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11 Best Stock Market Simulator Apps

Here we have compiled a list of 11 best stock market simulator apps which can help you learn the fundamentals of investing. Learn more here.

Stock market simulator apps are helpful for beginners. Instead of investing money directly, they can use these apps to implement their knowledge and gain experience. Real money has its downsides when one does not have enough to invest.

One can buy safer stocks with little risk appetite to quickly deal with riskier stocks that add value. These apps allow you to invest in the stock market using virtual money. It’s like getting hands-on experience in trading minus the exposure.

11 Best Stock Market Simulator Apps

Here is a list of the 11 best stock market simulator apps where you can learn trading before you enter the real stock market:

1. Investing Game – Forex 4 Beginners

investing game - best stock market simulator apps

It is a simple, straightforward app that lets beginners gain trading experience. It has garnered a lot of appreciation for its beautiful design and for offering beginner knowledge in a simple yet thorough way.

The app uses data from the actual market, allowing users to view real-time market figures. While the users can buy and sell stocks virtually, the application also gives different tips and tricks concerning trading and managing. This app successfully prepares users before they start actual trading with real money.

It also prepares a chart of one’s portfolio with all the necessary information. With the growing popularity of cryptocurrency, this application can also help users learn to trade cryptocurrencies. This app also rewards users who use it well.

Get it from the App Store.

Get it from the Google Play Store.

2. Three Investeers – Stock Market Simulator & School

stock market simulator game

This is the newest and friendliest simulator app for those who want to learn finance and trading.

Unlike many other trading simulators, this Stock Market Simulator has real-time prices for all asset types: stocks, forex, gold, oil, ETFs, crypto, etc. As a result, you’re not limited to the 9:00 – 17:00 market hours but can trade practice trading 24/7.

On top of a great simulator, this trading app stands out with a genuinely effective and engaging interactive trading crash course.

In their school section, you can learn different chart pattern strategies, master when to enter and exit trades, uncover the secrets of candlesticks, discover how much money the pro traders earn, and much more.

At the beginning of this trading game, you receive $500k of game money and hit the market. You can buy, sell, and trade various assets to see how you would do in real life.

To further increase the fun factor, there is a weekly leaderboard where you can compete with other traders. This app even offers real money prizes to the top players occasionally.

Get it from App Store.

Get it from Google Play Store.

3. Best Brokers: Stock Simulator

best brokers - stock simulator app

It is a powerful app for those wanting to try stock trading. First, users are given $25,000, which they can use to trade 50,000 plus real-time stocks.

Further, it allows users to try out funds, bonds, ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds), and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

It features exciting tools like limits and order stops to simulate stock trading. Tracking one’s performance with monthly and weekly charts, including order history, is easier. The free app contains ads, which were removed with in-app purchases.

Get it from App Store.

Get it from Google Play Store.

4. Stock Trainer: Virtual Trading (Stock Markets)

stock trainer app

This app is free. There are no hidden charges or integrated purchases that prevent users from fully enjoying the app. It simulates the stock market environment with real-time data.

As it works on Android devices like mobile phones and tablets, one can practice what it feels like trading in a stock market while on the go.

It is like a game that provides the user with fictitious money and tells them to invest in shares of companies and commodities such as raw materials.

Get it from Google Play Store.

5. Trading Game

trading game

This is considered one of the best apps for learning stock market trading, forex, and Bitcoin trading. It is completely free and contains no ads. It has no hidden subscriptions or integrated purchases.

Once downloaded, one can start using it right away. It’s an excellent app that offers an enriching experience with effective stock market strategies, useful forex trading information, a guide with easy-to-understand illustrations, and tips you can implement quickly.

Get it from Google Play Store.

6. Forex & Stock Market Investing

stocks and forex trading game

Forex & Stock Market Investing is a one-stop choice for those willing to learn more than stock market trading. This app also simulates the crypto market and trades oil, gold, and forex.

The app fetches real-time data from the real stock market, enabling users to pretend to invest in riskier stocks.

It also presents scenarios based on world events, allowing rookie traders to seize opportunities or protect their investments with well-thought-out decisions.

Get it from the Google Play Store.

Get it from the App Store.

7. The Game of Stocks

stock market simulator

This app simulates the US stock market, allowing users to trade stocks on US exchanges. It pulls data from the stock markets and provides $22,000 to start trading.

It allows users to place different orders and trade only after the markets open and until the actual stock markets close.

One has to progress, taking the trial-and-error approach. It wouldn’t prompt you if you make a potentially loss-making decision, exposing you to the ruthless world of stocks and shares trading.

Get it from the Google Play Store.

8. Investing.com

investing stocks and news

It has garnered much appreciation as a stock and financial marketing app. Users can learn about bonds, stocks, rates of volatility, binary options, raw materials or commodities, forex, etc. It analyses the stock market with graphics while considering various national and international events.

Further, the app provides all the breaking news likely to impact the market, encouraging users to make trading decisions considering the surroundings. The information is fetched in real time to buy and sell stocks, just like traders do.

Get it from the Google Play Store.

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9. BUX X

bux x - mobile trading app

It is a straightforward app for people who want to discover the stock market without prior knowledge. It is tailor-made for beginners and can be used to analyze and understand the market.

They can invest in the simulated environment with fictitious money, taking real-time data and information about other factors into account. With more experience, users can switch to real money and start trading in the stock market.

Get it from the Google Play Store.

10. BoneApps: Stock Exchange Game

stock exchange game

BoneApps Stock Exchange enables anybody who wants to gain experience in stock market trading to do so through all the practices that prepare them for real action.

One can get tips and tricks and understand the news and views they should heed to trade successfully in the stock markets.

It creates complex situations to train you to handle the most challenging situations. It helps you to develop sound strategic thinking.

Users can level up with every good performance. They can also play the Stock Exchange game offline and without registering.

Get it from the Google Play Store.

11. Wall Street Magnate

wall street magnate

This app is supported on both iOS and Android platforms. The app is free, and users can use it without paying any hidden charges. It has been designed to simulate the US stock markets.

The user can start immediately with all the relevant and useful features like real-time data and $100,000 in simulated cash. Playing with friends and other fellow players can create a more exciting experience.

Get it from Google Play Store.

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With this list of the 11 best stock market simulator apps, you can pick one that appeals to you the most.

You will likely have a far better entry into stock market trading with some serious effort. While dealing in real stocks that require investment would be a different experience, training yourself with one of these apps will ensure a far better performance.

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