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5 Best Virtual Midi Keyboards

Here we have compiled a list of 5 best virtual MIDI keyboards. Use these tools to play various musical instruments and MIDIs.

Are you aware of the meaning of Virtual Midi Keyboards? It is generally a MIDI event generator and receiver device. It is not possible to create any sound by itself.

At the same time, individuals can use it to drive the MISI synthesizer in hardware or software terms and even internally and externally. You can use the system keyboard to play MIDI notes and the mouse.

Individuals can play several musical instruments with such software directly on their computers. You can find this software to be focused mainly on Piano.

It consists of many MIDIs and control programs. There are plenty of practical applications that are helpful for the users to grab the knowledge and learn about the musical instruments to practice their tunes.

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5 Best Virtual Midi Keyboards

You can find recording features in the following programs, with which you are free to record your tunes while playing the instrument.

Once completed, you can easily export the recording to your local computer as an audio file.

1. Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard (VMPK)

virtual midi piano keyboard

It is free cross-platform software compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems. The users can generate MISI notes with the help of this keyboard, which is based on Qt and Drumstick.

In this keyboard, you will notice that all the keys are projected to the alphabetic keys of a system keyboard. This is beneficial for you to configure the same per your requirements and convenience.


1. The keyboard supports touch devices.

2. The users can position the number of keys for the octaves.

3. This keyboard consists of In and Out MIDI ports. Therefore, you can use it to work with actual hardware.

Get this virtual midi keyboard software here.

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2. Everyone Piano

everyone piano

One of the advanced virtual midi keyboards is Everyone Piano. This keyboard utilized the system keyboard for Piano keys. Despite having its piano keyboard, which visualizes all the input keys.

This keyboard supports key mapping. For more information, please go through the website. There are several plugins that you can download as per your interest.

Also, you can download the themes, which can help you customize the appearance and looks of the keyboard.


1. The complete notes are stated on the keys and color-coded to work with both hands.

2. The users can work with this keyboard with their single and both hands for playing purposes.

3. You can easily connect any external keyboards for input purposes. Also, it will help control the complete settings in this program.

Get this virtual midi keyboard software here.

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3. Free Piano

free piano - virtual midi keyboards

Another open-source software is known as Free Piano. This software is available for Windows users. If you need to know about its user interface, it is the same as Everyone Piano.

The users can use this keyboard with the help of their computer keyboard and the Piano keys, which are displayed on the interface.


1. This keyboard works well with VSTi. This is good to hear, as you don’t need to install any virtual MIDI program.

2. Free Piano supports different audio outputs, for example, DirectSound, WASAPI, and ASIO.

3. The users are free to address the hotkeys. This will be beneficial for switching between different options and keyboard layout variations quickly.

4. You will be getting a built-in recorder with this keyboard. This will be beneficial for recording your tunes and then exporting the same into an MP4 file format.

Get this virtual midi keyboard software here.

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4. MIDI Piano

midi piano

Another free keyboard software is MIDI Piano. This is easy software that anyone can understand.


1. The users can create a sequence of Piano notes with this keyboard, consisting of a Piano roll feature. You can edit the created sequence without any problem.

2. The individuals can find a scrollable bar from which they can easily switch the octaves without trouble.

3. Easy to configure the hotkeys so that you can switch different settings and specifications of this keyboard,

4. You can record your tune with this keyboard, while the only demerit is that no export feature is available.

Get this virtual midi keyboard software here.

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5. Piano Time by Revel Software

piano time

The users need a dedicated environment for experimenting and playing with piano parts. They can choose this Piano time by Revel Software, which is utterly suitable for your choice. This is based on Windows, which consists of 36 onscreen keys.


1. It contains selectable octaves.

2. Plenty of features like a metronome and unlimited options to record the tunes and playback. The recordings are stored in MP3 file format.

3. The users are free to customize the appearance and looks of the application.

Get this virtual midi keyboard software here.

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Wrapping Up

Here, we have shared a list of the 5 best virtual MIDI keyboards. You can use any of these virtual MIDI keyboard software for Windows to play with many musical instruments, sounds, and MIDIs. My favorite tools from this list are VMPK and Everyone Piano.

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