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20 Best Radio Apps for Android

Here we have compiled a list of the 20 best radio apps for Android. Use these apps to listen to high-quality music and podcasts with global coverage.

Are you looking for some of the best radio apps for Android? If yes, then you have landed on the right page. Here, you will find a list of the 20 best radio apps for Android.

You can check out these radio apps and listen to high-quality music and podcasts. The best part is that most of these radio apps offer hundreds of global radio channels you can listen to and enjoy.

In the age of the internet and OTT platforms, the popularity of radio has not waned. The ubiquity of smartphones has led to radio apps while traditional and FM radio channels peacefully coexist with internet radio.

The new additions have only widened the scope of radio and opened a sea of choices to the listeners.

20 Best Radio Apps for Android

Here is a list of 20 Best Radio Apps for Android apps radio lovers will find handy:

1. AccuRadio


The top-rated Android app is the best way to listen to music on Android phones. It is 100 percent free and caters to almost all music lovers as it plays music from nearly 50 genres with more than 1000 radio channels to select from.

Listeners can customize the channels, rate the artists, and even ban them from their stations. Users get to enjoy real music.

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2. iHeartRadio


With many stations, including FM and iHeartRadio stations, it has attained popularity for its platform’s thousands of live stations and podcasts. You can find music for all moods and settings in this application.

Additionally, it boasts a stunning and intuitive interface. As the popularity of radio is still very much alive, one can listen to live local AM/FM radio stations. Sports lovers, too, can listen to commentary and updates on stations like ESPN Radio.

3. TuneIn Radio


Music lovers get personalized recommendations or listen to AM/FM stations and a vast array of podcasts on this app. It offers talk shows, sports commentary and analysis, comedy, and news.

The news on Tune-In radio includes news analysis from top news channels like CNBC, CNN, etc., and local news from the local news stations. One can stream over 1 lakh radio stations, including AM/FM and internet radio stations from all across the globe.

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4. Radio Online- PcRadio


This app can access many radio stations with sports, music, comedy, news, and talk shows. The free version has over one million on-demand programs to choose from.

Users can stream ad-free music in the premium version and listen to audiobooks. It also has a car mode that lets users listen to music while driving.

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5. XiliaLive Internet Radio


XiliaLive has all the famous and valuable features of a radio app with over 50,000 international radio channels you can stream in real time. It offers the option to choose one’s favorite radio channel for future listening.

It also allows streaming in different audio formats and has an alarm and sleep timer. One can also customize themes according to your preference and restore and backup options.

6. Simple Radio


As the name suggests, it’s a straightforward and easy-to-use application. It boasts of over 40,000 radio stations from across the world. The app’s advanced search features and clean interface are its marked characteristics.

Finding one’s preferred music is easy as one can type the genre of the song and its country of origin. This app is compatible with Google Chromecast and Amazon Alexa.

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7. Spotify


One of the most popular radio apps offers much more than one can get from an app in its category.

It provides access to a wide range of radio and internet stations on the Spotify app. Users can enjoy millions of podcasts and mixtapes weekly, besides curating playlists with selections from millions of songs.

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8. myTuner Radio


This app is perfect for those who like content broadcast on traditional radio stations. One can listen to music and audio from 50,000 radio stations in 200 countries.

It allows users to search for new radio stations by mentioning country, genre, or city. It has added features like a sleep timer and an alarm, apart from sharing options via email, SMS, or social media.

9. Pandora Radio


Pandora Radio is one of the most popular radio applications for Android users. It allows the creation of preset playlists while also enabling users to create their stations to listen to their preferred artists and songs from music genres.

With the premium option, one can enjoy ad-free music, stream audio of high quality, and download music for offline listening.

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10. My Radio


My Radio lets users enjoy talk shows, music, and a wide range of radio stations. Users can filter their search to news, sports talk radio, and more.

Radio stations worldwide, including Poland, China, Jamaica, and Japan, can be accessed. A radio station can be kept in the favorites list by liking it. The ad-free version is available with the premium version.

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11. Radio.net


The top 100 stations can be accessed among hundreds of radio stations on the app’s Discover page.

This enables one to find podcasts quickly talk shows from radio stations of choice. If music is not the only thing you look for on the radio, there are plenty of podcasts on health, parenting, crime, true crime, and many more.

12. Dash Radio


Dash Radio has over 75 live-streaming stations with a vast selection of music and talk shows covering various topics. It is a radio streaming platform that is the biggest in the world.

One can find everything here: classics, special releases, and new hits. The best part is famous DJs design most of the special broadcasts streamed on Dash Radio.

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13. NPR One


Note: This app has been removed from the Play Store.

NPR Online is the best application for people interested in news programs and podcasts loaded with information.

One can stream news constantly whenever and wherever. It is possible to listen to local news stations apart from international news. It has a rich library of NPR programs and showcases programs from private providers.

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14. LiveXLive


LiveXLive was previously known as Slacker Radio. It offers worldwide coverage and a free music library with huge selections.

For a better experience, users are provided with personalized recommendations, handcrafted music stations, live events, and music festivals and concerts.

With the ability to pick up from one’s favorite content, collect and share it, and create one’s playlist, this app is highly recommended for radio lovers. 

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15. FM Radio


Users can listen to free FM/AM stations, sports, talk shows, news, and music. Users don’t need to change to dedicated stations or network apps. One can listen to one’s favorite online or local radio stations.

This app can also tune into K Love, KNBR, NPR, MNR, WNYC, XM Radio, and others. Listeners can sort radio stations by country and quickly listen to the stations they are familiar with.

The sleep timer lets users relax while listening to their favorite programs and shuts the app at the chosen time.

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16. SiriusXM


This radio app is famous for providing live content and an attractive interface. One can listen to 300 channels where You can enjoy everything from sports, music, interviews, comedy, news, and more.

It is also possible to create one’s personalized station to listen to their favorite music from their preferred artists.

The app offers three subscription models, and the paid version allows users to access satellite radio channels from their PCs, tablets, internet radio devices, and smartphones.

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17. Replaio


One of the most famous Radio apps for Android is Replaio. There is a lot of content for music lovers and those who enjoy listening to various programs on the radio. Pick up from 30,000 stations worldwide as well as Radio FM stations.

Users can navigate easily through its clean and attractive interface. One can use filters like city, country, genre, artist name, or the song’s name to listen to a song.

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18. Jango Radio


Jango Radio is a free service where music lovers can stream FM music without cost and access unlimited music in an ad-free environment. They can tune into hundreds of radio stations such as Top 100, Classic Rock, etc.

The navigation system is simple, and easy accessibility earns it brownie points. It allows users to save their favorite stations and alter the audio quality to preserve data.

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 19. Di.FM


It is a free FM application and offers monthly and annual subscription plans. There is a choice of over 90 music stations, and users can save over 65 new playlists.

With Android Auto, one can listen to music while driving a vehicle. It features a calendar where all live shows by DJs are marked. Users also get reminders for upcoming programs.

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20. Castbox


With over 10 million downloads, Castbox has won awards like “Top Trending Apps” and “Most Entertaining App” in the Google Play Store. It has also been reviewed 230K times, which reflects its popularity.

It has a collection of more than 95 million audio, including audiobooks and podcasts. Global business and news podcasts are available for the users, enabling the users to remain updated.

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Wrapping Up

Here, we have compiled a list of the 20 best radio apps for Android. Use these apps to listen to high-quality music and podcasts with global coverage.

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