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10 Best Programming Apps To Learn Python

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Python is one of the most popular and accessible programming languages in high demand lately. It has been an integral part of the data science sphere with increasing machine learning and artificial intelligence applications. With this, most of you might want to learn python programming for several reasons. If you are one of them, here are the 10 best programming apps to learn Python.

10 Best Programming Apps To Learn Python [Android and iOS]

1. SoloLearn

SoloLearn is a popular and best programming app for learning Python for Android and iOS users to learn to code. Most of the platform’s content is freely available, covering various programming languages.

The exciting part about the app is that it allows you to connect with millions of other coders across the globe. It will enable you to write and run real-time python code on mobile quickly. Once you finish the lesson, the app needs you to take an assignment. If you have successfully passed it, you will be awarded a certificate as a python programmer.

Available: Android and iOS

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2. Programiz

Programiz offers step-by-step tutorials for python programming ranging from beginner to advanced levels. Suppose you are interested in learning to code but have zero percent knowledge about it. Programiz is one of the best programming apps for learning Python.

The app also allows you to get an option to write, edit, and run your python code within it. With Programiz, you also attend python quizzes to expand your knowledge of the python world. Depending on your requirements, you can enroll in the course for free or paid.

Available: Android

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3. Pythoni

Pythoni gives you free access to download the app and learn Python with the help of quizzes and some real-time projects. It is one of the best python programming apps which can auto-complete and auto-correct itself.

It also has features such as changing font size, sharing codes with friends, and many more. More importantly, it also comes with an integrated web browser which helps you access various resources to boost your skills.

Available: iOS

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4. Mimo

If you want to learn Python programming through an iOS device, Mimo is it. It allows you to learn programming languages other than Python, such as PHP, SQL, C sharp, and many more. It has easy-to-consume content with real-time projects making the tutorials more interesting.

It is the best app for learning Python and supports various libraries. There is also an in-built glossary to help you understand the lessons better. Additionally, this can also help you crack job interviews as most of the quizzes are designed keeping interviews in mind too.

Available: iOS

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5. Eduonix

Eduonix is perfect for beginners who want to start coding for the first time. The app has an excellent user interface, making the lectures more enjoyable.

It also lectures for the intermediate and advanced levels of learners. Eduonix also has a lot of Python-based courses that can help you build your knowledge to a great extent.

Available: Android and iOS

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6. Learn Python

The Learn Python programming course is offered by Udemy, the most popular e-learning platform for all learners. It has both free as well as paid courses with easy-to-understand video lectures.

Learning Python is best for people wanting to go into the data science spectrums such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, and GUI applications.

Available: Android and iOS

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7. Learn Python: Ultimate Guide

The ultimate guide covers all the topics related to Python, ranging from a beginner to an advanced level.

Like all other apps, it also has real-time projects, quizzes, and other resources. The app has the best and high-quality content. The learning materials are divided into simpler parts to help you understand concepts better.

Available: Android

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8. QPython

QPython is listed as one of the best apps to learn Python as it has many features such as interpreters, QPYI, SL4A library, and many more.

It is a high-rated app on the Play Store which can execute codes and documents from QR codes. It can also help developers develop android applications with ease.

Available: Android

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9. Learn Python Programming Tutorial- Free

This app is powered by ApkZube, a company at the forefront of developing mobile applications that primarily benefit students.

Like others, Learn Python Programming app also comes along with essential to advanced levels of tutorials with a quiz session. You can select your level of understanding and learn Python for free.

Available: Android

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10. is an open-source platform that can help you understand various technologies and programming languages all in one place.

Both the learning and testing run in parallels to help you understand and remember concepts better. The courses on the app are free, allowing you to access various kinds of content.

Available: Android and iOS

So, why late, pick up and start learning? These are the best apps to learn python programming on our list.

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