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6 Best Text To Braille Converter Software For Windows

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Braille, a tactile reading and writing system, is named after Louis Braille, its inventor, and creator. It was created for people who are visually impaired and blind. Blind people can read Braille text by touching the Braille letters on the paper.

But how do you translate any text or text from some document to Braille? Let’s find out how to do it in this article with the help of software.

We will refer to free software that lets you convert text and other files into Braille using Windows. Let’s see what these free programs are.

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How do Braille Translators work?

Braille translators are available to assist people with vision impairments who have difficulty performing essential tasks.

Braille translators allow blind people to translate text into Braille code. The information is then sent to a Braille embosser who creates a Braille hard copy.

6 Best Text To Braille Converter Software For Windows

Many text-to-Braille converter software comes with quite an expensive price tag.

Luckily, some software is available for free. Below is a list of some of the best free software you can download and use to convert your text in Braille.

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1. Braille 2000

braille 2000

Braille 2000 is an innovative tool used by blind transcribers to create and edit braille files in Braille. Braille 2000 is completely Internet-aware.

It can be used at the Braille production center, at school, by any student who is blind, or by another transcriber simply with a click of a mouse. Braille 2000 can write and read.

ABT types of files and is compatible with ED-IT PC. Braille 2000 and its technology can be XML-aware. You can write, read and translate XML files and print text in Braille from those XML files.

Braille 2000 is the only tool known to read contracted braille files. Because it is intimately familiar with the structure of braille documents, the software is helpful for blinds in a way that no braille converter software can do for windows devices.

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2. Duxbury Braille Translation software

duxbury braille translation software

Duxbury Braille Translator Software can translate written text into Braille and vice versa. Duxbury software offers formatting and translation services for converting Braille information to print.

Word processing services are also available for Braille and print. It can import Microsoft Word documents and translate them into Braille.

The software can be used with Trident Embosser to create Braille hardcopy documents. The Duxbury Braille Translator works with Windows versions 7,8, 2000, XP, and Vista.

This software is suitable for blind individuals who need electronic and hardcopy documents.

Braille translation software uses interline printing for translations. The printed text is on one line, and the braille script is printed on another. This allows the sighted person to see what is being typed on the page.

The Duxbury Braille Translator has Grade 1 and Grade 2 math code and science code to allow computer Braille translation. It also includes a feature that will enable users to add tactile graphics.

The bidirectional translation is the essential feature of this software. This allows users to either print Braille to print or print to Braille. Duxbury Braille Translator has a spell-check dictionary that contains 300,000 words.

It also features a Quick find misspelling feature that finds spelling errors and corrects them quickly. The Duxbury Braille Translation software requires 100 megabytes of hard disk space.

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3. Euler

euler braille software for windows

Euler allows you to open text files in many formats and convert them into Braille. The converted documents can be viewed on a Braille display or embossed using a braille embosser.

The program allows users to customize nearly every aspect of braille documents while making it simple.

Euler supports these print formats doc, Docx, RTF, Html, pdf, xls, xlsx, txt, etc. Euler allows you to convert text documents from multiple formats into Braille and emboss braille documents using Index Braille embossers.

Text documents can be edited before translation, and translated braille text can be read on any braille display.

You can customize the translation process with user-friendly dialog boxes. It can handle multilingual documents and edit braille text using a simulated keyboard.

Euler can translate essential document elements, such as page numbers, table of contents, headers and footers, endnotes, list entries, and tables into Braille.

It can also convert images to tactile format. You can also use all program features in conjunction with your screen reader.

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4. Kurzweil 1000 Braille

kurzweil 1000 braille

Kurzweil 1000 Braille Translation software for Windows can read text aloud using a variety of natural-sounding voices. Individual preferences can be adjusted to make it more natural.

It also allows users to create and edit documents and learn to summarize, outline, and note-taking skills.

Kurzweil 1000 Braille Translation software is simple yet powerful and flexible enough for advanced users. It offers a wide range of valuable features that allow users to save time and achieve independence, whether at home, school, or work.

This software allows users to quickly access a wide range of information, including magazines, online books, and encyclopedias.

You can read anywhere you like by sending files to Braille note-takers, embossers, and portable devices like DAISY or MP3 audio players. It supports Microsoft Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, or XP devices.

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5. Change Alphabet

change alphabet

Change Alphabet is another free text-to-braille converter app by Windows. It will output Braille text as you type.

This Windows app is excellent for those who want to learn or check the Braille translation of a custom text. This app is also helpful if you have a Braille code to examine the text.

This text to Braille converter Windows app’s best feature is the ability to save the output as an Image file. You can later share the image with others or use it yourself.

Using the Change Alphabet, you can check Braille output for any text by simply opening the user-friendly interface.

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6. Braille Maker

braille maker

Braille Maker is a Braille Translation Software for Windows. Braille Maker allows users to quickly and efficiently translate word-processed documents into grade one and two English Braille.

Braille Maker will enable you to print to any embosser. It also supports page numbers and headers in Microsoft Word documents. Braille Maker’s standard version does not require extensive computer knowledge or experience.

Braille Maker also comes in a professional edition. The professional version includes all the Braille Maker features and multiple translation languages. These languages include Irish, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Catalan, Welsh, and Castillian.

Braille Maker Professional allows Braille users to learn Braille as they go. Braille rules are gradually introduced and can be modified to suit the level of Braille proficiency.

Braille Maker requires 10Mb of disk space and supports devices with Microsoft Windows 7, 98, 2000, Professional, or XP.

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A sighted person can easily imagine it’s challenging to use a computer for a visually impaired or blind person. Close your eyes and instantly notice that text processing is difficult – or impossible – without any additional software.

Many software programs can make it easier and more enjoyable for visually impaired people to use a computer. In this post, we have discussed a few Text to Braille converter software that you can use to translate Text to Braille on a Windows device.

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