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8 Best Screen Resolution Changer For Windows

Here we have compiled a list of 8 best free screen resolution changer for Windows. Explore these software to easily change screen resolution.

Are you looking for some of the best screen resolution changers for Windows? If yes, then you have landed on the right page. Here, we have compiled a list of the 8 best free screen resolution changer software for Windows.

Most of your time is spent before the Windows screen when your PC is your workstation. And if you spend most of your day in front of a computer screen, it will harm your eyes.

A stage comes when we must focus on the screen rigorously because we cannot change the screen’s resolution.

But now you can work with several screen resolution changer software available on the market. We have prepared the 8 Best Screen Resolution Changers for Windows to get you the best software.

The computer has a default screen resolution size, which you cannot change accordingly. The screen refresh rate and bit or color depth are the same for the computer and cannot be changed manually.

Generally, this software will help you change screen resolution whenever you are at your workstation.

So, it also allows you to change the screen refresh rate and bit depth for your computer. These software are a blessing in disguise for gamers, personnel, hospital operation monitor screens, PPT presenters, and business backgrounders.

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8 Best Screen Resolution Changers for Windows

Loaded with many features, these screen resolution changer software allow you to quickly change resolution with the help of shortcut keys or hotkeys and easy access through the system tray (systray).

Let’s try to invigilate each software in the list and its motives.

1. Display Changer II

display changer ii

Display Changer II is a better option for those who love to watch movies and play video games. You can change its resolution either temporarily or permanently. It’s up to you. The best fact about this software is its size, which would consume space in Kbs.

Well, the software is there to help you alter your PC’s resolution even when the configuration is not there because of the default.

Further, it allows you to change and edit custom resolutions because of the presence of a tool that changes resolution without actually letting you adjust it manually.

With Display Changer II, you can manipulate the screen’s refresh rate, color, or bit depth according to your usage. It works efficiently with 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems.


  • Change the display resolution
  • Tools let you edit the resolution


  • Free software
  • Small download size
  • Create different resolutions for different apps at the same time

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2. Carroll

carroll - resolution changer software

Carroll is one of the best resolution-changing software per the user’s requirements. Bundle with a simple interface with pre-set resolutions, so you don’t need to suffer while changing. However, bit depth will remain the same for all the apps or files, allowing you to change refresh rates.

Since it has a friendly user interface, keeping it low-key for any new user. Still, this logon feature of this software must be known thoroughly.

In the login feature, the user chooses a pre-set resolution to which two options would appear: either the user can change the resolution permanently or with the Logon session, the user can fix the resolution as per his requirements; when a new user uses the same app or file to run, resolution automatically sets into default resolution.

Hence, it is simple and effective for the users at every phase.


  • It comes with a logon session feature
  • Lightweight with only 738 KB


  • Very simple and user-friendly
  • Operates very fast


  • The logon session feature can be confusing for newbies

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3. Resolution Changer

This software has a handy feature to make quick resolution changes to your screen. Predefined resolutions are already there when you open the software.

It has a simple interface and lets you select two or more resolutions to the main interface of the screen so that you can quickly shuffle as per requirements.

It has different resolution sizes, but bit depth will remain the same except for refresh rates, which vary. Like any other software, it will prevent you from changing resolution beyond the maximum resolution inked within the computer.


  • Command line switches let you change dimensions and refresh rate
  • Made for Windows 10


  • Easy to use
  • Free to download


  • No alteration beyond the maximum threshold in resolution changing

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4. jRes

jres - resolution changer windows

jRes is a free screen resolution changer software for handy alterations to screen resolution and refresh rate. It functions well with every version of Windows. It allows you to download it to your computer or flash drive, where you can use it whenever you want.

The system tray is at ease to change the screen’s resolution faster. Even it runs in the system tray without disturbing you while at work. At the same time, its predefined screen resolutions vary from 320X200 up to 1920X1080.


  • A portable tool lets you download the file to a USB flash drive
  • Supported with system tray functions


  • Quickly toggles between multiple screens
  • Free to download


  • No alteration beyond the maximum threshold in resolution changing

5. Hotkey Resolution Changer

hotkey resolution changer

HRC is a free software for screen resolution changer for Windows. It has a unique feature where you can create 1-9 hotkeys or shortcuts to change the resolution for single or multi-screen simultaneously. HRC also has a fixed bit depth, i.e., 32 depth, but with different refresh rates, you can have the best experience on your screen.

This software also has a feature where you can directly place software anywhere on your hard drive and use it when needed.


  • Fast response time
  • Let you create hotkeys
  • Easy access to systray


  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Free software

6. Resolution Changer SX2

jres - screen resolution changer

Resolution changer SX2 is the latest version of the resolution changer. The advanced is even more promising than the previous one.

With this software, you will experience ease in modifying your device’s screen resolution. After installation, it will appear in the system tray to let you directly select your workstation’s four best-predefined screen resolutions.

This time, there is no restriction in changing bit depth or screen refresh rate. When you are going through the wonders of the software, you will see a separate bit depth menu that lets you change your bit depth size to 32, 64, and 256 bits.


  • Supports system tray
  • Bundled with multiple screen resolution
  • Configure pre-sets menu


  • Let you select four favorite screen resolution
  • Increase in bit depth

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7. Windows 10 Inbuilt

windows 10 in built resolution changer

With the help of this screen resolution changer, you get the chance to change your PC’s default settings to change screen resolution size.

To issue it successfully, follow the steps: right-click on the main screen> display setting > display features > resolution drop-down menu. Hence, you can change the resolution according to your choice.

It also numbered some other features like Scaling settings, where you can see the size of font applications and others in use.

Then comes multi-display mode, where you can work on multiple displays simultaneously, followed by Orientation mode to change display configuration to either portrait or landscape.


  • Scaling settings
  • Orientation
  • Multi-display mode


  • Highly advanced features
  • Inbuilt screen resolution changer

Note: You should have the latest Windows PC or Laptop to use it.

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8. ResChanger

reschanger - screen resolution changer

It is a free screen resolution changer for Windows that provides faster screen resolution change.

This software can be downloaded faster without straining computers’ functioning.

After installation, it has access to change resolution from the system tray. Along with the screen resolution changing function, you can change your monitor screen’s bit depth and refresh rate.


  • Can toggle multiple monitor screens at a time
  • After installation, the software icon appears at the startup


  • Easy interface
  • Free to download
  • Fast enough response time
  • Rapidly changes the screen resolution

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Does this resolution changer software consume ample space in the computer?

No, it depends on the software you install on your PC. Most of the software sizes do not go beyond 10MB.

What is bit depth?

It represents the number of bits used for each color component of a single pixel.

Does this software allow you to change the screen refresh rate and bit depth together?

Mainly, resolution varies, but screen refresh rate and bit depth are not that varied, so they are limited in numbers but can change per the requirements.

Wrapping Up

I hope you have been through the whole article. The main objective behind this article is to make users aware of screen resolution changer software: their features, which are good and not for your PC.

All this has been captured under the 8 best screen resolution changers for Windows. I hope this was informative for you. If you consider downloading any of the mentioned software, you must visit this article for a comparison.

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