7 Best Python IDE for Windows [Code Editors]

best python ide for windows

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Here you will find a list of the 7 best Python IDEs for Windows. Using any of these Python IDEs, you can streamline and enhance your programming experience as they offer advanced features such as auto-code completion, intelligent code navigation, and many others.

Python appears to run everything these days, from big websites to desktop programs to enterprise software. Python has been used to create all or parts of OpenStack, OpenShot, Blender, Calibre, and even the original BitTorrent client.

There are several ways to alter Python programs. Some users prefer simple text editors. However, many power users prefer an integrated development environment (IDE) when working on large projects with complex code bases.

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7 Best Python IDEs for Windows [Advanced Code Editors]

An IDE is essentially a text editor with a slew of extra features, some of which are exclusive to one or two programming languages, to aid the programmer in keeping track of the entire project.

Most IDEs, for example, store a cache of class, function, and variable names to autocomplete them rapidly. Others include debugging tools, logic, and error checking in real-time, and so on. In this article, we are going to cover some of the best Python IDE for Windows.

1. PyCharm

pycharm - best python ide for windows

Pycharm, a popular open-source Python editor, is next on our list of best python IDE for Windows. It comes in two flavors: community and enterprise.

PyCharm has pretty much everything you’d want in an IDE: integrated unit testing, code inspection, integrated version control, code refactoring tools, a range of project navigation tools, as well as the usual highlighting and automated completion capabilities.

Many advanced capabilities of Pycharm are not available under an open-source version. If you don’t need the complex features in the closed source version, you may want to try the free version, a lightweight and straightforward option for Python editing.

Additional Features of PyCharm

  • It includes an intelligent code editor, smart code navigation, and quick and safe refactorings.
  • Debugging, testing, profiling, deployments, remote development, and database utilities are all included.
  • PyCharm supports Python web development frameworks, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Angular JS, and Live edit features.
  • IPython Notebook, Python Console, and Scientific Stack are all well-integrated.

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2. Eric

eric python ide and code editor

Eric is a popular choice of a lot of programmers for Python editing. Interestingly it is named after Monty Python’s Eric Idle, is a Python application that uses the Qt framework. Eric uses Scintilla, which is a source code editing component.

Scintilla can also be found in a variety of other editors and IDEs. Eric has many other IDEs, such as brace matching, code completion, a class browser, and integrated unit tests.

It also contains a Qt form preview function, which comes in handy if you’re working on a Qt GUI. If you are a person who is new to the concept of IDEs, it may take some time for you to master, and you might wonder if learning a Python-specific IDE is even worth it or not.

Eric is a terrific, lightweight, yet full-featured programming environment, and learning it can improve the quality of your code and familiarise you with IDE principles.

Additional features of Eric

  • It has collaboration features and an in-built debugger, job management, profiling, and code coverage support.
  • Error highlighting, a customizable window layout, advanced search tools, source code folding, and call tips are all available in it.
  • It includes features such as application diagrams, syntax highlighting, and auto code completion.
  • It includes a sophisticated project management tool, an integrated class browser, version control, collaboration features, and source code.

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3. Spyder

spyder - best python ide

Spyder IDE is focused on data science and is a standalone environment. It’s a large, complicated, and feature-rich application featuring panels for rendering data, code output, logs, and history, among other things. It’s available as a standalone download or as part of a bundle with the Anaconda distribution, a popular Python and R development toolbox.

Additional features of Spyder

  • Debugging and conditional breakpoints are available.
  • You can customize Syntax Highlighting.
  • You can run a line, a file, a cell, and so on using interactive execution.
  • Can edit and explore variables directly from the GUI.

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4. Pydev

pydev - best python ide for windows

Next in our list of best python IDE for Windows is Pydev. It is a third-party Eclipse plugin. It’s a Python programming environment in the form of an IDE. It has a linear size. It focuses on refactoring Python code, debugging in graphic patterns, code analysis, and so on.

It’s a Python interpreter with a lot of power. It becomes more flexible for developers to use the IDE to develop an application with many capabilities because it is a plugin for eclipse. It is one of the most popular open-source IDEs among developers.

Additional features of Pydev

  • F-string analysis, Mypy, virtual environments, and black formatter are also supported.
    It has Django integration, auto code completion, and code coverage.
  • Type hinting, refactoring, debugging, and code analysis are among the many capabilities it provides.
  • Features include a remote debugger, PyLint integration, an interactive console, a tokens browser, and Unittest support.

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python idle - best ide for windows

Python comes with a default editor called IDLE (Integrated Development and Learning Environment). This is designed for developers who are beginners. IDLE is a well-known Python-based IDE that has been integrated with the default language.

It is one of the top Python IDEs. IDLE is an essential and straightforward IDE mainly used by entry-level developers who want to experiment with Python. It’s also cross-platform, which helps new developers a lot, but it’s also known as a disposable IDE because after learning the basics, a developer moves on to a more advanced IDE.

Additional features of IDLE

  • Has basic text editor features, as well as intelligent indenting.
  • Has a powerful debugger.
  • Can search multiple files.
  • Syntax highlighting, error and i/o messages are available.

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6. Rodeo

best python ide for windows - rodeo

Rodeo is an open-source Python IDE created by Yhat. It is a development environment that is lightweight, intuitive, and yet completely customizable. That is the reason; it is one of the best python IDE and code editors for Windows.

It’s like having your data exploration and interpretation home base. It’s targeted at Data Scientists. Rodeo makes it simple for users to examine what they’ve developed while also allowing them to inspect, compare, and interact with data frames, graphs, and much more.

Rodeo is a native Python IDE that can assist users in quickly gaining an understanding of data structures without having to write any more lines of code, hence saving time. It also has some rudimentary package management and graphing features.

Additional features of Rodeo

  • It includes all of the functionality needed for data science or machine learning operations, such as loading data and experimenting.
  • It enables programmers to communicate, compare data, inspect, and plot data.
  • Rodeo helps write code faster by providing clean code, auto-completion, syntax high lighting, and IPython compatibility.
  • It also provides a visual file navigator and packages search to help developers find what they need.

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7. Thonny

thonny - best python code editor

Thonny is a free Python IDE explicitly created for beginners. Above all, it contains a built-in debugger that comes in handy when you run into severe issues, as well as the ability to execute step-through expression evaluation and a slew of other cool features.

The best part is that it has a basic and straightforward set of functionality that even inexperienced developers can comprehend. It is highly beneficial to users that work in a virtual environment.

Additional Features of Thonny

  • It examines code for bracket matching and error highlighting
  • Thonny also have auto-code completion functionality
  • A simple to use debugger that does not need a prior understanding of breakpoints
  • It provides a simple package installation interface

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In this blog, we have compiled a list of the 7 best Python IDE for Windows. Do check out these best Python code editors to streamline and enhance your programming experience. My favorite from this list is PyCharm as it offers a modern UI and provides many premium features that aren’t available in others.