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11 Beneficial Subscription-Based Apps for Students

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Technology has made everything easier for people. In academics and education, it has brought about significant improvements. More specifically, it has not only found loopholes in older forms of teaching but also provided the best alternative options.

But technology has spread beyond the classroom. With the widespread advancement of mobile and app technology, anyone can receive an excellent education anywhere in the world. But again, mobile and app technology provides more than just education.

Today’s students can access some of the most potent and ground-breaking resources known to humans at a specific price. This article will look closely at some of the most useful subscription-based apps for students.

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But before we jump in, students reading this should know that they can also use online platforms to help with their academics.

For example, with an online Studyfy essay writing service, one can hire experts to get their work done for them. Top student-based platforms like Studyfy offer features like anonymous services, unlimited revisions, timely deliveries, and more.

11 Beneficial Subscription-Based Apps for Students

In no particular order, here are 11 useful subscription-based apps for students.

1. Evernote – Note-Taking & Writing

Evernote is easily one of the most popular note-taking apps out there today. The platform can be used on several platforms in an interconnected way. Subscription plans are available by purchasing personal or professional plans.

Some main paid features include 20 GB monthly uploads, PDF exporting, homepage customization, geographic searching, and more. Evernote also can include audio files and web-based content within the application.

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2. Headspace – Guided Meditation

Today’s academic lifestyle can be highly competitive, fast-paced, and stressful. Getting ahead or even at par with one’s work, study, and play schedules can get tedious. In such cases, making time to take breaks is also problematic.

Headspace is a unique app with stunning visuals and several guided meditations. Headspace’s subscription provides access to all of its audio and visual libraries.

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3. Grammarly – Better & Cleaner Writing

Grammarly has been spending a lot of advertising and marketing in recent times. This is no coincidence because most people who start using their free plans upgrade to the paid one.

The paid plan includes everything in the free plan, plus several other features like plagiarism detection, tone adjustments, fluency, advanced suggestion, and more. Want to write crisply and effectively? Grammarly premium is undoubtedly the way to go!

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4. Brainscape – Education & Learning

This app is rapidly growing in popularity because of its ability to effectively and efficiently educate. Unlike other learning apps, this one employs the use of customizable flashcards.

Users can either create their flashcards or use thousands of cards designed by others. This excellent educational app’s premium plan is $4.99 per month. It includes access to all of their classes, flashcards, and lessons.

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5. Spotify – Music & Podcast Listening

Spotify is another app that has been relentlessly spending on advertising and marketing. Despite the vast competition, this massive name in the digital audio and music industry continues to deliver and turn heads.

Earlier this year, everyone was shocked (but not really) when it was announced that Barcelona’s stadium would be known as Spotify Camp Nou. Spotify premium plans include unlimited and ad-free access to all their top-rated audio, music, and podcast libraries.

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6. Elevate – Brain Training

Students are always advised to upskill themselves in various areas of life. However, this is not always possible because of strenuous study and work schedules. Elevate is a mobile app that provides extravagant learning experiences in a fun, catchy, and intelligent way.

Elevate’s lessons and learning styles are so intuitive that they can adjust to each user. With the premium version, students can access all their whole library to improve their attention, memory, speech, and much more.

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7. Duolingo – Language Learning

Many people who use Duolingo agree that it is one of the best ways of learning languages online. Overall, the app provides lesson plans for over 35 languages worldwide. The lessons are fun and help people learn through listening, speaking, and writing.

At the very least, it’s great for improving one’s vocabulary or grasping a new language. The premium version provides an ad-free experience along with provisions for offline lessons.

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8. Netflix – Movie & TV Show Streaming

Even though there are several video streaming platforms available today, Netflix needs no formal introduction. Even today, Netflix streamers can be found in various corners of the world. In a way, it has also contributed to bringing people from all walks of life together.

So many people today connect over their favorite Netflix shows. Netflix provides various subscription plans according to one’s budget, quality needs, and streaming devices.

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9. YouTube – Audio & Video Based

It’s been a while since people have been relentlessly complaining about the number of ads they encounter on YouTube. However, more recently, people have been ticked off by the offbeat or irrelevant ads they see.

Although YouTube premium can be expensive, students can pitch in as a group of five and subscribe to their family plan. This makes the genuine bargain and streaming experience less expensive and more wholesome.

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10. LinkedIn – Business Networking & Job Searching

LinkedIn is a go-to platform for all those looking for jobs or connecting with others within an industry. But the platform has grown since its initial days and offers much more today.

With its paid subscription plan, students can use LinkedIn tools to operate at expert levels within business communities. LinkedIn has also started with its publishing platform, which has recently drawn a larger audience.

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11. Google Drive – Cloud Storage & Sharing

Today’s digital age enables people to carry their information at all times. But even so, this may not always be possible. Because most devices, including those that offer cloud storage, have limited capacities.

However, unlike electronic devices, one can enjoy expandable memory and storage options with cloud services. Google Drive is one of the best options for its storage facilities. Also, many other students and institutions use Google, making the whole thing much smoother.

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The Bottom Line

The above subscription-based apps should be enough to boost one’s productivity, health, time management, and more. Beyond this, one should look for apps according to one’s personality and tastes.

However, students should also research before subscribing to apps, as buying premium plans can be expensive. Thus, one should always budget their purchases according to their exact needs.

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