5 Best Project Portfolio Management Software


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Here you will find a list of the 5 best portfolio management software. Portfolio management software is essential for managers and business leaders to manage projects and make informed decisions efficiently. Project portfolio management software helps leaders become more organized and increase business value through efficient resource management.

Most of the PPM software on this list are SaaS-based and offer free versions and trials. Thus, you can use them and understand their true potential before making the final commitment. We have shared their pros and cons. Therefore, you should read this review until the end to make an informed decision and choose the right project portfolio management software for your business.

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5 Best Project Portfolio Management Software

Let’s explore these five best project portfolio management software without further ado.

1. Monday


Monday is a popular platform for portfolio and project management. The software is known for providing many unique features for seamless portfolio management. Using this tool makes decision-making easier for the management team of an organization. The most notable thing is that the tool suits small and large enterprises.

Monday.com has four pricing plans: Standard, Basic, Enterprise, and Pro. Depending on your requirements, you can choose a plan. If you are unsure about choosing the right plan, you can try the free trial version. However, the trial version has limited features to offer to the users. Find some notable features of the tool below:

  • Admin can assign tasks to the other users
  • The software can generate automated notifications
  • Track milestones and schedule projects according to priority
  • An interactive view of work progress
  • Compatible with many financial management tools

The overall impression of the tool is good. Minor to large enterprises can use the tool to increase productivity, schedule projects, and improve decision-making.

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2. Clarizen


Clarizen is well-known portfolio management software with many unique features. It offers three products for the users: Clarizen Eagle, Clarizen One, and Clarizen Go.

The cloud-based software helps small enterprises to manage multiple projects from one centralized platform. Moreover, the tool is compatible with various operating systems such as Mac, Windows, Linux, etc.

All three products of Clarizen come with two pricing plans: unlimited and enterprise. Users can visit the official website to check the features available under these two plans. In the following section, you can find some notable features of this project portfolio management software.

  • Clarizen Eagle offers seamless collaboration between various departments
  • Clarizen Go is an advanced task and portfolio management system
  • Clarizen One is a top-notch project management tool

Clarizon offers flawless project management to implement real-time changes to the project management process. The software helps shuffle the resources, reset priorities, and allocate the budget.

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3. MeisterPlan


MeisterPlan is a trusted and robust portfolio management software. The software has three pricing plans: Enterprise, Business, and Starter.

You can pick the number of resources per the requirements and pricing for the business packages. The tool comes with a free trial plan for 30 days for beginners. However, the trial version has limited features in the offering.

MeisterPlan is a one-stop platform for checking organizational portfolios and tasks. This software can view your business’s projects, employees, finances, etc. Apart from creating a master portfolio, the software allows you to develop sub-portfolios. Some unique and advanced features of the software are:

  • Track project progress and milestones
  • Create strategic alignment with a project with priorities
  • Resource management gets simplified with this tool
  • Advanced financial management and planning features

Using this portfolio management software is beneficial for organizations for many reasons. You can get many software features at an affordable cost in one place.

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4. Microsoft Project


As a global software developer, Microsoft does not need an introduction. The company is famous worldwide, though we commonly know only about a handful of tools from this developer. Microsoft has developed Microsoft Project for small and medium businesses, which the companies can deploy for seamless and tactical project planning and management.

The cloud-based Microsoft Project has three pricing plans: Professional, Premium, and Essential. Beginners can use the free trial version for 30 days to get the look and feel of the tool. This portfolio management system allows you to bring all your projects under one platform. Thus, project management gets more manageable with this tool.

  • The software has built-in templates, reports, multiple timelines, and real-time reporting systems.
  • Users can choose the project proposal evaluation, portfolio optimization, BI integration, and other features.
  • The software features flawless resource planning with visual heat maps, integrated collaboration, resource analytics, etc.

Overall, this is a trusted and advanced tool for portfolio management. Microsoft has developed the tool to meet the requirements of small enterprises, though medium and large-scale businesses can use it to manage their projects and portfolios.

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5. Adobe Workfront


Workfront is an excellent tool for project management and resource planning for medium to large enterprises. You can manage your project portfolios flawlessly through this software. One of the major highlights of the software is a workflow automation and effortless team collaboration.

For streamlining the digital asset management process, you can use this tool. Additionally, the software offers seamless resource planning and agile project management.

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We sum up our list of the five best project portfolio management software. You can efficiently manage your projects using various advanced features using any of these software. In the comments section below, let us know which one you like the most. Also, please feel free to share any other PPM software that you would like to see on this list.

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