9 Best Spanish Text-to-Speech Converter Websites

best spanish text to speech converter websites

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Here we have compiled a list of the 9 best Spanish text-to-speech converter websites. Although not used by everyone, text-to-speech conversion is still one of the best output innovations. There are a lot of instances in our day-to-day life where a text-to-speech conversion might end up saving a lot of time for us or aid us in other ways. Let’s learn more about text-to-speech conversion and how to do that.

Text to speech conversion, as the term suggests, is a way of converting texts to audible speech with correct and clear pronunciation. There are many apps/websites/tools known for converting text to speech, and in this article, we’ll be going over a total of ten free-to-use websites where you can easily convert Spanish text to speech.

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9 Best Websites for Spanish Text to Speech conversion

This section will briefly examine 9 websites known for text-to-speech conversion. You’ll get support for many languages, and as mentioned earlier, Spanish will be our primary concern here.

The websites listed in this section work well when converting Spanish text to speech and give accurate results regarding pronunciation and accent. So without any further delay, let’s begin.

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1. TTSmp3.com

ttsmp3 - spanish text to speech converter website

TTSmp3.com is a free-to-use text-to-speech conversion platform that supports many other languages apart from our primary concern, Spanish. TTSmp3.com reads aloud the converted text while keeping the pronunciation and accent close to the real thing as much as possible.

It also lets you download the converted speech in an MP3 format. This website’s extra features include giving instructions regarding the speech output, like taking appropriate breaks between words and emphasizing certain syllables/words during speech pronunciation. It is one of the best websites for Spanish text-to-speech conversion.

Try this Spanish text-to-speech website here.

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2. Text-to-speech.imtranslator.net

text to speech imtranslator

This is another free-to-use online text-to-speech conversion website that works fast and provides excellent results.

Aside from Spanish, you also get the option of using texts from languages like Russian, Japanese, Chinese, French, Korean, etc. You get the feature for toggling male and female voices as per your preference, and you can also alter the overall speed of the speech output.

Try this Spanish text-to-speech website here.

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3. Naturalreaders.com

naturalreader - spanish text to speech

Naturalreaders.com is full of brilliant features and multi-language text-to-speech conversion and is free to use. It can flawlessly convert any Spanish text to speech and provides the users with a total of 4 different voice options to choose from.

The speed adjuster for speech has 18 levels, and the site provides support for languages such as English, German, Swedish, Dutch, Portuguese, etc. It is a simple to use yet efficient website.

Try this Spanish text-to-speech website here.

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4. Google Translate

google translate - spanish text to speech website

Someone must live under a rock if they admit they don’t know what Google or Google-owned features are. Everybody is aware of Google Translate. It is one of the best digital translators out there.

It supports more languages than any other text-to-speech conversion website. Using Google Translate is simple.

All you have to do is paste the Spanish text, choose Spanish or let Google detect it automatically, and press on the speaker icon to listen to the speech output. Google Translate works impeccably and is easily one of the most convenient text-to-speech conversion tools.

Try this Spanish text-to-speech website here.

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5. Texttospeech.io


As the name suggests, texttospeech.io is also one of the excellent text-to-speech converting websites across the internet.

Although it supports fewer languages than its rival websites, it offers various voices for Spanish texts. You are also able to control the rate of speech, the pitch of speech, and the overall volume of speech when using texttospeech.io.

Try this Spanish text-to-speech website here.

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6. iSpeech

ispeech - best spanish text to speech tool

iSpeech is yet another exceptionally viable tool if you’re looking for a website where you can convert Spanish text to speech quickly and for absolutely free.

iSpeech supports a whopping 27 languages and works perfectly fine with them. You also get the essential speech management tools that include two different types of voices and a setting for altering the speed of the output.

Try this Spanish text-to-speech website here.

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7. ReadSpeak.com


ReadSpeak.com, although lacking some of the features for managing the speech output, is still an excellent website for converting Spanish text to speech and listening to it. It does provide you with three different voices, though.

Try this Spanish text-to-speech website here.

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8. Freetranslations.org

free translations website

Primarily a website aimed at translating several languages to several other languages, freetranslations.org is also a great way to listen to the text-to-speech output.

You can select Spanish or any other language, or the website will automatically detect it from the text piece you’ve provided. You can tap on the speaker icon to listen to the speech output.

Try this Spanish text-to-speech website here.

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9. Play.ht

spanish text to speech

This is one of the quickest Spanish text-to-speech converting websites out there. The website’s interface is pretty minimal and to the point.

Play.ht offers support for multiple languages and provides you with different voices. The free version works perfectly fine, and the user experience is excellent.

These were some of the best free-to-use Spanish text-to-speech converting websites that work flawlessly.

Some may have a premium version that gives you more voice options, but their versions also get the job done.

Try this Spanish text-to-speech website here.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Free Text To Speech Websites Safe For Sensitive And Confidential Text?

Most free text-to-speech websites don’t guarantee much safety of your confidential data. You may use the text you enter on such websites for advertising and analytical purposes. The safes text to speech website is Google Translate.

But, we won’t recommend putting confidential and sensitive information on any such websites, even from Google.

Can I Convert Any Language To Spanish Speech Online?

Websites like Google Translate will help you convert any language to Spanish or other preferred languages. This feature comes in handy when conversing with people from different nationalities.