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15 Best Podcast Downloader Software for Windows

Here we have compiled a list of the 15 best free podcast downloader software for Windows. Use these tools to download and listen to podcasts on the desktop.

This article will discuss the 15 best free podcast downloader software for Windows. Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular, providing listeners with more elaborate and engaging content than alternatives such as music.

Furthermore, the fact that you can easily download them makes them more portable and allows for education and entertainment on the go.

Podcasts are easily accessible to a global audience without geographical boundaries. Apart from that, based on personal experience, they’re also a great tool to tackle loneliness and anxiety. 

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The software we’ll discuss today includes numerous features such as downloading, managing podcasts, searching for and downloading podcasts via RSS feeds, subscribing to audio/video podcasts, and transferring podcasts to a different device such as an iPod or USB drive.

If you’re slightly inclined towards podcasts, this list will be fascinating. So, without further delay, let us begin with our list of the 15 best free podcast downloaders for Windows. 

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15 Best Free Podcast Downloader Software for Windows

Below is the handpicked list of the best free podcast downloaders for Windows. Each item in our list is tried and tested and oozes quality. Let’s have a look at them:

1. gPodder


gPodder is free software for downloading your favorite podcasts. Using gPodder, you can transfer, download, and search podcasts to numerous devices, such as MTP-based players, iPods, or USB drives.

This software is directly based on PyGTK and Python. You’re also given an option to subscribe to video and audio podcasts. It supports SoundCloud, atom, YouTube, and RSS feeds. What more could a podcast lover ask for?


  • Synchronize Devices: Provides synchronization between devices with full gpodder.net integration. 
  • Customizable: Offers support for user-defined hooks and plugins.

Get this podcast downloader here.

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2. Juice


Juice is also a free podcast downloader for Windows and acts as a podcast receiver. Using Juice, you can download podcasts through RSS feeds.

You can even choose podcasts from multiple online locations and then play them on your preferred device.


  • Subscription: It supports a one-click subscription 
  • Auto-cleanup: Automatically delete older episodes on a per-feed basis. 

Get this podcast downloader here.

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3. iTunes 


This may surprise you, but you can install Apple iTunes on your Windows system. The best part is that you can use it to download podcasts on your computer with ease. Apart from that, you can also listen to the radio and manage all your digital media.


  • Family Sharing: This feature allows up to six people to share their iTunes purchases. 
  • Streamlined Interface: You can quickly get along with one of the most friendly user interfaces. 

Get this podcast downloader here.

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4. HermesPod


HermesPod is a free utility to download podcasts on your PC. You can download podcasts and transfer them to an MP3 player, iPod Touch, iPhone, etc. For the best results, subscribe to the podcasts based on your choices.


  • Superior Compatibility: Download podcasts on your PC and listen to them on any device. 
  • Powerful: It has an integrated web browser and intelligent feed auto-discovery. 

Get this podcast downloader here.

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5. MediaMonkey


Organizing and downloading your favorite podcast has never been easier than this. MediaMonkey is a stellar software that you can use daily. It even lets you edit podcast files and manage the location of podcast folders.


  • Intuitive GUI: The user interface can take some time to get used to, but once you’re familiar with it. It is as smooth as butter. 
  • Party & Sleep Mode: You can set any mode depending on your situation. These modes function as their names.

Get this podcast downloader here.

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6. Media Go


MediaGo is best suited for downloading podcasts quickly. All the podcasts you’ve subscribed to will appear on your screen when you click the “podcasts” option in the main UI. MediaGo is also an exceptional podcast player.


  • Versatile: Compatible with numerous devices and systems. 
  • Synchronized: Easily synchronizes with all your social media handles. 

Get this podcast downloader here.

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7. Pull


Downloading and managing your podcasts from the web has never been more fun. Just input the download link of the podcast you want to download, and you’re good to go. You can generate a list of podcasts to download and immediately download those with the help of Pull.


  • Portable: You need not install this program, as it is portable. It works without installation. 
  • Lightweight: It is lightweight at around 4.2 MB and can work on low-end devices.

Get this podcast downloader here.

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8. Radio Downloader


Radio Downloader is one of the best free podcast downloader software for Windows. You can search and download podcasts easily. It offers different categories of podcasts for you to choose from. You can listen to the podcasts offline after downloading them.


  • Plugin Framework allows you to access podcasts like audio downloads from providers who do not publish podcasts. 

Get this podcast downloader here.

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9. Doppler


With the help of Doppler freeware, you can get subscriptions for numerous RSS feeds. It will take hold of the files in the RSS feeds and can play them into your desired media player. And yes, you can download the podcasts from the internet using Doppler.


  • Lightweight: This software is reasonably light compared to the others on our list. 
  • RSS: Support for RSS feeds is granted under the RSS subcategory. 

Get this podcast downloader here.

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10. Winamp


Winamp is amongst the most popular media players that can also download podcasts. It is highly customizable as the user wants it to be.

Winamp has an inbuilt browser that lets users subscribe to and download podcasts.


  • Plugins: Winamp supports many free plugins, significantly enhancing the media player’s functionality. 
  • Podcasts Directory: Click on the podcasts directory option to see the list of podcasts from different categories. 

Get this podcast downloader here.

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11. Miro


Miro is an open-source, free podcast downloader for Windows. Apart from that, it can also download and play HD videos.

It offers support for almost any video format in existence. It also has an inbuilt browser to subscribe to various podcasts.


  • Built-in bit Torrent: You don’t need additional BitTorrent software as it already has one.
  • Automatic Downloads: It can automatically download the new podcast episodes you’ve subscribed to. 

Get this podcast downloader here.

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12. Instant Media


You can browse multiple podcast channels simultaneously and select your favorite ones. Just insert the link of the required podcast channel on the main window of this program to add a new podcast.


  • Powerful Streaming Media: It is a powerful video stream and takes less space on the system than other streaming media sections. 

Get this podcast downloader here.

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13. Nimiq


Nimiq is quite a helpful free podcast downloader. However, you must first subscribe to the podcast channel to use this software to its full potential. It can directly download those podcasts on your hard disk.


  • Converter: The files downloaded in the video will be shown as music files. 

Get this podcast downloader here.

14. Primetime Podcast Receiver 


The name suggests that it is a premium free podcast downloader for Windows. With the help of Primetime Podcast Receiver, you can schedule the downloads for your favorite podcasts by enabling the automatic scan feature.


  • Import: It can automatically import subscriptions from the OPML format. 
  • Integration: It is fully compatible with the Windows Media Player and Apple iTunes playlists. 
  • Bookmarks: You can bookmark all your podcasts and return to where you initially left off. 

Get this podcast downloader here.

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15. jsiPodFetch


You can download the RSS feeds and files into a playlist using jsiPodFetch freeware on your PC. It can also help you manage your podcasts by providing multiple features.

If you’re not fond of downloading podcasts manually, it is just the right software to use daily.


  • Feed Manager: Here, you can manage all your inputs regarding the podcasts. 
  • No Support For Mobile Devices: As good as it is, it’s a shame that it cannot download podcasts directly to mobile devices. 

Get this podcast downloader here.

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Wrapping Up

Unfortunately, this concludes our list of Windows’s top 15 best free podcast downloaders. All the apps we’ve discussed here have some distinguishing features that set them apart from the competition.

You can carefully consider each of them and make your best decision. We hope you found this article informative and helpful; please share it with your fellow podcast listeners.

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