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10 Best Recipe Software for Windows

Here we have compiled a list of 10 best recipe software for Windows. Use these recipe managers for Windows to store your favorite recipes.

Here, we have compiled a list of the 10 best recipe software for Windows. Recipe software is necessary for cooking enthusiasts and those who have just started cooking.

They provide you with a vast assortment of recipes from different cuisines, the calorific value of the dish, and the time it takes to cook them.

Some fantastic recipe software is available for Windows, which can be helpful for novice or experimental chefs. If you want to try something new, check out this recipe software to whip up a delicacy.

They can help you organize and manage recipes and provide pre-loaded recipes to help sort your dinner plans. Some recipe software can also work on other operating systems apart from Windows.

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10 Best Recipe Software for Windows

Here is a list of some of the best recipe software for Windows:

1. Cook’n

cookn - best recipe software for windows

This excellent free recipe manager software for Windows allows you to add recipes manually and access any pre-loaded recipes from the website.

The software works on multiple platforms and will enable you to customize recipe pages. The search engine allows you to search recipes using specific keywords.

It also helps you search for popular recipes from other famous websites. You can store recipes on the database from any websites or scanned image copies, which you can later access offline.

The software also allows you to customize any recipe page per your requirements, including the number of servings, cooking time, preparation time, type of dish, and ingredients (quantity, unit, etc.).

You can also calculate the recipe’s nutritional content based on the amount and ingredients. You can easily share the recipes with your friends.

The software has a Shopping List tool that allows you to add items (for the recipe) to be bought. This advanced recipe manager software lets you sync recipes with the cloud, making them easily accessible from anywhere.

Get this recipe software here.

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2. Gourmet Recipe Manager

gourmet recipe manager software for windows

This is another free recipe manager that works well for various operating systems. The software allows you to increase your recipe collection by importing recipes from different files or websites or manually entering them.

Calculating the nutritional content of any recipe is accessible by using the information regarding the ingredients present.

You can add new recipes under different categories (salad, soup, breakfast, dessert, etc.), instructions, and notes. The software also provides additional tools like a timer and unit converter to assist you with cooking.

The recipe browser allows you to search recipes based on different factors, including cooking time, category, sources, etc.

The standard Shopping List tool is available here to help you generate your shopping list per the recipe and number of servings.

Thanks to various plugins, you can do much more, including email recipes, obtain nutritional information about the dish, import/export recipes as PDFs, TXT files, etc.

Get this recipe software here.

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3. Pepperplate

pepperplate - best recipe software for windows

This is an excellent recipe organizer app for Windows, but it works well with other platforms.

The software allows you to create a Menu, add recipes, and make your cooking schedule for a week or a month.

With multiple timers available for several recipes, you can quickly cook many dishes simultaneously without sweating.

You can add recipes to the software by manually entering the details or copying them from the recipe website URL.

You can categorize the recipes at your convenience. This software also provides a Shopping List option to make things easy while shopping for recipe ingredients.

Get this recipe software here.

4. Yiola

yiola - best recipe manager software

The recipe software has loads of recipes for you to choose from. However, you can also add your recipes to the software.

Recipes can easily be categorized into appetizers, beverages, soups, main courses, pastries, and desserts. Every recipe includes the ingredients needed and detailed instructions to prepare the dishes.

The software allows you to add recipes after defining the category and adding ingredients and instructions.

Apart from the Shopping List feature, the software also has a Watch list where you can add recipes to view later on specified Calendar dates.

You can upload your recipes to update the database. The software supports more than 15 languages, including Spanish, English, Russian, French, German, etc.

Get this recipe software here.

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5. 1G Food

1g food software

This free recipe organizer software for Windows allows you to add your recipes and access a variety of recipes from various countries like India, Russia, etc.

You can look at more than 25,000 unique recipes on the website, which you can access by clicking a button on the interface.

Unfortunately, the software does not allow you to search for specific recipes on the website. Thus, finding any recipe can be a monotonous task.

Besides that, this cookbook software is a must-have for foodies experimenting with new cuisines.

Get this recipe software here.

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6. BigOven

bigoven - recipe manager software

Another free recipe managing software for Windows is BigOven, which allows you to access over 350,000 recipes. You can also add your recipes to the software.

A downloadable app for the same is available for Android and iPhones. Thanks to the nutritional details available, you can easily prepare a meal chart per your requirements.

You can publish your recipes and share them with friends through email easily. The search option allows you to search for recipes from their vast database.

Get this recipe software here.

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7. Dannon Recipe Box

dannon recipe box

You can use this free cookbook software to store your recipes in organized categories while also searching for specific recipes that you can use to make dinner time enjoyable.

The keyword search allows you to find various recipes easily. Every recipe here comes with its ingredient list and directions for easy cooking. You can email or print any recipe you like.

Get this recipe software here.

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8. ReLiSimple


This recipe software functions on several platforms, including Windows, Android, iOS, etc. Recipes can be added manually and synchronized between different devices.

Every recipe includes ingredients, preparation time, servings, calories, etc. Thanks to the Shopping list feature, you can easily add the ingredients required to prepare any dish. You can print out any recipe or share the recipe via email.

Get this recipe software here.

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9. Recipe Cookbook

recipe software

With more than 2,000 recipes of different cuisines available here, you can quickly whip up experimental dishes from various countries. The software also provides ingredients, preparation instructions, pictures, servings, and additional instructions to prepare the recipe perfectly.

Adding your recipe to the software and sharing the recipes via email or a printout is possible.

Another excellent feature of the software is its links to recipe websites for cooking enthusiasts. The best part of this software is that it allows you to search for recipes based on available ingredients!

Get this recipe software here.

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10. Recipe Manager

recipe manager

This free cookbook software offers pre-loaded recipes and adds your recipes to the software.

Cuisine types categorize the recipes. All information related to the recipe, including ingredients, preparation time, cooking time, procedure, nutritional information, etc., is provided here.

The Recipe Wizard allows you to add your recipes to the software. You can share the recipe, take a printout, or save it as an HTML file.

Get this recipe software here.

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Wrapping Up

With this fantastic recipe software, you can cook elaborate dinners and wow your audience with impeccable cooking skills. Thanks to easy access to global recipes, cooking enthusiasts and foodies can enjoy mealtime tremendously.

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