10 Best Tattoo Apps of All Time

The last two decades have been full of massive changes in trends and fashion. One of these trends that went through the rooftop is getting tattooed. Today, the world has millions of people with tattoos and some highly skilled tattoo artists.

The craze for tattoos is one of the long runs, and tattoos are certainly one of the most fashionable art forms.

In this article, we present some of the best tattooing applications you can install on your phone to design your tattoo ideas, interact with the community, learn about tattoo designing, find the right tattoo for yourself, find tattoo shops and artists around you, etc. So without any further ado, let’s begin.

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10 Best Tattoo Apps of All Time

This section will review some feature-packed tattooing applications we handpicked for you. These applications will surely appeal to you if you’re a tattoo enthusiast. Let’s get started:

1. Inksquad

inksquad - best tattoo apps of all time

Aside from this app’s super cool name, the job it does is dope. You can use Inksquad to do a lot of things. Inksquad allows you to browse through thousands of tattoo designs incorporated in the app from across the globe for almost every body part.

You have several search filters to narrow the search results to tattoo designs that suit your tastes perfectly. Inksquad provides a space for the tattoo community to interact; you can find fellow tattoo lovers & artists and communicate with them. You can find your favorite tattoo designs and even book an appointment with a tattoo artist of your choice using Inksquad.

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2. InkHunter


Available for both Android and IOS devices, InkHunter is an entertaining tattoo design app where you can virtually design a tattoo on your body in simple steps. The app lets you select any tattoo design and displays how it would look on your body.

You could save the tattoo designs that you like in your phone’s gallery, import them to InkHunter, and find out how they would look on you if you had them in reality. You can also save these virtual tattoos on your body as images. Overall, InkHunter is an entertaining app that can help you decide whether or not a tattoo would suit you.

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3. Tattoo Designs

tattoo designs

Designed with beginners in mind, Tattoo Designs is your stop if you’re looking for an app home to hundreds and thousands of tattoo designs and ideas. As the name suggests, Tattoo Designs has a massive tattoo design and ideas collection you can browse through.

Moreover, the app has categorized its tattoo design collection under several categories, so you’ll have minimal trouble finding a tattoo of your choice. New designs and ideas keep flooding in with every update, and you can also use this app to find tattoo shops around you. It is only available for Android as of now.

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4. Tattoodo


Tattoodo is considered the world’s most prominent digital tattoo community, and this app’s features justify that quite well. The app is similar to social media applications in a lot of ways. The only difference is that it is for tattoo enthusiasts worldwide.

It is home to some of the most talented tattoo artists globally, and you can connect with them as quickly as you’d connect with your friends on any other social media application. Apart from that, Tattoodo also provides you access to thousands of creative and unique tattoo ideas that are sorted out in their respective categories. You can also make a collection of your own.

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5. Skin Motion

skin motion tattoo app

Skin Motion is a unique application in this list. What makes Skin Motion so unique is the fact that it can play music off of a tattoo! Yes, that’s right. Skin Motion lets you select an audio clip that could be a song, a voicemail, or anything audible and convert it into a soundwave tattoo.

You can later use the Skin Motion app to scan that soundwave tattoo, and the app will play that part of the audio you selected while designing the tattoo. Skin Motion is a great app to explore tattoos in an entirely new light and surprise your friends and loved ones with its unique perk.

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6. Tattoo Maker

tattoo maker

Tattoo Maker provides you with many options to find out how exactly a tattoo would look on you. It is a simple application that lets you apply tattoo designs or blueprints on any part of your body on your phone, giving you an idea of how that tattoo would look on you if you decide to get it done on that body part.

You also get options for customizing your tattoos. You can click the photo of your body or select it from the gallery, apply a tattoo design from either in-app or from your gallery and check if that design looks good or not. Tattoo Maker is only available for Android devices as of now.

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7. Tattoo Fonts

tattoo fonts

Tattoo Fonts is home to some of the most brilliant and exclusive tattoo designs and ideas you can find. It has a very vast library where thousands of tattoo designs are stored in a well-categorized manner.

Some may not like the missing search option in this app, but the app makes up for it via its massive list of categories. You wouldn’t have trouble finding tattoo designs of your choice in Tattoo Fonts. On top of that, you can also look up all available tattoo studios around your area and how to contact them.

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8. Tattoo My Photo

tattoo my photo

Tattoo My Photo is a super fun application where you can edit pre-designed tattoos on your photos and share them with your friends & family through social media.

There is a wide variety of available tattoo designs. Apart from that, you also get the option of altering their size and opacity, and you can also change the exposure of your photos.

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9. 5000+ Tattoo Designs and Ideas

Tattoo Designs and Ideas

As the name suggests, this app is your answer if you’re looking ready to scroll through thousands of dope tattoo designs to find the perfect one for you. You can also sketch your tattoo ideas, save them, and share them with your friends.

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10. Japanese Tattoo Designs

Japanese Tattoo Designs

Who doesn’t like tattoos of badass Japanese Samurais, their sleek and lethal swords, or just Japanese text in general?

The culture of Japan has given rise to some of the most incredible tattoo ideas, and Japanese Tattoo Designs is the app that will tell us more about it. It is a gallery full of tattoo designs inspired by Japan and its rich culture, and you can also use it to inspire potential tattoo ideas.

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Wrapping Up

Tattoos tell stories and are brilliant art forms. In this article, we went over several tattoo applications we can rely on in case we need to find a tattoo design for ourselves, take references, connect with tattoo artists or find a tattoo studio nearby. Some apps are home to many tattoo ideas and can even be used to book appointments.

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