10 Best Relaxation Apps To Calm Your Brain

Time doesn’t stop for anyone; sometimes, we find it hard to keep up with the rigorous flow of time. Today’s world is highly competitive, and even though we’re trying our best, it may feel like we aren’t. Here we have compiled a list of the 10 best relaxation apps to calm your brain.

The byproducts of the inability to keep up with others and the flow of time are anxiety, stress, insomnia, low self-esteem, and many emotions. In this article, we’ll be going over a total of 10 applications that you can install on your phone that will help your brain get rid of unnecessary thought processes and calm down.

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Why Is Relaxation Crucial?

Relaxing and giving ourselves a short break is of utmost importance. It may sound like slacking off, but it is a process that helps us continue working efficiently. Our brain and body need to relax to give their best in the long run.

Anxiety, stress, panic, and pressure will always wear us down. That is why it is crucial to relax, calm down and deal with them with more strength and focus. So without any further ado, let’s briefly look at some of the best relaxation apps we can find online.

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10 Best Relaxation Apps To Calm Down Our Brain

In this section, we’ll discuss a few applications designed to calm down our brain and give it ways to relax.

We handpicked these apps, which are of great help if you’re looking for a digital solution to deal with your stress and anxiety.

1. Mindbody

mindbody - best relaxation apps

A healthy body houses a healthy mind. Mindbody is designed with that statement kept in mind. Everyone should have the right to be fit, and that’s why Mindbody promotes wellness for the physical aspects of the body.

Mindbody has a variety of physical movements and exercises for all age groups, and they are not limited to lifting weights or doing cardio.

There is something for everyone in this application, and it promotes the well-being of your mind and brain by keeping you physically fit through enjoyable training sessions. You can also find and contact nutritionists to improve your eating habits through this app.

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2. Pzizz

pzizz - best app to calm your brain

Pzizz is one of the favorite applications for relaxing the brain. In terms of visuals, the experience Pzizz provides is unmatched.

Pzizz has three significant functions sleep, nap, and focus. Selecting any of them will take you into a beautiful experience where a narrator converses with you with soothing and relaxing music.

The nap module will take you through a journey of the universe, and you’ll feel your muscles relaxing in no time. Pzizz is best at what it does, which is relaxing the body and the mind altogether in the most beautiful ways.

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3. Sleep Cycle

sleep cycle

We all are aware of how vital good sleep is for us. It helps in relaxing our mind and body to a great extent. We always feel refreshed and energized after a quality sleep. Sleep Cycle is developed with that specific purpose in mind.

It intends to wake you up in your wake-up phase (10-90 minutes) right before your alarm rings, and that is precisely the best time to wake up, as it has been proven that you’re the most energetic if you wake up during your wake-up phase.

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4. Ten Percent Happier

10 percent happier - relaxation apps

The name of this app is beautiful. Ten Percent Happier is your solution if you’re looking for an application that will allow you to see meditation in a new light. Ten Percent Happier will introduce you to a new world of meditation, and you don’t have to worry about not having the time for it.

It has guide videos that suggest you include meditative drills in short breaks during your day, and you’ll feel incredibly relaxed and calm through this routine.

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5. 7 Cups

7 cups

Using 7 Cups is one of the best ways to interact with a trained listener or therapist for free, and you’ll be surprised how much lighter you feel after talking to someone who’s an excellent listener.

7 Cups emphasizes human interactions over automated voices in other relaxation apps, which many of us also prefer.

7 Cups is a great alternative to therapy; you also get some cool perks. You can choose your listener based on your preferences and decide on an environment where you feel the most comfortable.

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6. Calm

calm - best relaxation apps

The name says all for itself. Calm is an entire package where you can find solutions for your inadequate sleep, horrible habit, anxieties, panic attacks, low self-esteem, lack of focus, fragile concentration, and whatnot.

There is an in-app coach that guides you through all of that. Calm boasts meditation classes as well. You get many customization options, so you can decide on several things in the app and set them according to your preferences.

Calm is a brilliant application to deal with issues that disrupt your mental peace and helps a tonne calm mind and body.

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7. Headspace


Founded by a former Buddhist monk, Headspace is a refined mix of the most effective meditative teachings ever.

Guided meditations, anxiety-targeted sessions, tonnes of exercises for everyone, etc., are some of the best perks of using Headspace.

With a user-friendly interface and vast exercise libraries, Headspace will bring you the well-deserved relaxation you need in an impactful manner.

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8. Omvana

omvana android app

Available for both IOS devices and Android devices, Omvana can be your new favorite relaxation app.

It emphasizes music-type meditation processes, which might be what many people need to calm their brains and relax.

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9. WhiteNoise


WhiteNoise can be your ally if you have trouble sleeping or meditating. WhiteNoise is known for improving focus when meditating and helping the mind calm down when sleeping.

WhiteNoise masks the surrounding noise, and thus it helps us to meditate and sleep better. These ‘white noises’ include bubbling brooks, falling rain, or sounds of ocean waves. You also get some customization features for these sounds.

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10. Insight Timer

insight timer

Insight Timer is your answer if you’re looking for a vast library of guided meditations, music tracks for meditating sessions, and helpful tips for sleeping. The free version has over 3,000 guided meditations and a lot of other features as well. Insight Timer is available for both Android and IOS devices.

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Final Words

We all need one or more ways to calm ourselves down and give our minds and bodies a well-deserved break so that they can continue giving their best.

Meditation is one of the most effective ways of relaxing the mind and the body, and in this article, we also discussed the 10 best relaxation apps that help us relax and calm our brains.

They take various approaches to promote wellness of the mind and the body, and all of them have been incredibly effective in thoroughly relaxing the mind and body.

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