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10 Best Video Transcription Software

Discover the top 10 best video transcription software tools for accurate and efficient transcription. Streamline your workflow and save time. Read more.

Video and audio content are becoming more common and convenient on most platforms. Businesses, content creators, and marketers need an efficient video transcription tool to convert these content pieces into readable documents.

Listening to your videos and typing everything down is a waste of time. Fortunately, video transcription software promotes efficiency while converting visual and audio content into more searchable and accessible written formats.

Then, how do you choose the best one? This guide breaks down the ten best video transcription software to help you.

Let’s check it out.

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What to Think When Choosing the Video Transcription Software

It’s important to know what you’re looking for, so here are the essential factors you need to know:

  • Transcription Accuracy—the most critical factor is transcription accuracy
  • Turnaround Time—the smaller the file size, the faster the turnaround time
  • Usability—minimizes errors or misunderstandings, leading to more accurate and reliable transcriptions
  • Security—prevent data breaches and theft
  • Integrations with Third-Party Tools—increase productivity and efficiency
  • Pricing—impacts the overall cost-effectiveness and budget allocation
  • Customer Service—impacts user satisfaction, support, and problem resolution

10 Best Video Transcription Software: An In-Depth Review

Now, it’s time for the central part. Here are our top ten picks of the best video transcription software to transcribe audio or video.

1. Notta

Best web app to transcribe and translate videos

notta - video transcript software

Notta is one of the best transcription tools for your business. It allows real-time transcription and translation, ideal for sales meetings and company calls. Moreover, you can also transcribe and translate downloaded recordings or video links.

Notta supports more than 100 languages; your video transcripts will be done in just a few minutes. You can download its app version on Android or iOS, which has a web-based version. Besides, Notta also features a Chrome extension, making integrating this transcription tool with other websites easier.

Regarding integration, Notta allows seamless collaboration with major web conferencing apps, including Google Meet, MS Team, and Zoom.

It also guarantees data privacy and security, ensuring you won’t suffer from data breaches, theft, or any scam that can lead to data loss.

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2. Airgram

Best for business meetings with its easy-to-use interface


Airgram is an AI-powered assistant that can record high-quality online meeting videos and generate a real-time transcript.

Meeting recordings are beneficial for keeping a permanent record for future reference. You can revisit the recording anytime and quickly scan it with timestamps.

Its automatically live transcription makes users worry less about taking notes and engage more in conversations. Apart from live meeting transcription, you can also upload the recorded videos to Airgram and get a transcript quickly.

Moreover, all meeting recordings and notes are kept in the workspace as a searchable knowledge base for the entire team, making onboarding new hires and sales coaching much easier.

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3. Happy Scribe

Best for Large File Uploads

happy scribe - video to text transcription software

Happy Scribe is known for its human-based and automatic transcription services. Supporting more than 60 languages guarantees a 24-hour turnaround time for video transcriptions.

You can use its built-in interactive text editor to change and replace wrong words. Happy Scribe also features a timestamp and the ability to identify speakers.

Moreover, HappyScribe integrates with various platforms and tools, such as YouTube, Vimeo, and Dropbox, allowing seamless collaboration and workflow integration.

This platform offers a user-friendly interface, making it accessible to beginners and experienced users.

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4. Descript

Best for Team Collaboration

descript video transcription software

Descript specializes in offering human-powered and automatic transcription at 95% accuracy. It is cloud-based and ensures ease of use with its highly intuitive interface and user-friendly dashboard.

Descript features a screen recorder, a podcast editor, and a video editor for transcription services.

Its collaboration features allow seamless sharing with teammates. Once the transcription is finished, it can generate a shareable web link that you can send to your team members.

Speaker Identification allows users to add speaker labels automatically. And the convenience of syncing all your video projects in the cloud ensures better accessibility, regardless of where your collaborators are.

A potential downside of this platform is that it does not offer mobile app versions.

5. Sonix

Best for editing automated transcriptions

sonix pricing

Sonix is another reputable video transcription software supporting more than 40 languages. It allows AI-powered captions and subtitles with its pay-as-you-go transcription service.

Because of its user-friendly interface, it’s convenient for beginners and companies not used to tech-savvy tools or software for audio and video transcriptions.

Like Happy Scribe, Sonix also comes with a built-in, easy-to-use editor, allowing you to adjust or tweak transcript errors to guarantee accuracy in every output.

An impressive capability of it is to merge video tracks and multiple audio files, generating a consolidated transcript from these sources. This can enhance its versatility and ease of use for many users.

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6. Otter

Best for Video Transcriptions in Meetings

otter video transcription online tool

Otter is a reputable video transcription software for meetings, especially virtual ones held through Google Meet and Zoom. This platform provides accurate note transcription and translation, ideal for individuals and small enterprises.

Otter offers real-time annotation, playback speed control, data security, file export, and more. It has a downloadable desktop app and a mobile version, making it convenient and efficient for smartphone transcribing videos.

After the real-time transcription process, the document becomes a searchable text format, where you can quickly type in specific keywords and skip the recording’s silences.

Additionally, the Ambient Voice Intelligence technology makes Otter’s accuracy more powerful. This ensures that it can learn context-based language and recognize speaking voices.

7. GoTranscript

Best for Affordable Human-Based Video Transcription

gotranscript - video transcription service

GoTranscript offers the most reasonable and competitive rates in this list. It provides video and audio transcriptions for only $0.77 per minute.

This platform allows you to upload your video files directly or past the video’s URL and ensures all video transcripts undergo a 4-step verification process to ensure accuracy and precision. And because it accomplishes human-generated transcriptions, all documents are correctly proofread and reviewed before export.

GoTranscript emphasizes data security and ensures that all files and information users provide are protected. Apart from transcriptions, GoTranscript offers subtitle services, allowing users to add captions to their videos for accessibility and broader audience reach.

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8. InqScribe

Best for simple video transcription

inqscribe - transcribe videos

InqScribe is a video transcription software available for download on Mac and Windows. It supports audio and video formats and uploaded files from your flash drive, hard drive, CD, or URL.

The best feature of InqScribe is its foot pedal control, allowing better accessibility and media playback. Moreover, Inqscribe’s highly intuitive interface is also remarkable. Users can choose between mouse-free transcription through their keyboard or USB foot pedal.

Additionally, Inqscribe provides a knowledge base tailored explicitly for beginners, ensuring that your audio and video transcription requirements are met with ease and convenience.

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9. Trint

Best for iOS Users

trint - audio and video transcription

Trint is an AI-generated video transcription software that leverages innovative tools to distinguish human audio. It supports more than 30 languages, so video transcripts can easily be understood by your team members worldwide.

Trint is best for iOS users because it allows seamless synchronization between iOS devices and MacOS.

Trint allows users to effortlessly edit and search for specific keywords within the transcripts.

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10. Express Scribe

Best for Fast Transcript Turnaround Time

express scribe

Express Scribe works with the most common audio and video file formats, including MP3, WAV, DCT, WMA, MP4, and more, giving you accuracy and fast turnaround time with its software version.

It can also generate transcripts from digital and analog voice recorders. Express Scribe allows users to establish file automation and send completed transcripts to their business leaders to improve efficiency.

Plug-ins, including Express Invoice Invoicing and FastFox Text Expander, are also offered to speed up the transcription process.

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Making the right choice

The video transcription software is a remarkable innovation that quickly converts speech, dictation, or audio files into text and provides video subtitles. It finds applications in various industries like healthcare, media, and academics.

The above ten types of video transcription software have different features and functions, and you can choose the most suitable for you to use.

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