10 Best Programming Languages to Learn for Beginners

Programming is using computers and other devices to solve complex problems. In the 21st century, where hot terms like machine learning, artificial intelligence, and digital transformation are disrupting every industry, coding has become a desirable skill that most people can acquire to live the life of their dreams.

Before learning to program, you should learn a language to improve your understanding of fundamentals such as syntax, variables, operators, conditional and looping statements, exceptional handling, and other concepts.

When you become comfortable with programming a language, you can expedite your learning by creating simple projects and later developing real-world ones.

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Top 10 programming languages to learn in 2021

This blog has compiled a list of the ten best programming languages you can learn in 2021 to have a good opportunity or kickstart your programming career. However, before exploring these coding languages, you must pick which kind of developer you want to become.

R or Python are great options for solving business problems with data. On the other hand, if you want to create mobile applications, depending on the ecosystem, Java, Swift, etc., would be a good choice.

Apart from different use cases, many other factors can significantly influence choosing a programming language, such as complexity and previous experience. In most schools, kids are taught a basic level of programming too. If you are stuck with your programming assignment, you check “do my coding assignment” for help.

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Now, deep dive and explore which programming languages you can learn.

1. Python

Python is an open-source language that provides a user-friendly structure for data, easy association with web services, and community development. It is also famous for deep and machine-learning applications.

Do check out this Python tutorial if you want to learn Python and build real-world projects.


  • It supports various platforms and systems
  • It also improves the productivity of programmers
  • Object-oriented programming (OOPs)


  • The database access point of Python is underdeveloped
  • It is not ideal for smartphone computing

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2. Java

Java is a common language that many programmers use for coding. Oracle Corporation owns this language. Its structure determines its position and is widespread in developing applications that do not require a platform.

These functions of Java are possible due to its capability to write once and run anywhere. So, Java is portable for both mainframe data centers and smartphones. More than three billion devices have successfully run applications built on this language.


  • It offers APIs to perform different activities
  • It has a significant number of open sources from libraries
  • Java is an object-oriented language


  • Memory management is costly in Java
  • It has limited templates that do not allow the user to make a high-quality structure of data

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3. Kotlin

It was first developed in 2011 by JetBrains. This language is used for general purposes. Its first official version was released in 2016. This programming language is frequently used to develop Android, desktop, web, and server-side applications.

The Kotlin language was developed with more advanced functionality than Java. Therefore, developers and programmers are convinced to use this language. Google also used Kotlin for its different applications.

Other companies like Pinterest, Coursera, PostMates, and many others use Kotlin. The average earning of developers of Kotlin is $136,000 annually and can increase to $171,500.


  • It works very fast on the user’s browser
  • It is effortless to learn
  • You can easily use this language in different applications


  • It does not allow multiple inheritances
  • The copy method is not available
  • Different browsers can interrupt its work

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4. Swift

Swift was among the top 10 popular programming languages a few years ago. Apple developed it in 2014. It officially worked for Mac applications and Linux. It is a straightforward language that helps beginners to learn successfully.

Swift is an open-source language that supports all kinds of things from Objective-C. You can use it with IBM Bluemix and IBM Swift Sandbox. It does not require high-level skills to learn its coding.

Swift can be helpful in Mozilla Firefox, a game like Flappy Bird, and WordPress. The average per-year salary of its developers is around $96,000.

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  • Its code is similar to English and can be read easily
  • It has no long code line, so it is easy to learn
  • In Swift, you can add new features quickly


  • Due to continuous updating, you may find it unstable sometimes
  • The Swift developer pool is limited

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5. C#

Microsoft developed C#. It supports the object-oriented concept of programming. C# is the powerful language of programming for the .NET Framework. It was developed by Anders Hejlsberg, who says it works more efficiently than Java and C++.


  • If you know the C language, then it will be easy for you to learn
  • C# can integrate with Windows easily
  • The best part is that C# has full integration with the .NET library


  • It gives access to pointers in the unsafe block

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6. C and C++

C is an older language of programming and is very common in use. It is the main root for developing other languages like Java, JavaScript, and C#. C++ is the modern and advanced type of C.

C is the foundation of learning C++. Many developers ignore learning the C language and directly shift to learning C++. Other programmers start learning the C language first to make their foundation. These two languages are commonly used in programming and computer science.


  • It is a famous language with many libraries and compilers
  • C++ is easy to learn
  • There is no garbage collector in the background of the language


  • Its syntax is complicated.
  • The standard library is also limited.
  • It is not easy to learn for beginners.

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7. Go

Google developed Go in 2007. It comes with web applications and APIs. Recently it has become a fast-growing language because it is straightforward to use and understand. It is also capable of handling multi-network systems.

You can also find it with another name, Golang. The average yearly income of Go developers is $92,000 and can reach up to $134,000.


  • Go works very fast
  • It has a unique syntax
  • It has a standard library for handy built-in functions


  • Library support is abysmal
  • Dependence management is not up to the mark

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8. PHP

PHP is an open-source language first developed in 1990. A web developer needs expertise in PHP because 80% of a website needs PHP for its building. PHP is helpful for websites on the internet and Yahoo, and Facebook.

It usually helps to write server-side scripts. Highly qualified developers can also use it for developing desktop applications. They can also write command-line scripts by using PHP. It is straightforward to learn for beginners. The average income of PHP creators is $81,500.


  • It is a functional and easy-to-run programming language
  • It is the top-ranking language with powerful open-source software
  • Automation tools are available for deploying and testing


  • Its facility to handle errors is not good
  • As it has the largest open sources, it is not secure

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9. Matlab

MathWorks owned Matlab and was officially released in the middle of the 1980s. Programmers and developers can use it for making deep learning and machine learning applications.

It helps to create an algorithm and to analyze the data. Finally, its users can use it to process images and verify their research. The average annual income of a Matlab creator is $101,000.


  • Works efficiently for a large number of table rows
  • MATLAB works fast in querying data and searching
  • It is a powerful language
  • It works fast in retrieving data from different tables


  • It isn’t easy to transfer data from the object to tables
  • You need to upgrade hardware if it needs high speed
  • It works only on a single server, and if the server stops, it won’t be easy to access the database

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10. R

This is another version of the S language. It is an open-source programming language. If the developers write their code on S, it will run automatically on R, and it needs no modification for that process.

The apps built by using the R language have more capabilities. These apps can process statistics, like testing, calculation, analysis, visualization, and nonlinear and linear modeling. R creators can earn $91,000 per year.


  • Best for comprehensive statistical analysis of language
  • R can efficiently execute on various operating systems
  • It is the best choice for Microsoft Windows and GNU or Linux


  • Its memory management is not efficient
  • The work quality of some packages is not excellent


In this blog, we explored the ten best programming languages you can learn as a beginner—depending on your requirements and the many languages you wish to learn. Most importantly, I also focus on learning data structures and algorithms to become an innovative developer.

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