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15 Best Text To Speech Reader Websites

Here we have compiled a list of 15 best text to speech reader websites and tools. Use them to generate audio files (MP3) from text.

Here, we have compiled a list of the 15 best text-to-speech reader websites. TTS tools (Text-to-speech) are trending apps today. You will come across many TTS tools when searching on Google.

These types of tools are available in both paid and free versions. Hundreds of websites allow users to use the tools free of cost.

So, if you want to convert your Word document file into MP3 format, you may have to use one of these apps.

The best part is that you can convert over 6000+ words into an MP3 format, even in free versions. So, don’t forget to read this article till the very end 🙂

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15 Best Text-to-Speech Reader Websites

So if you have any project, including story-telling, documentary, or conference briefing, you can instantly get the text converted into speed directly within a few minutes.

This blog will review 15 lists of text-to-speech reader tools online. You can now use the tools by visiting the official websites.

1. Text To Speech (TTS)

texttospeech - best text to speech reader

Text-to-speech is the right option if you are looking for a free tool. The main advantage of using TTS is that it offers users different features. One of the most prominent features is that it supports over 40 other languages, such as Dutch, Finnish, Telugu, etc.

Users can also select over four different voice types for the same language. Other features include volume control and playback. The best part is that it lets you download the synthesized text as an MP3 file.

To use this, visit the website using the link below, specify the message, and select the voice type you want to generate. Finally, click the SPEAK button to generate audio from text and click the Download icon.

Use this website.

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2. Natural Reader

natural reader - best text to speech program

Natural Reader is a browser tool. This means that users can access this tool from the web browser. You have to stay connected to the internet to use this tool. The in-browser tool is also free to use for users.

Users can use toggle features to adjust to the fonts. You can also select MP3 formats in seven different languages. For IT professionals, this is the best tool. The free version may offer some restrictions to the users.

This tool is best if you cannot convert over 20 voices daily. You can also use the website in English and Swedish languages.

Use this website.

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3. Free TTS

free tts - best free text to speech website

Free TTS is one of the best free tools available. It offers convenience to over 5000 characters for free. In one week, the users will convert a maximum of 6000 characters weekly if they still use the free version.

This certainly is the right tool if you have little work to be done every week. The tool also supports over 25 languages. The simple selection option allows you to convert Text to speech in different languages.

Use this website.

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4. Text-to-speech Tool

free tts tool

The free tool will offer voice selection features from Amazon and Microsoft. This means that You can trust the quality of the tool. You also have the benefit of using over 18 different language choices.

If you select Microsoft, you will use over 12 languages, while Amazon offers six other languages.

You will also use other features like downloading MP3 format, pitch, and rate settings to convert the text into speech.

Use this website.

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5. TTS Reader


TTS Reader is the right tool to read the E-book or the PDF format tiles. You can use it with different Text file formats. It lets you make the selections from an easy-to-use drop-down menu box.

The transcript is done within a few minutes. You may not have to wait for the MP3 format to download. You can also save the MP3 format file on your system. Users can use the tool for free.

You can also enable the auto-save options. Another great feature is that the users can use over 40 selected languages.

The tool is mainly web browser-based but can be customized. Once you have your login ID, you will use the reader at your convenience.

Use this website.

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6. Naturaltts

natural tts - best text to speech reader

Naturaltts is one of the most reliable text-to-speech tools. It supports over 61 types of voices. You may not have to make any payments to start using the website. You can directly use it from any web browser.

The free version will allow users to save over ten recordings simultaneously so that you can perform multiple texts to speech recording sessions at a time. The only limitation is that users can use five different language settings.

Use this website.

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7. iSpeech

ispeech - best free online text to speech reader

iSpeech is another free text-to-speech reader. It is available for anyone to use. This tool’s most important feature is to toggle between female and male voices. You can also adjust the pitch of the voice. You can make it robotic or stilted.

You can adjust the voice playback to three different speed levels as well. The software is highly advanced but may not be customized per your requirements.

Use this website.

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8. Text To Mp3

text to mp3

This certainly is one of the most reliable text-to-speech reader tools. It is more reliable than other similar tools available online. The only drawback is that the free version will limit your usage to 300 words. You can still convert to multiple languages.

The tool will also not create an automated MP3 format. The users will have to perform this action on their own. Not many voice selections are also available.

Use this website.

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tts mp3

If you are using TTSMP3, you can use MP3 and online formats. The translation is so effective that users may not distinguish between human and computer-generated voices.

The tool is also much faster than others online. You can use the web browser version. The best benefit is that you can still convert over 20 different languages. You can also select US or UK accents in the English language.

The software will also offer the convenience of converting the text into Indian English. The playback option is still lacking here.

Use this website.

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10. Text 2 Speech


Text 2 Speech is the best option if you are looking for a multi-lingual text-to-speech tool. You can select over six tones. The website will also allow the users to adjust the speed of the MP3 format playback.

Users may still not download or save the MP3 format when using it. The tool is only available online for users. It will allow users to convert over 4000 characters.

Use this website.

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11. Linguatec Voice Reader

linguatec voice recorder

This is a widely used tool. It is considered one of the best speech apps. The main feature of this app is that it supports over 67 voices. Users can also choose different languages. When you use this tool, you will discover that it is faster.

It converts all types of Text files into a speech format. The users will use the same app on laptops and mobile devices.

Use this tool.

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12. Capti Personal

capti personal

Capti Personal is a free tool, but you can also use the premium features. It is one of the best tools for educational purposes. Users can make use of the Cloud server. This means that you can store everything in the cloud.

You may not need to save the MP3 format on your system. It is mainly used online. You may have to take the licensed software to use all its features.

Use this website.

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13. Balabolka

balabolka - best text to speech software

The main advantage of using Balabolka is that it is available for download. The website
also offers excellent features as compared to others. It is a free text-to-speech reader tool.

You can choose the audio files you want to convert to. You also can select multiple voice formats for the same file.

You can use the same tool for different text file formats like Doc, HTML, and PDF. The website is easy to use, and not many complex settings are required before use.

Use this software.

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14. Panopreter basic

panopreter - text to speech software for windows

Panopreter is one of the speech tools that are easy to use. The software is designed to allow users to convert text to MP3 formats.

You can also make use of different input file formats. You can make the selection from the drop-down menu box.

Users will also be able to export MP3 and WAV file formats. You can customize most of the features of the tool.

Use this software.

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15. Wordtalk


Wordtalk is one of the tools that will easily integrate with Microsoft. This means that you will use the tool on an iOS device. It is available for free. The toolbar of the software offers different features.

One of the best advantages of the Text-to-Speech reader tool is converting text files into MP3 formats. You can listen to the text instead of reading it. The software will help you to improve your reading skills as well.

You will find a lot of educational institutions making use of these tools. For a business as well, the tools are handy. You can use them when conducting your multi-lingual business meetings.

Use this website.

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In this blog, you explored the 15 best text-to-speech reader websites and tools. You can use any of these tools to generate audio files from text. You must choose the voice type, accent, and other settings, such as speed, pitch, etc., to generate audio from your specified message.

My favorite text-to-speech readers from this list are Text to Speech, Natural Reader, and WordTalk. If we missed any popular tool, write to us at [email protected] to add it to this list.

Also, please don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to receive such articles straight to your inbox.

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