7 Best Online Reputation Management Tools For Your Business


What are the best online reputation management tools? Different publications will have different opinions. Since all of these tools exist within the reputation space, it is not going to be difficult to find reviews about these specific platforms. As a business owner or digital marketing agency, you likely need one of these tools to manage your credibility in the online space effectively. The numbers are overwhelming when you study how reviews impact buying decisions. By utilizing some of the most innovative software tools on marketing, you, too, can succeed.

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7 Best Online Reputation Management tools

1. BirdEye

BirdEye is a tool that helps businesses earn reviews and makes it simple for customers to find a specific business review portal. The tool provides everything you need to track reviews and also manage them. With this platform, business owners can read what all their clients are saying about them, and even monitor negative reviews from individuals with ulterior motives. Because of the auto-alert technology, business owners can respond to negative reviews (ASAP) and also mindfully thank the customers who leave glowing testimonials of a service or job.

Top Features

Reviews Monitoring

Birdeye makes review monitoring a simple process, and that includes a myriad of 3rd party review platforms that customers consult before purchasing a product or service. The software tool sends out SMS and email reminders every time a customer leaves a review. Business owners can also filter reviews, which makes it easy to isolate the reviews that are most heavily influencing your reputation, either positively or negatively.

Reviews Marketing

What good are reviews if nobody can see them? If they don’t help conversion rates? Well, BirdEye makes sure they are exposed through social media like Twitter and Facebook, along with your company website. With BirdEye, top reviews will appear as a widget on your homepage and help create social proof to web visitors who can ultimately become leads.

Reviews Management

Logging into all your different accounts can be a pain. There’s Google, Facebook, Yelp, and other platforms on which reviews are left. With BirdEye’s management platform, you can respond to reviews directly from the dashboard. Best of all, you can create pre-made templates for review responses, saving you time as a business owner, and ensuring that your reputation is positive.

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2. Podium

Podium helps business owners are those who manage them to deal with reviews and reputation. The software takes customer reviews from various 3rd party platforms like Facebook, Google, etc. and consolidates them onto a single platform. This setup makes the process of acquisition, response, and management underwhelming and straightforward (in the right way). Podium users can see reviews from every platform and efficiently respond to those that are having the most significant influence on the company’s reputation, either positively or negatively.

Top Features

Reviews Centralization

Managing reviews from a single dashboard make things so much easier for businesses. Business owners can see each review from all platforms rather than having to log in to each one of them individually. Most people understand that responding to negative reviews is urgent, and the more quickly it can be done, the better your reputation will be. Podium makes this possible.

Reviews Analytics

Sometimes reputation is a numbers game, and Podium provides the analytics every business owner needs to analyze their reviews and reputation. Accumulated data showcases different types of keywords so that owners know what is being said about their company in the aggregate. Podium also allows for trend analysis who’s that businesses can see how to improve.

Employees Management

Podium helps businesses and agencies see which employees send the most requests for reviews. So not only can the software tool help enterprises to manage their reputation externally but also monitor the people responsible for shaping it internally. This type of mechanism allows decision-makers to hold employees to a standard and use competition to motivate them.

3. GatherUp

GatherUp describes itself as a review engine rather than strictly reputation management software. The tool goes beyond reputation management through insights and customer conversion. A major perk of GatherUp is that it works for any kind of business whether you are a local contractor or national lawyer. While most tools in this niche focus solely on reputation, GatherUp tries to promote the concept that conversions are the ultimate end-game here.

Top Features

Review Requests

The most critical part of the reputation management process is getting feedback from real customers. This can be facilitated through GatherUp’s request process, which sends emails and texts to satisfied clients along with links to the review platform they choose to provide feedback on. Email requests are branded and links that accompany texts user short URLs for extra ease.

Reviews Monitoring

GatherUp monitors more than 30 different review platforms so that you never miss a review from a well-known platform. As we know, reputation matters most on the platforms that people consult before making a purchase decision. GatherUp takes this to the next level with a list of 30 platforms that you can monitor. Besides, the platform monitors Google Q&A.

Reviews Measurement

While reputation management works, it’s more confirming to see it in numbers, data, and reporting. GatherUp delivers several types of reporting, including those that deal specifically with brand accounts and those that target locations and service areas. Best of all, these reports can be emailed automatically to the people that need to see them, and to those who request them.

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4. Grade.Us

Grade.Us is a well-known tool in the reputation management space. Like many of other products on this list, it helps remind customers to leave a review for a service well done. Grade.Us is marketed to agencies, brands, as well as entrepreneurs (marketing gurus). The platform is trendy among its users, with several 3rd party review platforms grading it as the best of its kind. Their website also provides case studies, industry guides, and other resources.

Top Features

White Label Management

As a marketing agency, you may not want your clients to know you are utilizing 3rd party software to manage their reputation online. The good news is that Grade.Us provides a white labeling option so that you can use the software as if it’s your own. Most clients won’t know whether you developed this tool yourself, and they will never see the Grade.Us brand logo.

Reviews Marketing

We’ve talked a lot about social proof in this post, but its value cannot be understated. Grade.Us allows for websites to have social proof with their software tool. Businesses can choose which of their reviews to display on the website widget so that new visitors will get a great first impression of why your customers adore you, and why they should purchase from you as well.

Reviews Generation

As is the case with almost every tool on this list, Grade.Us makes the review generation process automatic. Once you complete quality service, the SMS text or email will be automatically sent to the customer. From there, they can click the link and be prompted straight to the review platform on which your review was requested. These make generating reviews very simple.

5. BrandRevu

BrandRevu is an up and coming reputation management software for agencies that allow for review management, requests, and monitoring. Best of all, however, is the check-in functionality that should fundamentally change the Local SEO space is we currently know it. It’s not enough to have reviews from customers who live in different zip codes; you must have proof that you completed jobs in that area. BrandRevu sets itself apart in this respect.

Top Features


Check-ins are the top feature for BrandRevu. There’s no other software on the market that can replicate this type of check-in. Not only does it provide a form of social proof, and signal to Google that you are servicing different areas outside your primary address, but it also services as user-generated local SEO content for your company website and city pages.

Review Requests

Like many of the other tools on this list, BrandRevu makes acquiring legitimate reviews very simple. With SMS and email text reminders, along with embedded links that navigate directly to the review page, BrandRevu ensures that a job well done manifests itself in the online space. This kind of online exposure builds credibility with prospects and boosts conversions.

Website Integration

Social proof is a big deal with a reputation in 2020, and BrandRevu makes it so positive reviews are displayed directly on your website’s homepage. When you combine this with the user-generated content that is embedded in your reviews and check-ins landing pages, you already have better-optimized location pages than 90% of your competition. That’s legitimate.

6. Broadly

Broadly, like most of the other tools on this list, helps businesses manage their reputation through review generation, monitoring, and diversification. They also provide webchat and email marketing features to ensure that positive reviews can be acquired from satisfied consumers. They work with animal care, automotive, construction, home services, medical, dental, and professional services. Broadly even supports campaign management for businesses or agencies with multiple locations, as well as social sharing for social proof.

Top Features

Web Chat

Broadly expands into the web chat space to help businesses easily communicate with website visitors and provide automated responses. It also helps streamline the lead generation process and gather data that can improve the overall process and drive more sales. From the Broadly app, businesses can engage with leads from anywhere as long as they have their mobile device.

Mobile App

Responding to reviews on a mobile app makes things much simpler for businesses. Because reviews are left at all hours of the day (and night), responses that are made quickly help build your reputation. With the mobile app, you can receive alerts every time a new review is published, allowing you to respond to the review from wherever you are located.

Reviews Management

Broadly bills their reviews management system as 1-click, meaning you can request reviews from customers with a single click. Best of all, it sends out branded emails and texts so that the customer doesn’t know if it’s Broadly or a tool that you created on your own. You can also track reviews across multiple locations and report on them based on ongoing trends or shifts in data.

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7. ReviewTrackers

ReviewTrackers has a very telling name since its function is to track reviews for reputation management. The software tool is trusted by more than 40,000 businesses and allows them to monitor reviews on several 3rd party platforms, including TripAdvisor, Google, and Facebook. In addition to dealing with healthcare, restaurant, retail, and finance companies, ReviewTrackers also helps hospitality businesses thrive through reputation management.

Top Features

Reviews Integration

ReviewTrackers integrates with lots of different apps like Slack, ZOHO, Google Sheets, and much more, making the review generation process more straightforward than ever before. The data from ReviewTrackers is compatible with more than 1,000 different apps through Zapier, making workflow automation more than just a possibility. The software is also able to leverage API.

Reviews Acquisition

ReviewTrackers makes review requests simple with SMS and email marketing. It also encourages the creation of landing pages that are explicitly designed to attract reviews. When someone who visits a business website is unsure about leaving a review, they can navigate to the reviews landing page and leave their feedback (testimonial), which will be showcased online.

Review Responses

Most tools in this niche to allow for businesses to respond to reviews (negative or positive) but ReviewTrackers makes it exceedingly simple thorough in-app responses and templates are known as “smart responses.” Since positive reviews often require a very similar response, it is nice to be able to quickly thank your customers for good feedback, especially for larger institutions.


In 2020, reputation is critical, and not having one is almost as bad as having a poor one. With the newest reputation management tools on the market, you, too, can boost your credibility online. So many exciting features have been developed with these tools, and they can streamline the review generation process while helping businesses monitor their overall standing in a local community or industry community. Although reputation is primarily rooted in the actual competence of your business and services, these kinds of tools can help showcase your best attributes.

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