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3 Best Root Cause Analysis Software for Windows

Here we have compiled a list of 3 best open source root cause analysis software. Use any of them to identify root cause of any problem.

You have landed on the right page if you are looking for the best root cause analysis software.

Here, we have hand-picked the three best software from the Internet to help you perform root cause analysis using various techniques. This will help you identify the root cause of any problem and resolve the issue with a permanent solution.

Root cause analysis interprets and diagnoses the root cause of a technical glitch with the system or software. Technicians perform the root cause analysis job, though a manual approach for root cause analysis is time-consuming.

Thus, the software has been deployed to cut the time involved in root cause analysis. The software can work faster to diagnose the root causes of the technical glitches. A faster diagnosis ensures quick and effective measures to resolve the glitches.

3 Best Root Cause Analysis Software


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The advanced root cause analysis software also suggests steps to cope with a technical error.

As a result, the overall root cause analysis becomes swifter and easier for computer users. You must find the best root cause analysis software to serve such requirements.

In the following section, you can find a list of the top three tools for efficient and accurate root cause analysis.

1. 8D Root Cause Analysis


8D Root Cause Analysis is a tool that serves the eight problem-solving disciplines. In the 1980s, a team constituted for problem-solving by Ford Motors developed this tool.

The software follows a complex technique for root cause analysis. Through a complex diagnosis process, it identifies various problems and provides suggestions for resolving them.

The tool introduces a systematic change in a system to deal with immediate problems. At the same time, it narrows down errors to find the actual cause of a mistake.

So, the tool provides short-term and long-term measures against the root causes. The eight disciplines are easy to learn. The software can assess various problems and find some of them listed below.

  • The tool helps to assess the safety and regulatory problems in a system
  • It initiates root cause analysis when a business receives customer complaints
  • Diagnosing why warranty issues are higher than the anticipated failure rate
  • Inspecting root causes of low performance, internal waste rejection, and test failure

The benefits of the eight disciplines include accurate root causes assessment, easy-to-perform problem-solving measures, and long-term steps for resolving the glitches.

The tool has some drawbacks, too. A team must have training on how 8D works for using this software.

Learning the concept is a time-consuming process. Moreover, the process demands teamwork, and small companies find minor problems implementing it due to a shortage of employees.

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2. iAuditor 5 Whys Software


iAuditor 5 Whys software is a professional and reliable root cause analysis software. As the name implies, the tool works to find answers to five questions, starting with why.

By asking five questions, a business can reach the root cause of a problem. Find an example of how the process works.

Problem: Milk is empty

  • Why? Consumption for the week is higher than usual.
  • Why? Consumption is high because milk is used to make some beverages.
  • Why? Beverages were made for the guests who arrived at the home.
  • Why? Though guests came home, the homeowner did not buy additional milk.
  • Why? Guests came home without prior notice.

So, you get the root cause of milk shortage here. Since guests gave a surprise visit to your house, you did not anticipate additional milk consumption. Thus, you did not buy milk in a higher quantity than usual.

The good thing is that The 5 Whys works in a simple process, and thus, team members do not need extensive training to work on this approach of root cause analysis. However, the drawback is that root cause analysis may become erroneous depending on the answers received to the questions.

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3. The Fishbone Tool for Root Cause Analysis by XMind


XMind is a full-fledged brainstorming and mind-mapping tool that you can use to perform root cause analysis of any problem. XMind offers a fishbone tool that you can use to draw a fishbone diagram.

The diagram is a simple cause-and-effect diagram that helps users collect potential causes for a few specific outcomes.

It shows multiple causes of an error, and you must narrow it down by eliminating the causes. You will eventually reach the actual cause of the glitches through the elimination process.

The software involves brainstorming with multiple outcomes of an action or event. Typically, the fishbone diagram involves eight M: Machine, Man, Measurement, Method, Material, Mother Nature, Maintenance, and Management.

Follow this guide to understand better how to use XMind to perform root cause analysis using a Fishbone diagram.

The benefit is that the fishbone diagram helps you to consider various possibilities. In a complex business scenario, an error occurs for multiple reasons, and the fishbone tool will help you diagnose multiple root causes quickly.

The disadvantage is that the tool makes root cause analysis time-consuming. Considering various outcomes and diagnosing them manually to understand the root causes will take a reasonable time. This software will require a fair amount of time and effort to analyze a simple technical glitch.

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We summarize our list of Windows’s three best root cause analysis software. Check all of them before making a final call, and let me know which one you liked the most in the comments section below.

Root cause analysis is a crucial thing for many businesses. Thus, using advanced software is essential, and you must choose a tool that follows a robust strategy for root cause analysis. You can select root cause analysis software from this list depending on your requirements.

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