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5 Best Software to Increase Your Bitcoin Profits

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Using crypto asset software can help with potential headaches associated with trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Some platforms help you increase your earnings in Bitcoin, but if you do not have said currency, you also have more types of cryptocurrencies in which you can invest.

A good platform will facilitate your stay in the crypto world by helping you with the processes related to trading.

Choose the one that best suits you and start your way in the world of cryptographic assets.

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How Bitcoin Works

software to increase your bitcoin profits

Bitcoin functions just like a digital bank account. Each user has a wallet to store money and transfer it to other accounts.

The user does this by using a “Bitcoin address,” which is only a limited set of alphanumeric characters and is a type of bank account number.

Bitcoin, and cryptocurrencies in general, work through the Blockchain. Each computer in the network, decentralized and spread out around the globe, serves as a node.

They create duplicates of every transaction so the network can sustain itself when keeping the alterations.

Many internet websites help you with crypto, whether you want to know more about cryptocurrencies and how the world of trading works or are looking for trading advice.

These guides usually offer content about the crypto assets processes, management, and help with bitcoin or other specific cryptocurrencies that can help you if you are relatively inexperienced in this field.

5 Best Software to Increase Your Bitcoin Profits


Multiple experts consider this one of the best crypto investment platforms. And when you see the amount of benefits and aid it brings with it, you will probably think the same.

The platform has a cryptocurrency wallet, exchange, cryptography portfolios for investments, and mining contracts in its cloud.

In addition, ECOS has a mobile application available both in the Play Store and App Store.

One of the main features of this software is that it will provide you with a free cloud mining contract for the first month so that you can test its platform.

The best feature for users who handle Bitcoin is that the mining contracts offered by this application are only for Bitcoin mining.

The platform can generate contracts from $75 to $50,000, valid for 15 to 50 months, giving a brutal advantage to Bitcoin users who will see their income skyrocket every month.

2. PEGA Pool

Based in the United Kingdom, PEGA Pool is one of the top-earning Bitcoin mining and investment software for a specific hash rate.

On their front page, they highlight the software ties to biodegradable energy. This influence reflects in the costs of mining, trading, and transactions.

These costs that the software charges only represent 1% of the total profits for those who use renewable energy and 2% for others.

But even if you are not using renewable energy, PEGA Pool will take care of planting trees to offset that carbon footprint left by users who do not use biodegradable options.

In terms of performance, this Bitcoin mining, trading, and transaction software is among the ten most efficient in the world.

You can enter mining, trading, and trading independently, and using this software will make these tasks easier, making them more convenient and efficient.

In addition, you can also be part of their affiliate program and pay only 50% of the costs on the platform.

3. Braiins Pool

Braiins Pool, formerly Slush Pool, is software for anyone looking to increase their crypto earnings. It is one of the veterans in Bitcoin mining, a pioneer in transactions and exchanges with this currency.

Currently, there are a large number of users who use this software to trade and mine bitcoins profitably, with profits that tend to multiply rapidly.

Braiins Pool typically charges a 2% pool fee for using their software. It also has a 0% pool fee option for some supported ASIC users. Braiins Pool also has Bitcoin mining servers on almost every continent.

Their platform is incredibly secure, with two-factor authentication and regular one-time passwords for added security. It also has a mobile app available for iOS and Android. Users can use the app as a tool for account monitoring.

4. Stormgain

Stormgain is simple yet profitable Bitcoin software. It is an all-in-one crypto software where you can buy, sell, trade, trade, and mine. However, mining is limited to Bitcoin and works exclusively on the platform servers.

It has a one-click mining process and offers transactions with almost zero commission costs, but there’s something behind it.

The Bitcoin mining and operations times are longer compared to its competitors. Also, the crypto mining service can be tedious if you are not used to it.

However, besides these details, this software is one of the most used software in the world. Users get a lot out of its functions thanks to its almost zero fees.

The trading, exchange, and withdrawal fees adjust to your currency, and the deposit is free of any commission.

This software also has a web and mobile app version for iOS and Android.

5. Zionodes

Zionedes is one of the most profitable BTC software we have found. The platform has a smooth and easy-to-use user interface to help you familiarize yourself with it and start trading quickly.

The best thing is that its options are dynamic, so you can see your earnings updated every minute in real-time.

Zionodes is a better mining and income multiplication alternative since it works with remote modules where you can operate as you like.

Experts often use this program for large businesses because of its benefits. But you can also use it without any problem if you are inexperienced since it has help guides for beginners.

This platform is considered one of the best due to its incredible exchanging, buying, selling, and mining of Bitcoin functions.

The rise of this software is mainly due to its partnerships with BTC and other giants in the cryptocurrency industry. These strategic alliances establish the software as one of the best you can find to multiply your Bitcoin earnings.

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