5 Best Photo Management Software With Facial Recognition

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This article will go through the 5 best photo management software with facial recognition. The best part is that these photo management tools are free and available for multiple platforms such as Windows, Linux, and Mac. Make sure to stick to the end to find the best photo facial recognition software for your work.

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What is Facial Recognition?

Face recognition is a type of biometric identification system. Face recognition is a way of recognizing a human face through technology. A facial recognition system uses biometrics to map facial features from photos or videos. Biometrics are biological measurements or physical characteristics used to identify individuals.

Some common forms of biometrics include fingerprint matching, retinal scans, and facial biometrics. Face recognition works by scanning faces, analyzing depths and facial features, and then converting that information into data.

It then compares the data to a database of known faces to find a match. Face recognition can help verify someone’s identity or help you with minor tasks like managing your photos for personal or business reasons.

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5 Best Photo Management Software With Facial Recognition

Here is our handpicked list of the top 5 photo managers that support facial recognition. We hope you find it helpful. 

1. Windows Photos

Facial Recognition in Windows Photos

Windows Photo Gallery is a popular image organizer with face recognition support. Using face recognition is more accessible than any other mentioned in the list.

First, you must include the folder where all your photos are stored. Go to File > Include. The next step is to assign tags to people. This process may take some time as photos with faces are detected, recognized, and sorted all at once.

The results are mostly satisfactory. Once the processing is complete, there are all suggestions for similar-looking faces. You start by naming a person, and once you do that, it will create a profile for that person. So if you have a new photo of the same person on your computer, the person’s photo will appear as a suggestion in their created profile, and they will ask for confirmation.

Windows Photos comes highly recommended with a very user-friendly interface and speed. You also don’t need to download it from the web as it is a built-in app with Windows.

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2. Picasa

Facial Recognition In Picasa

Picasa is a free photo manager and one of the best free face recognition software. You’ll be prompted to tag all photos of the same person, and then if you add another photo of that person, the person in the photo will be identified and automatically tagged.

As you add more and more photos of a person, face recognition for that person will get better and better. It can identify even difficult photos of that person (e.g., photos with partial face or a face side view).

Not only that, when an image contains multiple people, it can correctly identify the people in the photo that you have already informed Picasa about.

Based on face recognition, you can find all photos of a person. This could be very useful when you want to find all the photos of a specific person.

Note that the accuracy of face recognition in Picasa depends on many factors. First and foremost, you must provide Picasa with plenty of photos of the person you want to recognize. The photos should be clear, and it would be helpful if they showed different poses of the person so Picasa can create an accurate profile of that person.

Also, Picasa never stops learning. As you add more photos of the same person, Picasa keeps improving. Therefore, when Picasa automatically makes suggestions about a person in a photo, you can confirm to Picasa whether it’s correct or not. Both of these answers will help Picasa improve facial recognition of faces in your photos

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3. FotoBounce

Facial Recognition In FotoBounce

Fotobounce is another popular image file manager that supports face recognition while managing a collection of photos. It recognizes faces in a photo fairly well and displays them all as a list.

The interface is ok but not that easy to use. For this software to perform face recognition, you must tag people’s photos. First, Fotobounce detects all faces in images and displays them under Unidentified Faces.

Photos with similar faces can be viewed and organized as Unknown people. Now you need to name (or tag) these unknown people. So if you add a new photo of the same person, it will be recognized and placed under the tagged person’s profile.

You can see all the named people you’ve tagged in people and groups. You can also preview them and make some basic edits to them.

Sometimes, Fotobounce finds it difficult to recognize faces that look exactly like those already tagged. It could not be delightful since you’ll have to tag them all yourself.

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4. Digikam

Face Recognition In DigiKam

Digikam is an open-source photo manager that supports face recognition. It provides an easy-to-use interface to manage an extensive collection of image files. However, it’s not as accurate at face recognition as other software on this list.

Also, it doesn’t work like any other software on the list. For this software to start face recognition, you must select the “People” tab on the left. After that, you need to search the collection for faces. You need to recognize faces first if you haven’t tagged or named a face. It can also recognize the people in your photos if you have identified multiple faces.

This software would be perfect for managing a collection of image files. However, in terms of detecting (or even recognizing) faces in photos, it’s not that great.

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5. Magix

Facial recognition in Magix Photo Editor

Magix Photo Manager is a free photo organizer app that lets you edit, sort, and organize your photos and videos. The streamlined interface helps you make quick edits, develop easy-to-share slideshows, and import images straight from the camera.

You can also take advantage of customizable view modes and custom albums to find videos and photos from your library. Also, you can rate and categorize images for better management. Magix Photo Manager can recognize faces, so you can easily find photos of a specific person. The free version allows you to save up to 10 faces.

You can optimize images’ color, sharpness, contrast, and brightness with a few clicks. Quickly backup your media to DVD, CD, and hard drive, burn your slideshows straight to a DVD or CD, and describe pictures with memories, places, and names; you can also add music, narration, and sound to your slideshows. It even offers 600 MB of free space for program installation.

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We conclude the list of free photo management software with facial recognition. My favorite photo management tools from the list are Windows Photos and Picasa. They offer an intuitive interface and make it easy for you to manage photos with their facial recognition abilities. We hope you find this article helpful in finding the best photo manager/face-recognizing software for your work.