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5 Best Photo Booth Online Websites

Here we have compiled a list of 5 best photo booth online websites. Use these cool websites to click photos with different filters.

Here, we have compiled a list of the 5 best photo booth online websites. You can use these websites to click pictures and apply various cool effects and filters.

The best part is that you can also download your photo booth image as a JPG or PNG file. Some websites let you arrange your photos side by side, while others create a long four-photo strip.

Online photo booths are incredibly enjoyable if you love clicking photos often. The old-fashioned photo booths have become obsolete these days.

But, one can enjoy the vintage charm of the photo booths through the virtual platforms. Many photo booth websites give the same fun that traditional photo booths provide.

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5 Best Photo Booth Online Websites

So, what are the best photo booth websites? You may come across both free and premium websites.

The Premium websites may offer a few unique features. However, the free websites are equally good.

Let’s explore these virtual photo booth websites.

1. Webcam Toy

webcam toy - photo booth website

Webcam Toy is a free online tool with many unique and exciting features. The website offers various effects and filters to add to your photos.

After editing the image, you can download it for free. The website seeks permission to access your webcam or front camera. After obtaining the consent, the camera UI will open.

The user interface comes with live photo filters. Tap on the shutter button to click your photo. You can take a group snap using this photo booth application.

Users can change the photo filters and effects anytime. After completing editing, you can download the photograph in JPEG format.

Try this photo booth website here.

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2. HD Booth

hd booth - photo booth website

HD Booth is a high-definition photo booth website. You will not find any predefined filters on this website. However, the website gives you various features that you can use to create the filters manually.

So, you can make every photo unique and exciting with this free photo booth website.

Users can find many features, including reflection, hue and saturation, vignette, RGB shift length, thermal, brightness control, dot screen, and many more.

Try this photo booth website here.

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3. Pixect

pixect - online photo booth website

Pixect is another well-known photo booth website with an excellent range of features. The website offers different features to make photo editing enjoyable. Beginners have to be permitted to access the webcam.

You can still use the website to edit your existing photos if you do not have a webcam. Upload the image and enjoy adding various effects and filters to the picture.
Using a webcam, you can turn on the countdown button to set a timer.

For example, you add a five-second timer. Users can create exciting photo collages by clicking photos and editing them. After completing photo editing, you can download it anytime without issues.

Try this photo booth website here.

4. PhotoFunia


PhotoFunia is better known as an online photo editing tool, though it has all the photo booth features. Users can use a webcam to click a photo and edit through the software.

If you already have some photos in your drive, you can upload them to the website.
PhotoFunia gives you many options for photo filters. After completing the editing, you can export the photo in JPEG format.

Try this photo booth website here.

5. OutSnapped.com

outsnapped - virtual photo booth online

OutSnapped is another of the best virtual photo booth websites where you can click photos and apply various filters.

Getting started with OutSnapped is pretty straightforward. Visit the link below and click the “Try it now” button to use this virtual photo booth online. The best part is choosing from 3 options in this online photo booth.

You can click a still photo, create three frame GIF, and a boomie. I created a three-frame GIF, and it was hilarious.

Outnapped, clicked three photos, and stitched them together to create a gif. What’s more exciting is that it lets you add text and stickers to your photo GIFs.

Try this photo booth website here.

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We sum up our list of the 5 best photo booth online websites. My favorite websites from this list are Webcam Toy and OutSnapped.

Check out these fabulous photo booth websites and create hilarious photos by adding stickers and filters. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to receive such articles straight to your inbox.

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