remotely with the help of biometrics, so users against collecting such data will not like eSIM.

When planning a trip, sometimes it is difficult to decide which application or company to choose that tests a virtual phone number.

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Best apps for connecting eSIM and a US virtual number

best apps for connecting esim and a us virtual number

For your convenience, we have prepared a list of the best applications for connecting eSIM and buying a US virtual number.

1. eSIM Plus

This eSIM card is very versatile. You can activate a separate US number and Worldwide eSIM with full validity. This SIM card can be used in 133 countries of the world.

If we talk only about the virtual sim card for the USA, its connection cost is $45 for 5 GB of included mobile internet with unlimited validity.

2. Airalo

This app connects virtual SIM cards for more than 100 countries and is very popular among travelers. In the app, you can find different variations of tariffs for the US, valid for 7 to 30 days, and their cost ranges from $4 to $42.

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3. Yesim

Also, one of the popular apps for connecting a virtual number for the US. The prices of the tariffs also differ depending on the desired features.

For example, a sim card for 5 days of use with 3 GB of data will cost you $8. This is the cheapest tariff. The most expensive tariff includes 15 days of using the number with unlimited data; this package costs $35.

Thus, a virtual card is a new technology that allows users to connect new numbers from different countries and stay in touch almost anywhere.

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Virtual cards are available, including for connection in the USA. To connect a virtual number to the USA, you need to download the application, choose the tariff you are interested in, pay for its action, and then complete the settings of your smartphone.

The choice of applications is enormous, so you can choose the company that better suits your request based on your plans to visit the United States of America.

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