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10 Best Remote Desktop Management Software for Windows

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Here you will find a list of the 10 best remote desktop management software for Windows. There have been many instances where people wish that they could manage or control their desktops remotely for specific purposes. Fortunately, today’s internet is home to a tonne of software that can do that efficiently using a separate computer. Let’s learn why anyone must use remote desktop management software.

There can be many reasons why the need for remotely controlling a desktop might arise. The main reason is to avoid manually doing a task on several computers. Other reasons may include software deployment in bulk, maintenance runs, troubleshooting, etc.

Let’s now learn about some tremendous free remote desktop management software that will do the job efficiently.

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10 Best Remote Desktop Management Software

This section will briefly examine some free-to-use remote desktop management applications. Although these applications serve the same purpose, they are fundamentally different from each other in terms of features and functionality.

However, all of them are great at their job, and you can give them all a try to find the perfect software for your desktop.

1. Remote Utilities

remote utilities

Equipped with almost all of the desktop management tools needed to remote control a desktop, Remote Utilities is a handy software that allows users to add unlimited operators and a total of 10 remote computers for management (free version).

You can connect remote computers to the viewer client using an IP address, generated ID, or DNS name. Complete control of the computer, view only, a power control (shutdown), registry access, chat, screen recorder, ping, and remote software deployment are some of the must-have features in any remote desktop management software. Remote Utilities covers all of them along with extra features like remote webcam access and voice & video chat.

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2. MultiDesk

multidesk - best remote desktop manager software

MultiDesk is also a great choice if you’re looking for balanced software in terms of features and functionality and is easy to use. Setting up a control network using MultiDesk is pretty straightforward.

You need to install MultiDesk on the viewer (controlling) computer, and you can add other computers using the Add Server feature. MultiDesk lets you use it on an unlimited number of computers. You can also access multiple desktops in tabs.

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3. LiteManager


LiteManager is an excellent choice for remotely managing several desktops because the viewing or controlling device doesn’t necessarily have to be a computer. LiteManager allows you to take control of computers remotely using Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS devices.

LiteManager gives you complete remote control and many other features that significantly contribute to its overall functionality. There are two installation modules for Windows, one for the viewer and one for the server. The free version of LiteManager allows a total of 30 computers to be controlled remotely and unlimited access.

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4. Desktop Central

desktop central

Desktop Central is one of the best free remote desktop management tools you can rely on in your hour of need. Primarily, Desktop Central is an integrated desktop and mobile management software.

Just like LiteManager, Desktop Central also lets you remotely manage and control your computer from devices running on operating systems other than Windows, like Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, and Linux.

Desktop Central works perfectly fine, and you can use it to execute operations over several computers simultaneously. The free version of Desktop Central lets you remotely control 25 PCs at once.

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5. Advanced IP Scanner

advanced ip scanner

You’ve probably now guessed this software’s working principle by its name. Advanced IP Scanner is a brilliant tool that lets you take control of all the computers available and connected to a local area network (LAN).

All that you need to do is input the range of IP addresses, and the software will itself scan for available networks in between that range. You can remotely control computers available in that specific range of IP addresses, and Advanced IP Scanner provides you with all crucial functions needed to do so.

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6. mRemoteNG


The rise of open source projects has also made its way into remote desktop management. mRemoteNG is an open-source desktop management software and is highly functional. You can add multiple desktops in tabs and manage them simultaneously using mRemoteNG.

One of the best perks when using mRemoteNG is that, just like MultiDesk, you don’t have any limitations regarding the number of computers you can manage. You can connect and control as many desktops as you want. It is also free to use, and you only need to install it on the viewer’s computer.

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7. RD Tabs

rd tabs

RD Tabs is yet another free-to-use software that you can use to control PCs effectively remotely. It also has no limitations regarding how many computers you can manage with it. You only need the remote desktop’s IP address, username, and password to establish the connection.

As far as the installation is concerned, you only need to install RD Tabs on the administrator computer, and once the connection is established, you’re good to go. Although RD Tabs may lack overall functionality, it completes the job perfectly.

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8. Remote Desktop Connection Manager

remote desktop connection manager

Provided to users by Microsoft itself, Remote Desktop Connection Manager is a freeware used to control remote PCs using a single viewer computer.

Like other similar tools, this software uses the Remote Desktop Protocol to manage multiple remote computers simultaneously. It allows you to run some basic operations on the remote computers without issues once the connection is established.

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9. Ultra VNC

ultra vnc viewer

Unlike much other software mentioned in this article, Ultra VNC works by installing a server and a viewer on two separate computers. Ultra VNC lets you take over the control of a remote PC by using the viewer PC and covers most of the essential functions needed to manage a computer remotely.

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10. Chrome Remote Desktop

chrome remote desktop

If you have Google Chrome installed on your computers (viewer and server), you can control your computer remotely via a second computer by installing a simple Chrome extension.

You can access the host by creating a PIN and gain control of the host device by logging in from the server or client PC. Although you may not get all the features for remotely controlling your computer, you will get the essential ones.

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Wrapping Up

In this article, we learned about some of the best freeware you can use to remotely control one or more computers from a single administrator computer. All of the software mentioned in this article effectively remotely manages multiple desktops. You can choose any of them per your requirements, and you won’t be disappointed.

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