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5 Best Online Real Estate Games

Here we have compiled a list of 5 best online real estate games. Explore these online real estate games to have fun in your free time.

Real estate games can be fun, especially for people interested in real estate or strategy games. Some real estate games simulate real-world market conditions and can be an excellent way to learn about the mechanics of buying and selling properties.

Online real estate games can be an excellent way to meet and interact with people interested in real estate.

Many online real estate games have a social aspect, which can be an excellent way to connect with friends and other players.

Online retail games are popular these days. Individuals love to enjoy and spend their time playing. Such games are suitable for team building and improving the skills to resolve problems.

There are several popular games in commercial real estate, among which the following list has been concluded. Go through the 5 Best Online Real Estate Games and have fun while playing.

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5 Best Online Real Estate Games

online real estate games

Let’s now explore these 5 best online real estate games.

1. Treze Coins

It is one of the money-added games available in the industry. The game is related to depositing coins into a gumball machine.

In this application, the gamer can choose their preferred language to get started, like English, Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese. Once you choose a language, it is time to choose the denominations you would like to use.

The game consists of coins 1, 1, and 10 or 1 and 5 and 10. The user can see the respective amount available at the middle top of the screen.

To click the coins, you need to check the bottom area. This will help to insert coins for summing up the amount.

Once the appropriate amount is perfectly done, the gamer can click on the gumball machine to insert the coins.

In case of any mistake or blunder made, then click the symbol “X” to correct the same. You can go through the coin converter in the right corner on the lower screen for a capital change. Try to buy gumballs till you run out of money.

Explore other money games here.

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2. Landlord Game

Another popular game in the market is the “Landlord Game.” It is a well-known business as well as a geolocalisation monopoly game.

The players need to make the best deals to earn significant capital while competing with other members like friends, relatives, or people from countries worldwide. This game is available for both Android and iOS users.

The players can easily download and install the game application on their smart devices to enjoy the Monopoly game in the real world.

3. Merge Blocks

The game itself provides the meaning, which is to merge the buildings. Here, the players must merge or combine smaller buildings with building a larger one.

The players can see the next building to play and three subsequent buildings available at the bottom of the screen.

The process is simple; you must choose the same buildings to build into an L shape or row. This will finally proceed you to the next higher building level.

Yes, this game also consists of awards, like a hammer, when the player reaches multiples of 1000 points. This will help you smash any buildings, allowing you to create space and make another building.

4. Real estate tycoon game

If you are looking for simple retro-styled isometric graphics real estate online games, try to choose a Real estate tycoon game.

The main motive of this application is to keep going and make capital in the property market.

To achieve the same, you need to work fast and with complete determination. Some of the essential points that you need to keep in mind are:

  • The players must purchase the low property and then sell it at large amounts, which will help them make a hefty profit.
  • Three modes are available: career, time trial, and endless mode. In career mode, the user must complete four missions in the required time. While in time trial mode, you will get 10 minutes to earn approximately $20,000. And in the last endless mode, the player is allowed to make money as it has no end goal. Therefore, try to play through the same.
  • Thinking good and working fast is the main motive of this application because the market price keeps changing rapidly.

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5. Billionaire Capitalist Tycoon

Another real estate game is an addictive tapping application for Android and iPhone users. This can be the perfect choice for downloading and playing for people fond of doing new businesses and enhancing their empires.

Here, the players will collect their fortune and try to beat the world’s wealthiest investors in epic tap games.

The game consists of several micro-transactions; hence, it is decent for players who want to entertain themselves on a long-duration trip.


The above-listed online real estate games are the preferred and epic applications available online. Players fond of playing free online business games can go through the above-given points relevant for kids and parents. Thus, it is good to devote time to playing real estate games to enhance money management skills.

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