10 Best Procreate Alternatives for Android

Here we have compiled a list of the 10 best Procreate alternatives for Android. There was a time when we did not have any digital means of art; for an artist to visualize their thoughts, there needed to be a Canvas with expensive paints, which was time-consuming and tiresome.

With the advancements in technology, the artists no longer need to wait to set up a Canvas and then start painting as there are efficient devices like iPad and applications like Procreate for the same.

Procreate is an app for professional digital Artists to make digital art on iPhones and iPad. Procreate is used to make digital art, graphics, and other graphics-related images. From designers using it for designing blueprints, characters, jewelry, etc., to artists making a living on digital art, Procreate is the choice.

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10 Best Procreate Alternatives for Android

Sadly enough, the app is available only for Apple products. So, if you are an android user, this dream app is just in your dreams. Since the procreate’s devs do not plan to let android users use the app, there are many alternatives for the same on Android.

But, the list is extensive, and one cannot expect to try all to find the best one. So, here’s a list of the 10 best procreate alternatives, with major necessary features and functions in mind.

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1. Sketchbook

sketchbook - procreate alternative for android

Considering the wide range of creative tools and intuitive interface, Autodesk SketchBook seems to be a very effective alternative to Procreate.

One of the reasons why Procreate is so popular is its exceptionally intuitive interface that is similar to procreate. The app also allows you to sketch your imagination and create paintings or sketches with desired smoothness.

SketchBook can easily handle even large paintings (up to 100mp) while maintaining the magnified feel of a traditional drawing.

SketchBook is available on Android and iOS platforms, plus it’s free to download. SketchBook is easily one of the best free Procreate alternatives for Android.

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2. Adobe Photoshop Sketch

adobe photoshop sketch

With one of the largest libraries of professionally crafted tools such as pens, pencils, and erasers, Photoshop easily matches SketchBook and Procreate in terms of accuracy and versatility. Procreate still has a friendly user interface, but Photoshop is slightly ahead of them in customization.

It also has the flexibility to send sketches to Photoshop or Illustrator while preserving layers, making it a better choice for anyone who prefers to unlock various Photoshop/Illustrator/capture tools to decorate their artwork.

You also have quick access to 11 tools for fine-tuning essential factors such as size, color, and opacity. When efficiency and versatility are your top priorities, Photoshop Sketch is an excellent Procreate alternative for Android devices.

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3. ibis PaintX

ibis paintx

Yet another Procreate alternative bets big on many professionally designed creative tools. The robust library of over 2500 documents, 800 fonts, and 380 brushes assure you a wide range of tools to enhance your designs. They also operate with great precision.

ibis Paint X allows you to add as many layers as you want. And with Focus Stabilization at your disposal, you also have the precision to control every aspect of your design.

Furthermore, the inclusion of filters such as tone curves, gradient maps, and clouds also plays a vital role in enhancing the look and feel of the designs. ibis Paint X is one of the best apps similar to Procreate for Android.

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4. Artrage

artrage - best procreate alternatives

Artrave is a perfect substitute for Procreate for watercolor and oil painting. While ProCreate focuses more on the interface and a wide range of tools to create modern designs, ArtRage mimics actual paint with natural strokes, giving your creations a classic look.

Plus, the ability to track essentials like light direction, thickness, and humidity puts you in complete control. In terms of flexibility, Procreate has a clear advantage over ArtRage.

However, the presence of special effects tools like glitter tubes, Gloop pens, and the ability to store your favorite settings as custom presets is excellent.

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5. Concepts


Con Concept could easily be a great substitute focusing on accuracy and precision. The application has a neat interface and looks more vivid. And with a solid set of brushes, pencils, and fountain pens, you too have the flexibility to create works of art the way you want.

Just like Procreate, Con Concept provides a lovely layering system that you can use to create your designs with the necessary control.

Concepts also feature flexible vector sketching, allowing you to move freely and adjust your artwork. You can also customize things like canvas, tools, and gestures.

Other features in this app are the ability to create an infinite canvas with different types of paper and grids and the handy drag and drop.

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6. PaperColor

papercolor - procreate android alternative

PaperColor is a user-friendly app directed at people trying to improve their skills. The app provides a wide variety of drawing styles and a rich color library.

By mimicking a paintbrush, the app provides an authentic drawing experience. Thus, you will have the impression that you are drawing on a piece of paper.

In terms of simplicity and ease of use, it has a slight edge over Procreate. Though PaperColor can’t match Procreate’s sleek user interface and rich toolset.

If you are a complete beginner or a “hobbyist,” “doodler,” then indeed, PaperColor is one of the best Procreate alternatives for Android.

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7. Adobe Illustrator

adobe illustrator - best procreate alternatives

Another product from Adobe that can rival Procreate is Illustrator Draw. Adobe Illustrator Draw is very beneficial if you are a creator of vector artwork. Unlike its desktop counterpart, Illustrator Draw is designed for smartphones and tablets.

With Illustrator Draw, you have five different pen tips with adjustable opacity, size, and color. You also get the flexibility of using multiple images and drawing layers. Additionally, you can rename, duplicate, or merge individual layers to fit your workflow.

One of the main advantages of using Illustrator Draw is that you can send an editable file to Illustrator or Photoshop to pick up where you left off on your desktop.

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8. Medibang Paint

medibang paint

Another simple app, Medibang, has a very straightforward interface. You won’t have much to complain about if you prefer a streamlined experience.

While it can’t match the wide range of creative tools Procreate offers, it does offer a wide range of brush shapes, fonts, and an ever-growing library of backgrounds for you to decorate.

MediBang Paint also saves all your data in the cloud so you can seamlessly switch between devices without worrying about losing your work.

A differing feature of this Procreate alternative is the ability to add a dialogue with text-to-speech. Besides, MediBang Paint allows you to collaborate with your friends on a project.

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9. Tayasui Sketches

tayasui sketches

Tayasui Sketches makes you feel like you’re drawing on paper by focusing solely on a clutter-free interface with easy-to-handle tools.

This is probably the most significant advantage of this application. Instead of providing a wide variety of tools, Tayasui Sketches has focused on delivering precise tools that work efficiently.

It also offers efficient changes to opacity with an eraser tool. And with blend modes, Tayasui Sketches makes the transition between translucent and transparent hassle-free.

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10. Artflow


If you enjoy using a stylus to draw, you should seriously consider ArtFlow. What sets Procreate apart from many others is its ability to get the most out of the Apple Pencil. This app fully supports Apple Pencil gestures, allowing you to sketch, draw, or design artwork with enhanced control.

To reproduce the same experience on Android devices, ArtFlow provides pen pressure support (NVIDIA DirectStylus support) and palm rejection.

Another feature that puts ArtFlow in direct competition with Procreate is the GPU-accelerated paint engine. This means you can expect it to work fine on your Android device.

In addition to smooth performance, support for oil paintings up to 6144 × 6144 with 50 layers, 100+ brushes, and 10-layer filters makes it ideal for professionals.

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We conclude this article by stating the 10 best Procreate alternatives for Android. Whether you’re a professional big-shot artist trying to find another fun to work with the platform or a child or “hobbyist” trying to set your mind free through art, we hope this article was helpful in your artistic journey.

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