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10 Best Online Mandala Maker Websites [Mandala Generators]

Here we have compiled a list of 10 best mandala maker websites. Use these mandala generators to generate beautiful designs and download them as images.

We have compiled a list of the 10 best mandala maker websites here. You can use these websites to draw beautiful mandala designs. The best part is that they are free to use, and you can download your mandala designs as images or PDF files.

Spirituality is fast gaining popularity in attaining peace in this material world. Some popular symbols frequently used by practitioners to focus attention are mandalas. The mandala is a geometric pattern used to symbolize the universe by several Hindu and Buddhist followers.

Usually, a traditional mandala is a symmetric design containing a square and a circle. However, you can create different variations of it. Creating a mandala can be a relaxing and peaceful task.

However, many people lack the time or inclination to make one. If you want a unique design, several online mandala maker websites can help you draw it.

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10 Best Online Mandala Maker Websites

If you wish to make a mandala using a maker website, you can use different tools to select shapes like squares, circles, flowers, diamonds, etc.

Alternatively, you could select some beautiful mandala designs already created and color them, which can be printed or shared. Here are some of the best mandala-maker websites to help you create stunning mandalas:

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1. STAEDTLER Mandala Creater


This free online mandala maker website allows you to select different shapes in the various layers of the mandala. You can also select the layer size, layer rotation, editing pattern, pattern rotation, etc.

The best part is that it lets you create fantastic mandala art designs with several primary and artistic patterns.

Your mandala art can be downloaded as PDF or PNG images and printed. However, every image created using this website bears a watermark.

Try this online mandala maker here.

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2. Color Mandala


If you wish to spend some time doing a peaceful activity related to mandalas, then this site allows you to color, print, and make several mandala designs. There are more than 50 prepared mandala designs that you can color and print.

However, the site also allows you to design new designs using their interactive designer. Different design elements, including hearts, flowers, stars, diamonds, leaves, etc., are available to create dynamic new designs.

The mandalas created or colored can be downloaded as JPEG or PDF files. This web service is free; however, you can register for a free account to store the mandalas online.

Try this online mandala maker here.

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3. Mandala Maker Online

mandala maker online

This free web service is ideal for drawing several unique mandala designs. The tool controls allow you to set the background and brush colors to create beautiful freehand mandalas.

Additional tools include a mirror, line width, number of sectors, etc. Your stunning mandala designs can be saved as a PNG image file.

Check out this online mandala maker here.

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4. Mandala Gaba


This free online mandala maker allows you to create freehand stunning mandala designs that you can color as per your choice.

You can choose to create circular mandalas, triangular, square, or hexagonal tessellations and fill colors as per your choice. The stunning mandala created by you can be saved and shared quickly.

Try this online mandala maker here.

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5. Myoats


This free online mandala maker app helps you create free mandala art using different shapes and brushes.

You can create different designs by setting up line colors and turning the mirror on or off. The mandala art created can be easily shared, saved, or downloaded.

Try this online mandala maker website here.

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6. Kaleidoscope Painter


If you wish to create kaleidoscopic mandala art, this free online website is ideal for creating mandala designs. There are several patterns available that you can use to draw the mandalas.

You can create and share the designs with the freedom to choose the brush size, background color, auto draw, or the dynabrush option. Moreover, you can also print your creations or save them.

Try this mandala maker here.

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7. Drawerings


Another free website helps you create beautiful mandala designs using variable Mirror count, Mirror rotation, and Line width. You can easily change the Line and Background colors to make stunning mandala art.

If you are competitive, you can check the number of steps, lines, and drawing time taken to create your mandala. Once created, you can download and save your designs.

Try this online mandala maker here.

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8. Mandala Maker by Freegames66


The best way to entice kids to the age-old art of mandala making is by designing a game. This free online mandala-making game makes it easy for kids to draw beautiful mandala designs.

You can change the background color, brush color, mirror (on or off), line width, number of sectors, etc. With several tools available, you can create magnificent creations in multiple colors.

Try this mandala maker here.

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9. Mandala Maker by Codepen


Mandala Maker by Codepen is another free generator to create beautiful mandala designs. The best part is that it is straightforward and offers a modern user experience. You can customize the total parts, line color, and width to draw your Mandala designs.

You can freely draw on the canvas, and in case you don’t like the mandala design, there is an option to erase everything and start from scratch again. Apart from these options, it lets you show/hide grids and turn on/off mirror designing.

Try this online mandala maker here.

10. Mandala Creator

Create stunning mandala designs using this free web service. The website offers different drawing modes, including Smooth Line, Regular Line, Smooth Fill, Regular Fill, PolyLine, and Poly Fill. Moreover, you can change these drawing modes at any time.

You can create unique designs with the mirror mode and number of sides. You can save your created mandala art as an SVG or image file. Additionally, by signing up for this web service, you can publish your mandala designs too.

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Wrapping Up

Though complex, the geometric patterns involved in creating mandala designs are a model of the universe. The word ‘mandala’ derives from a Sanskrit word that means circle or center.

Mandalas, central to many Hindu and Buddhist practices, can have an incredibly calming mental effect. If you need to take a break and immerse yourself in some creative activity, you can create beautiful mandala art using any online mandala maker website.

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