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10 Best Periscope Alternatives for Android

Here we have compiled a list of 10 best Periscope alternatives for Android. Explore these alternatives and connect with a massive audience today.

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Here, we have compiled a list of the 10 best Periscope alternatives for Android. Periscope was a live video streaming application where people worldwide could watch live videos and broadcast their own.

It allowed people to present their talent, experiences, opinions, or anything they wanted to share globally. They could gain followers and interact with them. The app also showed highlights of the videos if a subscriber missed a live video.

Many people think Periscope and TikTok are similar but different. In TikTok, we upload videos, while Periscope allows only live video streaming. Many people miss Periscope and look for its alternative.

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10 Best Periscope Alternatives for Android

periscope alternatives for android

Here are 10 alternatives to the Periscope app:

1. Facebook Live

Facebook Live is available within the Facebook app. It has become very popular with streamers. There is no need to install another app for streaming on Facebook. Just tap the Live icon for the living stream.

The Live option is available under the “Write something here” space and the Room and Photos icon.

There is no prerequisite of having a certain number of followers to go live. Anybody can go live to stream their event or promote their products, make a performance, share travel experiences, etc.

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2. YouTube Live

YouTube Live requires you to have at least a minimum of 100 subscribers on your channel to stream live videos.

The best part is that YouTube allows live streamers to monetize live content. It has gained immense popularity for its ease of use.

3. Vimeo

Going live with Vimeo is easy. It is a video hosting platform and offers top-class support to users. Users can also share their videos, gain followers, and interact with them. There is also an incentive attached to the content uploaded on this platform.

Many large companies and organizations use this platform, just like YouTube and Facebook. It has more than 230 million subscribers.

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4. Tango – Live Video Broadcasts

Tango – Live Video Broadcasts are an incredible source to view live videos. Make instant communication and promote content by going live or just for fun. Tango has a vast community where you can get instant followers and exciting reactions to your videos.

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5. Friday Night Live-Social video

This app was launched in 2017, and one can upload fun live videos here if one wants to exhibit their talent in front of others worldwide.

While everyone can stream on this platform, the app targets young adults and teenagers. The app displays top videos so subscribers can instantly watch the most trending content.

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6. 17LIVE

It has become a preferred choice of streamers worldwide, among other applications. You can watch, stream your videos, chat, and support the creators you like, or connect with others and make friends.

It is an ideal way to get yourself and your talents noticed. There are weekly and monthly events, especially for live streamers, where subscribers can express their liking and help their favorite one win.

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7. LiveMe Pro

Though not as popular as other streaming apps mentioned in the list, it is still an app considered an alternative to Periscope. It is a live-streaming social media application.

You can stream your best moments and share them with the app community. You have to download and register in the app to live stream here. You can quickly gain followers and get gifts from your supporters and fans.

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8. Uplive

This is a live-streaming app that you can use to catapult your presence in the streaming world. The app has an excellent and intuitive interface, an important feature. While you can entertain, gain knowledge, or view a live event that interests you.

Uplive has hundreds of live streamers. You can, too, stream your videos and compete with friends and fellow streamers to see who gets the maximum likes. Chat with fans worldwide and build your community.

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9. Panopto

It’s an exciting app that lets you do many things involving training, education, and learning. It is suitable for webcasting lectures, presentations, training sessions, etc., on Android devices. One can also record them to view later.

Engineers can record meetings and communicate the best practices. It is possible to create a community of followers just like one could do on Periscope. It allows users to manage their content by capturing and management tools.

10. StreamYard

StreamYard developers describe this service as a live-streaming studio accessible through the browser. It is meant to broadcast interviews, discussion sessions, etc., and directly stream on YouTube, LinkedIn and Facebook.

The platform has been designed to make your content look professional. So, it is different from other platforms meant for streaming entertainment and other stuff.

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There are many options if you are looking for an alternative to Periscope. While there are apps for streamers who stream their day-to-day activities, cooking, or other events, entertainers showcase their singing and dancing talent.

Companies, schools, and colleges have different types of content for specific audiences. Choose a Periscope alternative to get the best outcome for your efforts, depending on your content and approach.

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