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10 Best Pool Design Software for Windows

Here we have compiled a list of 10 best pool design software for Windows. Use any of these tools to design pool plans. Read more here.

Here, we have compiled a list of the 10 best pool design software for Windows. To build a layout for a pool design, one requires advanced 2D and 3D-based software to design specific proportions, colors, the styling of the pool, lower area design, and height.

If you are seeking pool layout design software, then this content will be helpful to you because, in this article, we will analyze effective pool designs.

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10 Best Pool Design Software for Windows

Here is the 10 best pool design software for Windows.

1. DreamPlan Design Tool

dreamplan pool design software for windows

To create the pool layout design for housing, commercial, or other intent, DreamPlan is a splendid software for building a lovely pool as per planning.

This design-based software also facilitates the design of interior spaces, 2D build-up, and 3D build-up design planning structures.

To design a pool, this tool helps to add pool styling, suitable color for the pool, water positioning, 360-degree visual of the pool, and many other features.

This software offers a free trial period and payment-based service benefits.

Offer: Free Trial/Paid

Visit Website.

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2. Structure Studios Design Software

structure studios design software

Structure Studios software provides a beautiful 3D design layout for housing design, pool design, garden design, and outdoor locations. This software includes Vip3D design effects to build a beautiful, lively structure for a specific location or area.

This 3D featuring-based design software lets one see various pool designs and structures.

This software provides features that users can use to analyze pool structure, surrounding specifications, changes in layout, etc.

Offer: Free Trial/Paid

Visit Website.

3. Realtime Landscaping Architect Software

realtime landscaping architect software

Realtime Landscaping Architect software is considered one of the effective pool design software.

It has a 3D landscape design, design pattern, swimming pool, and plant design, and with the addition of waterslides, you can smoothly operate lighting through this software.

This software facilitates building pool designs, construction layouts, pool length, water execution, surrounding design, supplementary products, and shaping.

Offer: Free Trial/Paid

Visit Website.

4. Pool Templates Software

pool templates software

Design a magnificent pool; Pool Templates Software is the perfect option to create a design. Pool Templates Software assists in the housing and commercial layout of a pool.

A 3D structure can create the perfect dimension, design, wall structure, and other essential designs.

Pro suite, 3D, 2D, 1D pool design, and pool estimation features are the unique specifications of this software.

This software has several templates and customized layouts. This software also makes the selection of pool styling and layout editing possible.

Offer: Free

Visit Website.

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5. Design Your Pool Software

design your pool software

Design Your Pool software is a good platform for building a fantastic pool for residential and commercial needs.

There are several shaping choices, pool builder choices, pool-building activities, and pool drawings within a specific time. It can create a suitable pool design by following the layout guidelines.

Apart from these features, generating a reality-based 3D visual for surrounding elements and other essential planning can be added during the designing process.

Offer: Free

6. Your Pool Plans Software

your pool plans software

Your Pool Plans is a splendid tool for creating an architectural-based layout. This 3D, 2D feature-based tool enables the creation of concept-based designs and presentation-based scripts for pool or other designs. It systematically adds those layouts to appear like a reality-based concept pool per the blueprint.

One can select the pool design and share all the information related to pool design. After the design draft is ready, one can easily access the final draft from this software.

Offer: Paid

Visit Website.

7. SmartDraw Designing Software

smartdraw designing software

SmartDraw designing software is an impressive tool that facilitates building layouts in a diagram structure, infographic structure, landscape design, and floor and housing planning.

This software can authorize the creation of the perfect diagram of a pool, size selection, color selection, customization of the design, or changes in structure.

Offer: Free Trial/Paid

Visit Website.

8. Hayward My Dream Pool

hayward my dream pool

Hayward, My Dream Pool, is an excellent software for constructing a pool design. By selection of planning and budget, the pool gallery selections, My Dream Pool presents a solid idea of how to build a design.

One can share or upload the pool space, select dimensions, and design structures based on planning.

After sharing or uploading the accurate data regarding the pool layout, select the coping and decking to view how they will appear after the design completion.

Overall, it is an easy-to-operate software that can assist in building a perfect pool design.

Offer: Free Trial/Paid.

Visit Website.

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9. Planner 5D

planner 5d

Planner 5D is a platform for home and architecture-based design software. But this tool can assist in designing a pool as well.

One can create a 3D plan and structures of pool design and visualize that through 3D features. It also allows a preview of the product and how it will appear in a specific spot.

Use this software to design a suitable pool, choosing from pool structures, interior and exterior visual design, color choices, flooring, and other essential items.

Offer: Free Trial/Paid

Visit Website.

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10. SketchUp


SketchUp is superb design-based software. This software has 3D modeling that assists in creating a pool design per planning.

There are different shapes, scaling options, outer space selection, push, paint choices, and pull tools to select during the pool design.

After selecting the shape, color selection, and entire dimensions, the 3D model will display the pool visual after the desired planning project selection.

Offer: Free Trial/Paid

Visit Website.

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Wrapping Up

These were the 10 best pool design software for Windows. All these software can operate through Windows devices; few are accessible on Mac devices. One can opt for this pool software to create a standard pool design.

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